[Proposal: MB8] Moonbeam Bounty for ZK Hack Lisbon

Proposal: ZK Hackathon - Bounty for ZK Hackers on Moonbeam

Proponent: 0x39C78316C6Bc601cf45f5Ef20296f80e9b0A7039

Date: 03-16-2023

Requested DOT: 5,000 USD, to be converted to GLMR using the EMA-30 GLMR price from Subscan on the day of the submission

Short description: This proposal is to fund a bounty for builders who deploy tools or apps on Moonbeam during the ZK Hack Lisbon. The ZK Hack Lisbon is an event where hackers from the ZK space will be spending a full weekend experimenting with zero knowledge (ZK) technology and building ZK applications. Moonbeam presence on this event will serve as a closure to our Privacy on Moonbeam series and will be the perfect place to showcase how builders can leverage Moonbeam cross-chain hub to build privacy-focused apps taking as inspiration the previous use-cases we have explored in the series where we showcased privatization of assets on Manta Network from Moonbeam using XCM.

Context of the proposal

On June 17th, 2022, we received 45K GLMR (~€19,350 at today’s prices) from the Moonbeam Treasury after submitting a Treasury Proposal for an educational event series named “Privacy on Moonbeam” set to run over the period from Q2 2022 to Q1 2023. Our goal was to promote the development of privacy tech within the Moonbeam ecosystem. We planned to host a Twitter Spaces, an online workshop and an IRL Hackshop (a smaller version of a hackathon focused on a handful of hackers). As of today, we have hosted Twitter spaces (Nov 30th 2022) and the online event (Dec 14th). Overall, we have spent ~€17K including the ops, tools and promotions for the online version of the series.

Current market conditions have reduced the value of our grant considerably, making it harder for us to organise a standalone IRL Hackshop. Therefore, we applied for and were awarded a Polkadot Event Child Bounty to sponsor the event, to be held at ZK Hack Lisbon, in which Moonbeam will have a core presence alongside Manta and another parachain. In this workshop, we will be showcasing the use of XCM to build private, interoperable apps.

The bounty we’re asking for in this proposal is for covering prizes for participants that build with Moonbeam tools. These prizes are crucial to attract interest from hackers looking to build on Moonbeam during the event.

Previous Grant Expenses report

For transparency, we’re sharing a detailed expense breakdown of the funds (45K GLMR) awarded to us by the Moonbeam Treasury.

Expense Cost in €
Project Management and Planning 7500
Marketing 4000
Hosting and Moderation 3650
Tools (Hopin) 100
Content Distribution (Blog, Youtube, etc) 1750
Total 17000

We also have a breakdown of the components as described in the proposal here.

The ZK Hackathon Lisbon

Moonbeam will gain exposure to 150 ZK Hackers and will be one of the hosts of the 1h onsite workshop, which will be then uploaded to the ZK Podcast Youtube channel for broader distribution.

Return of Funds

ZKValidator will return upon 5 days after the event, any funds leftover (in case not all bounties are distributed)

Payment Details

We are requesting 5,000 USD to be paid upfront, as this proposal consists of a single milestone.

This will be converted to a quantity of GLMR using the EMA-30 GLRM price from Subscan on the date of submission.

The EMA-30 price is 0.40 USD on March 21st, 2023. Therefore 5,000USD /0.40 = 12500 GLMR.

Beneficiary Information

Fund recipient address: 0x39C78316C6Bc601cf45f5Ef20296f80e9b0A7039

Fund manager contact: Anna Rose anna@zkvalidator.com

Hey, Hector, where can we get acquainted with other Event Series from your schedule?

namely, I mean these events:

Training document for developers - 4th quarter 2022
Online Content Library - 4th quarter of 2022

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Hey @turrizt

You can find a detailed, step-by-step page with all the actions covered during the event here: Building ZK dApps with Moonbeam - ZKValidator

We will also update this page with use cases covered on the Hackathon, plus any extra insight delivered during the workshop at ZK Hack.

hello friend, well I understand that this proposal is only for the Hackathon prizes for the Moonbeam bounty, so my recommendation is that the selected winners be the beneficiaries directly, once the hackathon is over

How will the prizes be divided?

Do we have clear guidelines that projects that apply to this section of Moonbeam should cover?

could you share them? Thanks

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Jose thanks for the comment.

I don’t think this is ideal for paying hackathon winners as it would be hard to confirm the identities of the submitters etc.

I’ll be representing the Moonbeam project in the booth. If the treasury proposal is approved, I’ll be part of the jurors who will (with the normal criteria we use for other hackathons) pick the winning submissions amongst projects.

The ZKV could commit to return the funds to the Treasury address if there are no suitable submissions to get the hackathon prize.

Note that Manta will also offer a similar amount


Hey alberto

Gotcha, i understand, my intention was to have a trustless contact with the treasury

I would agree with the proposal, if, since there are no situable submissions, the amount is returned to the treasury


Hey @jose.crypto!

Yes, we will return any funds that are not distributed.

Also, I want to modify the 5K EUR to USD but it doesn’t let me edit the post.

Hey, I just updated your member level, could you check again?

Hey @turrizt

Thanks, I have changed the amount to USD.

Ok thanks, please expect 2 comments of support more from Treasury council before put it on chain

And use the 30D - average price

I support the proposal if the terms indicated by @jose.crypto are met

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I’m in favor of the proposal as well, if @jose.crypto’s feedback is incorporated.

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The Feedback from @jose.crypto has been incorporated. Thank you all, will post it on-chain soon.


Hey @jose.crypto I just posted the proposal!



@jose.crypto @sicco-moonbeam @mtca @AlbertoV19

Hey guys, I have posted it on Polkassembly Moonbeam Bounty for ZK Hack Lisbon | Polkassembly

ok thanks sir, i will notify you when this is upvoted and accepted

Hello all!

Since there were no submissions, we returned this morning the funds. See the tx:

Also, I will post a summary soon.


Thank you very much for inform us, I will wait for the summary

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