[Proposal: MB18/MR13] OnFinality High Performance Public Infrastructure (2023, Q3)

Abstract - Further to the Moonbeam RPC Provider discussion post here, we are requesting funding for retroactive costs of the running of high performance, scalable, and reliable public infrastructure in Q3 (July, August, September) of 2023 for Moonbeam, Moonriver and Moonbase Alpha.

Project Overview and Team Experience - OnFinality is a SaaS platform providing infrastructure services for the Polkadot/Substrate community. Our mission is to support all blockchain developers in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on building the next dApp.

Rationale - Setting up blockchain infrastructure is difficult, time consuming, and expensive:

  • It requires a level of server development expertise that many do not have
  • It’s costly to run a full node nearly continuously, especially when your dApp’s traffic is low and inconsistent.
  • Running production level infrastructure is especially tricky. You need to autoscale quickly to handle bursty traffic, and you want to provide services in different regions around the world to provide low latency services - all of this is incredibly costly, but comes with significant economies of scale for a provider.
  • DevOps requires constant attention - time that would be better spent elsewhere building.

A shared node API service helps mitigate these barriers of entry to trying accessing a new protocol by reducing all these costs to near zero. We manage all the nodes for our users and distribute them across the world (with intelligent routing) to achieve global scalability from day 1, we monitor each node and ensure that they meet certain service levels, and we have the expertise and scale to handle production workloads and high peak traffic.

In summary, we try to reduce the pain of getting started on the Moonbeam Networks and minimise the costs of accessing secure nodes while traffic from your dApp is low. When you grow, you can continue to use our shared API service, or we also provide access to one click deploy dedicated Moonbeam / Moonriver/ Moonbase Alpha nodes to any cloud of your choosing.

Overall Cost - We’ve created two proposals to cover the combined running costs for our infrastructure - one for Moonriver network and one for both Moonbeam and Moonbase Alpha Networks. In accordance with the guidance from Moonbeam foundation, we will request 80% from the Moonbeam treasury (in GLMR) and 20% from the Moonriver treasury (in MOVR). The total outstanding costs for these networks are USD$6,783.00 for Moonriver and USD$27,132.00 for Moonbeam.

Use of Treasury Funds - All funds will be used to pay for resources and infrastructure used to provide the service during July, August, September (Q3) of 2023.

Specifications - details of our service can be found in the full proposals linked at the bottom of this post.

Steps to Implement - This service has already been provided and we are proud to have achieved 99.99%, 99.98% and 99.98% uptime for Moonriver, Moonbeam and Moonbase Alpha respectively (https://status.onfinality.io/ ).

Full Proposals can be found here:
Moonbeam Q3 2023 Treasury Report/Proposal
Moonriver Q3 2023 Treasury Report/Proposal

Once the community has reviewed and is happy to proceed we will lodge the proposal on chain.

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Hey ma’am, thanks for the proposal

I have a concern, it seems to me that the requests this quarter were less than those of the last quarter, However, costs have not decreased proportionally.

in q2: Moonbeam: 25-26m avg request per day

Moonriver: 30-40M avg request per day

in q3: Moonbeam; around 20m avg request per day

Moonriver: is only down and we can put it around 20m avg request per day

Q2 Costsis around 42 k, If we subtract that proportional decrease of request , then the cost should be $30,660, not $35,900 as mentioned in the document for q3

Is 5k difference, so I think it is fair to ask for that reduction

There’s a few factors at play here, the first is that we had a spike in Moonriver requests in Q2 but we didn’t need to scale up our infrastructure proportionally to serve them. This is because there is a base cost in providing high available, low-latency services, and because not all requests have the same impact on the underlying nodes - it varies depending on the method and parameters of the request.

Additionally the key contributing factor is that storage costs always naturally increase over time. With 22 nodes increasing on average by 200GB from Q2 to Q3, this has an impact on costs.

However, to show our gratitude to the Moonbeam community we will deduct $1,000 off each of the quarterly costs for Moonbeam and Moonriver ($2,000 less in total).

Best, Brittany.

mm ok, well I think that’s fine, I agree to give my aye to the proposal with the reduction

reminder to use the 30d avg price at the time of on-chain submission and update the post after that with the new amount and the equivalent of tokens

use the 80 % GLMR and 20% MOVR ratio, and wait for more council members comments of support ( 3 required)

Also an “Aye” from me.

Aye for my end too, 3/3 needed from the council

Links to the on-chain proposals:

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