[Proposal: MB10/MR7] OnFinality High Performance Public Infrastructure (2023, Q1)

Abstract - Ongoing costs for the running of high performance, scalable, and reliable public infrastructure for the Moonbeam, Moonbase Alpha and Moonriver networks from 1st January 2023 until 31st March 2023 (3 months).

Motivation - Setting up blockchain infrastructure is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. A shared node API service helps mitigate these barriers of entry to trying accessing a new protocol by reducing all these costs to near zero. In summary, we try to reduce the pain of getting started on the Moonbeam Networks and minimise the costs of accessing secure nodes while traffic from your dApp is low.

Project Overview and Team Experience - OnFinality is a SaaS platform providing infrastructure services for the Polkadot/Substrate community. Our mission is to support all blockchain developers in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on building the next dApp.

Overall Cost - We’ve created two proposals to cover the combined running costs for our infrastructure - one for Moonriver network and one for both Moonbeam and Moonbase Alpha Networks. The total outstanding costs for these networks are 1,764.6164 MOVR (USD$15,013.03) and 55,106.9434 GLMR (USD$21,562.96) respectively.

Use of Treasury Funds - All funds will be used to pay for resources and infrastructure used to provide the service during January, February, March (Q1) of 2023.

Specifications - We have a heavily modified multi-cloud and multi-region landscape that maximizes performance, reliability, scalability, and decentralisation. Additionally, we are proud to have delivered some key service enhancements that benefit the ecosystem in the last quarter.

This includes:

  • Auto Expand Storage - When the node’s storage reaches 85% utilisation, the storage size will be automatically increased by 10%. Saves developers and devOps time on having to constantly check on and manually upgrade their node storage size
  • Partnership with POKT network to bring in more external developers into the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Geographical Insights - API key owners can view statistics about where in the world your community are to help influence decisions around where to expand infrastructure and to view the effectiveness of regional BD initiatives
  • Clarify our IP address handling - OnFinality does not, and will never, correlate or link specific wallet addresses to the IP address or request origin making the RPC request
  • We’re testing access to various unsafe methods like traceBlock and subscribeStorage that will help developers create applications that utilise XCM - contact us if you would like to be part of the beta
  • Reduced our exposure to any single cloud provider - Progressively migrated resources away from AWS to other cloud providers for lower cost and exposure.
  • Expanded our OnFinality for Startups Programme to support teams from the Substrate Builders Programme and Scytale Ventures
  • Added support for a number of new networks, including Ajuna, Unique, Clover, SORA, Composable Finance, Collectives, xx network, as well as Polygon, BNB, Fantom, Gnosis and Evmos from outside the ecosystem. OnFinality is a new one stop shop for all of your RPC needs from multiple ecosystems.
  • A variety of improvements to our health metric collection tools and automated recovery scripts to ensure our 99.9% SLA is exceeded.

Steps to Implement - This service has already been provided and we are proud to have achieved 99.99%, 100% and 99.96% uptime for Moonbeam, Moonriver and Moonbase Alpha respectively (https://status.onfinality.io/).

Full Proposals can be found here:

Once the community has reviewed and is happy to proceed we will lodge the proposal on chain.

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hey @brittanyseales thanks for the proposal, before I can review it in detail and give my opinion

It would be good to check and fix parts of the proposal such as:

and it would be good to add the equivalent in $ of what is requested, so that it is easier for the community to understand everything

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What has been the success rate of attracting teams/users that exceed the public rate, to paid members?

What % of the rpc calls are from paid services?

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Thank you for flagging these! I have now corrected the typo & added USD values against the tokens requested.

Unfortunately upon editing I initially couldn’t save it as “new users can enter a maximum of 2 links” so I had to remove a lot of links throughout the post and community members will need to refer to the full proposal documents for detailed information including the links to these articles / endpoints etc.

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hey, Brittany. try editing your post again, I’ve changed your member level

Thank you! Added the links back in.


In Q4 of 2022 the percentage of paid requests was 5.6% of total requests (374,828,746 / 6,710,686,823) which we have successfully grown to 12.9% in Q1 of 2023 (661,451,101 / 5,129,988,946). Happy to provide the breakdown per network as well.

Of these paid requests, we also rolled out our Paid API Shared Revenue Discount as a way of sharing the revenue that came from paid API plans with the networks who most contributed to this revenue (the discount is distributed to each network proportionate to their share of the paid API requests).
Moonbeam + Moonbeam Alpha received USD$1,121.00 discount in Q1 2023 while Moonriver received USD$370.05 as as result of the Paid API Shared Revenue Discount.


I’m pleased to see that your request paid rate has gone up, and I hope it continues to do so.

as well as to see that the costs in general have gone down (it is maintained with the previous proposal), despite having more activity

and the discount initiative, I think it’s super

from my point of view it is an aye

I hope you continue to work on maintaining efficiency ,:raised_hands:

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I support the proposal as well

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