[Proposal: MR22/MB26] Dwellir Q2/Q3 2024 RPC Services

Abstract - The Moonbeam has been benefiting from Dwellir’s public service for more than a year. In the most recent 3 months we served more 2.3 billion requests. The usage is growing steadily and hopefully there is no slowing down.

Motivation - The Dwellir mission is to serve developers worldwide with instant data access and a comprehensive suite of tools so that they can build web3 applications. We’ve proved our intent with the Moonbeam community by continually running this for free.

Project Overview and Team Experience - We currently run RPC services for Moonbeam, Moonriver and Moonbase Alpha and more than 100 other parachains other blockchain networks . Currently, we are processing 1 billion requests per day on average and you will see throughout this proposal that our experience within the Moonbeam ecosystem is extensive.

One of the key differentiators with Dwellir is that we own and operate our own bare metal machines which have several important effects.

Performance: Bare metal servers offer superior performance and low-latency communication, essential for decentralized networks to efficiently process transactions and reach consensus.

Security: Bare metal servers provide enhanced security and isolation, safeguarding sensitive data and assets in a decentralized network.

Control: With bare metal servers, node operators have full control over hardware and software configurations, ensuring adherence to network rules and consensus mechanisms.

Reliability: Bare metal servers offer robustness and stability, making them reliable choices for continuous operation in decentralized networks.

Expertise: Our team has a proven track record of creating tailor-made blockchain infrastructure that align with the Moonbeam community’s specific needs.

Support: We don’t just build and leave – our team stands by the community for the long haul. We engage with ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization services to keep the networks running smoothly and efficiently.

Rationale - A service like Dwellir’s ensures that developers can build without the overheads and costs of managing enterprise infrastructure. Furthermore, users of wallets and dapps can have a smooth experience with RPCs that deliver fast data reliably.

Overall Cost - Based on our current cost measurements across Moonbeam, Moonriver and Moonbase Alpha nodes.

Total monthly cost = $1,542.52 per month
Total Q2/Q3 cost = $9,255.14

This includes multiple sites in Sweden and extended access in Tunisia. We’re also opening datacenters in Singapore and US and we would be default host services there at no extra cost under this current proposal.

Splitting by 60% GLMR and 40% MOVR

GLMR : 13221.63154
MOVR: 161.6618704

Use of Treasury Funds - To cover the costs of hardware operation and maintenance. We own and operate our own bare metal services in 4 locations.

Specifications - Dwellir will provide archival publicly available RPC nodes.

  • HTTPS and Websockets APIs for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase alpha
  • 24/7 monitoring and upgrade notifications
  • Public API’s are subject to a rate limit of 30 API Calls/second
  • Support for Debug and Trace methods
  • Support for eth_getLogs RPC method
  • Enterprise level security as standard

Public APIS







Steps to Implement - We’ve been actively supporting for the past 12 months.

Optional - Dwellir Q2/Q3 2024 RPC Services - Google Docs


i’ve been using Dwellir for the last 6+ months for my RPC connections. Believe it or not, i’ve even paid them for this service.

They’re top of class, best in the business. I’ve used almost every provider, and I have ended up literally using them every single time I interactive with polkadot. Why ? They’re best in class.

Best in the business, 10 out of 10 recommend to everyone in the Dev community who needs an API.

Staff are nice+ smart,
price is reasonable,
up time 100% in my experience.

Running bots > use Dwellir
Polkadot.js > Use Dwellier
Using Dapp > Use Dwellier

I’m a super user on DOT, I use all the apps, pump TXs like you wouldn’t believe and I always choose to Dwellir.


As always I deeply appreciate Community members feedbacks, these inputs are key for our evaluations inside Treasury Council.

Thanks a lot mate!!!


Hi @benn_69

The MB Treasury Council has been very busy airdropping memecoins and would like to thank you for your patience.

We would like to kindly ask you to put your treasury proposal up on-chain for Q2 only as soon as three MB Treasury Council members have signaled their support.

As the RPC service proposals came in with deviating 30dma prices and MOVR and GLMR prices have been changing a fair bit, we would like to define the 30dma to be used by all proposing parties for Q2 based on yesterday’s Coingecko 30dma price data which is defining the following token values: GLMR: 0,5310 USD; MOVR: 22,8473 USD.
For your on-chain-proposal please update your USD based calculations using these up-to-date moving average prices while keeping the proportional GLMR-MOVR split ratio at 60/40.

For Q3 of 2024 those 30dma values shall be fetched by us again, ahead of poposals being put forward on-chain.

Many thanks and kind regards :dizzy:

The @TreasuryCouncil

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I’m signalling my support. (1 of 3)

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Also signaling my support (2 of 3)

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I’m also signaling my support (3 of 3)

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@aaron.mbf @_yrn @lyn @TheOyster Thank you for your support :pray:t3:

Here are the links to the on-chain proposals:


Dear Dwellir Team we’re glad to announce that your proposal has been approved also Onchain!!!

Funds will be transferred at the end of current spending period (around 6h from now).

Let’s keep in touch along this Q2💪