[Proposal 51] Close XCM Channel with Equilibrium

Moonbeam dApp



This proposal closes both outgoing and incoming XCM channel with Equilibrium, as Parachain ID 2011 is no longer producing blocks and it does not have a slot.


The main issue is whether another chain can obtain Parachain ID 2011 (highly unlikely), and impersonate Parachain ID 2011. This means the perpetrator would get access to all funds stored by Parachain ID 2011 original Sovereign account.

The proposal is simple: it creates a batch call to close the outgoing (from Moonbeam to Parachain 2011) and incoming (from Parachain 2011 to Moonbeam) channels.

The call has the following bytes. It was tested using Chopsticks.


Makes sense to close it, thanks for posting.


Thanks for this post, I agree with Jim, makes totally sense to proceed in this way💪

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aye in support of this!

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in support of this as well

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