[Proposal: MB14] Moonbeam NFT Tracker

Moonbeam NFT Tracker

The project

Moonbeam NFT Tracker is a project that aims to provide the Moonbeam NFT community with valuable insights on promising NFT investments. The project is currently in its early stages of development, with the goal of becoming a fully automated system that posts insights on Twitter and Telegram.




The current activity on Twitter and Telegram is low as I am working on the project (coding :man_technologist:)

NFT Projects

The tracker provides updates on the following projects:

  • Cult Bears DAO
  • Damned Pirates Society
  • Exiled Racers Pilot
  • Gromlins
  • MoonFit Beast and Beauty
  • Moonpets

Owning a NFT project on Moonbeam and want to be added? DM me on Twitter.

NFT Marketplaces

The tracker fetches data form the following marketplaces:

  • NFTrade
  • ToFuNFT
  • Moonbeans
  • Raresama

Missing a marketplace? DM me on Twitter.


This proposal aims to secure funding for the operational costs of running the Moonbeam NFT Tracker software, subscription fees for ChatGPT Plus and Twitter Blue, enabling greater visibility. The goal is to cover expenses for running fully automated for one year. The project is expected to become self-sustaining in the future.


This proposal aims to enhance the Moonbeam NFT space by offering the community well-informed insights on promising NFT investments and by improving visibility for NFT projects. The primary goal is to promote and facilitate the growth of the Moonbeam NFT ecosystem.

Project Overview and Team Experience

I am a highly experienced senior full-stack developer from the Netherlands, having obtained my bachelor’s degree nearly a decade ago. Currently, I am employed by an agency specialized in affiliate websites and software development.

In the beginning of this year, my interest in buying NFTs on Moonbeam inspired me to undertake this project. While I was buying, I encountered difficulties in identifying the most affordable and valuable items based on rarity. To overcome this challenge, I developed scrapers for various NFT marketplaces, laying the foundation for the current project. Presently, I am able to fetch prices for NFT projects and effortlessly generate multiple Twitter post images with just a single click.

My goal is to expand this project by automating the process of scraping prices and sharing insights from the cloud. Currently, the project operates on my development machine. However, by transitioning to a fully automated system, I can ensure more consistent posting and effectively identify significant price drops.

The Moonbeam NFT Tracker currently produces three types of visuals:

  • The cheapest NFTs currently available,
  • The best-priced NFTs determined by rarity/price ratio,
  • The largest price drop observed between two price-fetching periods.
Top 3 cheapest Top 3 best priced Biggest price drop

Although I currently don’t have concrete plans for its immediate creation, I have a long-term vision of developing a user-friendly front-end platform. This platform will offer real-time insights on the NFT projects covered by the tracker.


A successful blockchain ecosystem should encompass several key components, including DeFi and a thriving NFT community. From my perspective, there is a significant potential for growth within the Moonbeam NFT space. By utilizing the Moonbeam NFT Tracker, I hope to catalyze greater interest and engagement within the NFT community. This will be achieved through increased frequency of posts and enhanced visibility via Twitter Blue.

Overall Cost

This proposal seeks funding to cover operational costs for one year, totaling $2380.

Average 30D price of moonbeam is $0.2616 resulting in 9098 GLMR

Use of Treasury Funds

The treasury funds will exclusively cover operational costs, which are as follows:

  • Hosting, including support: $165 per month, resulting in $1980 per year
  • ChatGPT Plus: $24.10 per month, resulting in $289 per year
  • Twitter Blue subscription: $111 per year
  • I personally view working on this project as a hobby, so $0 there.

Upon receiving the treasury funds, I will implement the feature allowing for automatic Twitter posts. This enhancement will ensure the project runs continuously, independent of my development machine.

Verified projects on Moonbeam will be continually added to the platform. Verification occurs when a project is validated on ToFuNFT, NFTrade, Moonbeans, or Raresama and has an active community. This is something that I currently moderate myself.

In the event of any changes implemented on these marketplaces, I commit to updating the scrapers within one week. This timely update is essential to justify the operational costs incurred.


The Moonbeam NFT Tracker is built using Laravel 10 using PHP 8.1 and Puppeteer (using Typescript) for scraping the various marketplaces and generating screenshots. I need to utilize scraping as APIs are absent.

Key technologies utilized:

  • Laravel Filament: This admin interface facilitates the setup of new NFT projects.
  • Laravel Horizon: These technologies handle:
    • Jobs that fetch NFT metadata and images
    • Jobs that calculate rarities based on trait occurrence, or a rarity value provided by the metadata
    • Scraping jobs
    • Jobs that process and aggregate data from the scrapers
    • Jobs that create visuals for posts. Visuals will only be generated if the hash of the outcome is not equal to the previous hash of the same post type.
    • Jobs that post visuals on Telegram
    • Jobs that post visuals on Twitter (under construction)
  • MySQL: This database system stores all project data.

Steps to Implement

The initial setup of services will be performed on the hosting environment.

Technically, I will create a job that automates the posting of visuals on Twitter. ChatGPT will assist in partially writing the captions for these posts.

Given my active involvement in the Moonbeam community, I am always open to embracing improvements and welcoming new ideas. My passion lies in continuing to build and improve the Moonbeam NFT Tracker. I believe in the potential of this project and its ability to contribute to the growth and success of the Moonbeam NFT ecosystem.

Updates since opening the proposal:

Much love to the Moonbeam community! :crescent_moon:


Relative to other proposals, this is not a very big request, and micro-projects can turn into small projects, which can turn into medium projects, etc.

It would be interesting to know how you would track and measure success over the project – and what KPIs you would set, and how often the tweets would be posted.

Also an example or mock-up of the output of the automation.

Lastly, it might benefit your project to reach out to some of the teams creating their NFTs to get their input.

Good luck.


Jim, thank you for your feedback. It has given me a lot to think about.

Here are some posts on Moonfit:

Top 3 cheapest Top 3 best priced Biggest price drop

Compared to other proposals out there, this request isn’t that big. That’s because I don’t consider working hours in my calculations. I see working on this project as an investment to build a brand. My hope is that the project will successfully grow the NFT community on Moonbeam.

Measuring the success of this project isn’t easy. The most visible signs of success are the number of followers and the level of interaction. Initially, I plan to scrape marketplaces every hour for each project. Currently, I have nine projects set up. The project will only create posts when there are changes in supply that result in new post types. The amount of posts will be determined by the activity on the supply changes on marketplaces. It’s plausible that when the project creates more Twitter posts, the more activity there’s on marketplaces, the more successful the project is as the activity is rising.

I’ve asked for feedback from some project teams in the past (Moonpets and CultBearsDAO), and they have all been positive. However, they didn’t request any extensions or new post formats. I will reach out to more projects to gather additional feedback. The more feedback I receive, the better the project will be in the end.

Someone once said (can’t remember who)

The chances of getting struck by lightning aren’t very high. But if you walk with a metal pole in an open field, the chances increase significantly.

That’s what I love about working out in the open.


Might I suggest also creating a weekly post (round-up) of the top movers/sellers that is then a promoted tweet at most $10 a post and add $520 to your requested budget. That post would then also tag the mentioned projects, marketplaces, and moonbeam.

I really like the idea. And thank you for the mock-ups.

One question I have is if there is any issue with the new twitter rate limits that might cause any issues?

An added suggestion to either offset the cost of the weekly promoted tweet (or to be able to bump the amount used) is to set up a donate button so that as NFT projects either see exposure or just want to help the overall optics of the ecosystem they (or anyone) could donate which then would be spread across the 52 weeks (or what is left) to bump up the promotion weekly budget for more eyes. Each promoted tweet could be set up for 1 week with a $10 budget (that could increase based on donations).

If you are also going to be building a site that aggregates all of this data as well might I suggest a ‘buy me a cup of coffee’ button for you as well. As I know the process of building a brand can take time. And that allows anyone to show you appreciation.


yes sounds good to me as well a post x week with some valuable insight


I have used this information previously to sweep MoonPets and found the information extremely useful. I hope this project gets the green light, not a massive cost but the owner should get the rewards to help grow it and make it better for all the Moonbeam community.


Thank you for your response and suggestions. I appreciate your feedback and support. I like the idea of growing the project organically and engaging with my followers in a meaningful way. While advertising on Twitter is an option, I believe it’s important to focus on building genuine connections and fostering ambassadors for the project. I hope to pull this off through adding Twitter Blue.

The concept of a weekly round-up post is excellent, and I agree that tagging projects, marketplaces, and Moonbeam can help increase visibility. If they choose to share the post, it could have a positive impact on the projects’ exposure.

Regarding the Twitter rate limits, the free tier API allows for 50 tweets per day, which I believe is sufficient for now. I don’t want to overwhelm my followers with excessive tweets, as I value quality over quantity. To provide more timely updates, I may explore using Telegram sub-channels dedicated to specific projects. This way, users can receive notifications for the projects they’re interested in, ensuring real-time updates without relying on the algorithms of Twitter.

I also appreciate your suggestion of implementing a “Buy Me a Coffee” button. Once a website is developed and shows real-time data, I will definitely consider adding this feature. This obviously will take time time as I’m now aiming on more automation.

Building a brand and maintaining the project require time and effort, and any show of appreciation is always welcome as this gives me an energy boost.

Thank you again for your input. I’m excited to incorporate these ideas as the project progresses.

Big thank you for using the information and finding it super useful for sweeping the floor on Moonpets! It’s awesome to hear that you’re rooting for a green light on this proposal. Your support means a lot to me and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

hey sir @dotdatamaxi , before reviewing the proposal, I think it’s a good idea to add the link to Twitter where the posts have been made so far, so those who don’t know it can review it

Thanks, for you proposal

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Thank you. I totally forgot to add this essential information to the proposal.



The current activity on Twitter and Telegram is low as I am working on the project (coding :man_technologist:)
I will explore sub channels for Telegram soon. I think here Telegram is the best place for realtime updates. Twitter is to get the message out and informing.

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helpful tool :slight_smile: bought NFTs that were value for my investment through DDmaxi scraper :D…so yeah a good psychological nudger in NFT descision making activity <3

Good work champ :trophy:

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Thank you for your kind words. Great to have been part of your decision making on buying NFTs :grin:

@dotdatamaxi is poviding a unique and valuable tool that Moonbeam users can utilise to their benefit. I hope this gets the green light. :+1:


I understand that updating whitelisted projects is done manually. Will this be reviewed every week? or how often?

Could you provide a little more info about the diverses topics of the nfts that will cover? When will create a post? Only when a movement happen?

What are the currents projects whitelisted?

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I understand that updating whitelisted projects is done manually. Will this be reviewed every week? or how often?

Yes, updating whitelisted projects is done manually. Currently, reviews do not occur in a timely manner as I am still in the building phase. I hope that, in the long run, legitimate projects will want to be part of the tracker and request to have their project added to the NFT Tracker. Adding a project to the tracker takes time as I first have to fill in all the project details. After that, I retrieve all metadata and images. Most of the data is stored on IPFS, and it is not the fastest.

Could you provide a little more info about the diverses topics of the nfts that will cover? When will create a post? Only when a movement happen?

The project does not differentiate between different types of NFT projects, such as profile pictures, DAOs, or gaming.

Currently, posting is done manually. Firstly, I need to trigger the scrapers for each project. Once the scrapers have finished running, the information for all listed NFTs is saved. After the information is saved, three separate processes occur simultaneously. The first process involves comparing the data from the current run with the previous run to determine any price drops. The second process selects the top three cheapest items from the current run. The third process selects the top three items with the best prices from the current run. The data from the current post is hashed and compared against the hash of a previous post. If the previous post has a different hash, indicating movement, an image for the post will be generated. Ultimately, after all the processes have run, I have a list of fresh posts. These posts are essentially the images that I need to manually post on Twitter.

If the proposal is approved, I will automate the first and last steps. The first step will involve running the scrapers at regular intervals, such as every hour. The last step will be the automated posting on Twitter. This will involve a separate process that groups the images of a project and creates a Twitter post. Ideally, the caption for the post will be generated using ChatGPT.

Therefore, the answer is yes, the project will automatically post when there has been movement in an era.

What are the currents projects whitelisted?

  • Current projects included in the project are:

  • Cult Bears DAO

  • Damned Pirates Society

  • Exiled Racers Pilot



  • Gromlins

  • MoonFit Beast and Beauty

  • Moonpets

There is still a lot to add :eyes:


A suggestion would always be to add the user of Twitter (tag) of the Project to gain visibility among their followers

since I see that is missing at the time of the posts

Im support the proposal, hope that this convert on something bigger on the ecosystem :raised_hands:


Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it. Yesterday Turrizt give me the permission to edit the proposal. I’ve edited the proposal today, provided more details and information


I support the proposal


Thank you very much for your approval!

I hope the NFT community on Moonbeam will benefit this.