[Proposal: MB25/MR21] UnitedBloc Q2 2024 RPC Services

UnitedBloc - Treasury Proposal for Q2/Q3 2024

Abstract - UnitedBloc is a group of community collators who have been actively involved with Moonbeam since the early testnet phase. In early 2023, we introduced our public RPC service for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase Alpha. This initiative rapidly gained traction within the user and developer community, with the RPC serving over 5 billion requests in 2H2023 across all three chains. Calls have remained steady over the past few months, with a slight decline in February, likely due to markets remaining fairly static.

On October 3rd UnitedBloc was selected by the Moonbeam Treasury Council as one of the supported RPC providers for Q4 2023 and Q1-Q3 2024.

Motivation - Our first objective is to foster Moonbeam’s growth, it’s crucial for developers to have seamless access to top-tier RPC services. Our free public RPC service serves as a stepping stone, supporting new developers as they launch and expand their projects. No signup. No accounts or accounting, just point the app to a UB endpoint and go. If at any point the project RPC requirements exceed our capacity, we’ll guide them toward commercial service providers. Our second objective is to facilitate the RPC needs of non-profit endeavors. If community focused non-profits ever need more RPC than our public service provides, we will work with them to meet the need.

Project Overview and Team Experience - UnitedBloc members excel in Linux administration, allowing us to deploy robust servers. Each member organization takes responsibility for deploying and maintaining their individual RPC servers. This approach leverages our collective expertise for a decentralized network architecture.

Overall Cost - This proposal encompasses combined operational costs for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase Alpha for Q2 2024. The total requested amount per quarter is $10,800 (Q3 submitted later date), and we request 12,203.39 GLMR ($6,480 USD) and 189.08 MOVR ($4,320 USD) in a 60/40 split using a TWAP 30D of $0.5310 for GLMR and of $22.8473 for MOVR, as of March 29th (CoinGecko data).


Combined WS + HTTP RPC Calls

December 2023


January 2024

~ 972,100,000

February (MTD 26th Feb 2024)

~ 768,500,000

Quarterly Total 1,741,582,000

Use of Treasury Funds - As community collators reliant on community delegations, we have launched the RPC service to give back, operating with a non-profit focus. This grant covers our infrastructure costs for the RPC service across Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase Alpha, including the provision of boot nodes for all three networks. It excludes any margin or profit for UnitedBloc.

Specifications - The UnitedBloc RPC service encompasses four regions: North and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. In December the service responded to nearly 1 billion calls across all three networks. We employ global DNS load balancing to efficiently route users to UnitedBloc servers in their respective regions. We also include eth_getLogs at no additional costs across all 3 networks. Within each region, OpenResty enhances RPC requests with additional load balancing and optimization. When demand surges, we promptly adjust by adding more servers or specific services. Our design is thus scalable, flexible, and cost effective.

We provide our endpoints at the following addresses:







Steps to Implement - Our public RPC service has been fully operational, serving the community since early 2023.

The full proposal can be found here: UB Moonbeam RPC proposal - Retroactive Funding Proposal for Q3 2023 - Google Docs

UnitedBloc Linktree: unitedbloc | Twitter | Linktree


Heya @blackk_magiik, it is once again wonderful to read UB’s proposal and all I can say is we’re lucky to have you & your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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Hi @blackk_magiik

The MB Treasury Council has been very busy airdropping memecoins and would like to thank you for your patience.

We would like to kindly ask you to put your treasury proposal up on-chain for Q2 only as soon as three MB Treasury Council members have signaled their support.

As the RPC service proposals came in with deviating 30dma prices and MOVR and GLMR prices have been changing a fair bit, we would like to define the 30dma to be used by all proposing parties for Q2 based on yesterday’s Coingecko 30dma price data which is defining the following token values: GLMR: 0,5310 USD; MOVR: 22,8473 USD.
For your on-chain-proposal please update your USD based calculations using these up-to-date moving average prices while keeping the proportional GLMR-MOVR split ratio at 60/40.

For Q3 of 2024 those 30dma values shall be fetched by us again, ahead of poposals being put forward on-chain.

Many thanks and kind regards :dizzy:

The @TreasuryCouncil

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Signalling my support (1 of 3)

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Also signaling support (2 of 3)

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Hey @_yrn all good, we figured as much Pink was time consuming! No problem we can update the proposal for Q2 funding only. Will update later today, tomorrow!


I’m also signaling my support (3 of 3)


@aaron.mbf @_yrn @lyn thank you for your support! Proposal’s submitted! Let me know if I messed up anywhere.


Links to the on-chain proposals:


Hey @blackk_magiik ty! math checked out & both proposals were converted into treasury motions and are as good as AYE’d :space_invader: