[Proposal: 24] Destroying Multichain XC-20 mintable tokens

Dear Moonbeam community!

Due to Multichain bridge no longer serving its function in transferring assets between EVM chains and Polkadot, we propose to burn Multichain’s XC-20 tokens and redeem the underlying Polkadot-native assets. The purpose is to make these assets available for use elsewhere for the benefit of the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

XC-20 tokens ids:

  • xcWBTC: 278750993613512357835566279094880339619
  • xcETH: 228256396637196286254896220398224702687
  • xcUSDC: 337110116006454532607322340792629567158

Referenda link: Please ignore - created in error. | Polkassembly

I think there is a bit of context missing, since I’m not sure I follow the line

ok we destroy the xc-20 of multichain

What do you mean by redeem the polkadot native assets?

That is, the tokens that were transferred to Equilibrium via these xc20 are returned?

but I understand that those xc20(wrapped) must be claimed in ethererum, the original chain, right? Or what i missing

What do you mean by redeem the polkadot native assets?

Creation of one local asset requires to lock 10000 GLMR tokens. We have created 3 such assets and want to destroy them and unlock 30000 GLMR tokens.

Current proposal was created with error. I will create a new one soon


A new proposal was created: https://moonbeam.polkassembly.network/referenda/24

Ok this is much more clear :raised_hands::sweat_smile: thanks for the answer

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