[Proposal: MB6/MR3] OnFinality High Performance Public Infrastructure (Nov - Dec 2022)

Abstract - Ongoing costs for the running of high performance, scalable, and reliable public infrastructure for the Moonbeam, Moonbase Alpha and Moonriver networks from 1st November 2022 until 31st December 2022 (2 months).

Motivation - Setting up blockchain infrastructure is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. A shared node API service helps mitigate these barriers of entry to trying accessing a new protocol by reducing all these costs to near zero. In summary, we try to reduce the pain of getting started on the Moonbeam Networks and minimise the costs of accessing secure nodes while traffic from your dApp is low.

Project Overview and Team Experience - OnFinality is a SaaS platform providing infrastructure services for the Polkadot/Substrate community. Our mission is to support all blockchain developers in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on building the next dApp.

Overall Cost - We’ve created two proposals to cover the combined running costs for our infrastructure - one for Moonriver network and one for both Moonbeam and Moonbase Alpha Networks. The total outstanding costs for these networks are 1,638.3401 MOVR and 55,154.2135 GLMR respectively.

Note: there is a significant reduction in monthly costs as a result of our efforts to drive down costs while maintaining performance and reliability. We did this through advanced caching strategies, advanced request method routing and working with our ecosystem partners to implement advanced rate limiting (meaning we can continue to provide generous public API endpoints but restrict access to high volume users that abuse this free service).

Use of Treasury Funds - All funds will be used to pay for resources and infrastructure used to provide the service during November to December 2022

Specifications - We have a heavily modified multi-cloud and multi-region landscape that maximizes performance, reliability, scalability, and decentralisation. Additionally, we are proud to have delivered some key service enhancements that benefit the ecosystem in the last quarter. This includes:

Steps to Implement - This service has already been provided and we are proud to have achieved 99.99% uptime for Moonbeam and Moonriver https://status.onfinality.io/.

Full Proposals can be found here:

Once the community has reviewed and is happy to proceed we will lodge the proposal on chain.


Hey, @brittanyseales. Thank you for your proposal!

It’s nice to hear that!

I have reviewed your proposal and it looks like the unit price has remained the same as in your last proposal. Could you explain what you mean when you say:

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Hey, thanks for the support from Onfinality, with Moonbeam & Moonriver, I add myself to the question above, in terms of costs there does not seem to be a reduction in costs, since the previous proposal was for 3 months, and this one is for 2, proportionally keep the same costs for Moonbeam

maybe you can quantify this reduction?, so the whole community can see about it more easy

for Moonriver, seems like each item had a reduction, I imagine this was due to the limitation mentioned above

But in general is the same proportional cost, that the previus proposal

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Thanks @jose.crypto @turrizt for your comments!

The cost impact on Q4 versus Q3 was because on November 1st we implemented rate limits to the Moonbeam/Moonriver/Moonbase Alpha endpoints. These limits allowed us to continue providing generous public API endpoints but also restrict access to high volume users that abused this free service. We’ve been able to manage our costs significantly on behalf of our customers as a result. This is the reason that Moonriver in particular saw a 50% reduced average monthly cost in November and December (around $6k USD where prior to November it was $12k). See table below of the month to month USD totals.

|| Month || Moonbeam || Moonriver ||
| August | $11,493.03 | $12,860.40 |
| September | $10,979.63 | $12,178.02 |
| October | $12,588.09 | $12,159.89 |
| November | $11,621.56 | $6,924.42 |
| December | $8,857.75 | $5,239.30 |


makes sense. thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for the explanation @brittanyseales . I would be happy to support this proposal.

Also signalling support from my end.
Looking forward to see traffic messures for Q1 2023 and the longer term effect of the rate limits.

Hey, I’d also be supportive :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification, I like that you are looking for a more sustainable way to continue with the services

I agree with the proposal

We have published both proposals on chain

Hey James,

happy to inform you that both proposals have been approved by the Treasury Council.

Thanks for your services :pray:

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thanks for you service, i changed the tittle to “Awarded”

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