[Proposal: 50] Rename asset xcOTP to xcNEURO

[Proposal: 53] Rename asset xcOTP to xcNEURO


OriginTrail Parachain became NeuroWeb after successful community referendum. This change includes renaming of token OTP to NEURO, and OTP is present on Moonbeam as xcOTP asset and we would like also to rename it here to xcNEURO.


NeuroWeb is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence blockchain designed to incentivize knowledge creation, connectivity and sharing through Knowledge Mining. It’s utility token NEURO is designed to fuel the AI knowledge economy, rewarding relevant knowledge contributions to the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

NeuroWeb builds on the basis of its predecessor - the OriginTrail Parachain - which was transformed into NeuroWeb via a community Governance vote on OriginTrail Parachain in December 2023. NeuroWeb is a permissionless, EVM enabled blockchain secured by Polkadot validators.

As OriginTrail Parachain there was established XCM connection with Moonbeam and registered asset under name xcOTP. If this proposal passes, xcOTP will be renamed to xcNEURO. No underlying technical details nor asset location on NeuroWeb have changed, and XCM communication still works. This is only a cosmetic change.

Additionally, NEURO token become recently listed.

Technical Details

Asset Set Metadata: 0x68133344e54652e7d504a7beea57768e9c22b3204e6575726f5765621c78634e4555524f0c00

Preimage Hash: TBD

Referenda Submit Proposal: TBD



Proposal is now live!

Preimage hash: 0x27af2bdcbff1c2a7cf641dd6635eba6b40c719516447c3d187279e6c349f45f9
Referenda submit proposal: 50
Polkassembly link: Rename asset xcOTP to xcNEURO | Polkassembly