[Proposal: 16] Polkassembly OpenGov development - Moonbeam

Signalling my support as Treasury Council Member :white_check_mark:

An aye from me as well so that’s 3.


@Parambir now you can put the proposal on chain, remember use the 30d avg price and update the post :raised_hands:

Link to the on-chain proposal:


@Parambir - can you update the original post with the agreed upon costs?

Also, would appreciate if you could provide a link to a doc with the proposal in markdown format so we can capture this in the treasury proposal github repo.

thanks for fixing this!!

Link to markdown formatting - Polkassembly Proposal Details Moonbeam - Markdown - Google Docs

I am unable to edit the post in the forum due to some restrictions from the platform.

Can you try again pls :raised_hands:

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I have updated the post ser. Thank you!

The proposal was already voted and passed, will be distributed on the start of the next spend period, - around 4 days

Can check here:Polkadot/Substrate Portal

The alerts feature is live and has been announced on social media at the following link - https://twitter.com/polk_gov/status/1725576169070751751


Thanks for the update, ser!

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