[Proposal: 12] Proposal to list GLMR on the HydraDX Omnipool

Proposal to list GLMR on the HydraDX Omnipool

[Status: Idea]

Requested Amount: 500,000 GLMR (~$110k at time of writing)
Note: These funds will remain in control of Moonbeam governance.

We propose to use GLMR from Moonbeam treasury and provide it cross-chain into the HydraDX Omnipool as an LP position controlled by the Moonbeam governance. The intent is to seed initial liquidity and start trading GLMR in the HydraDX Omnipool natively and efficiently within the Polkadot ecosystem.


Users will be able to trade native GLMR within the dotsama ecosystem.

Omnipool will allow:

  • Trading GLMR vs. any other asset in the Omnipool (currently HDX, DOT, DAI, ZTG, wETH, iBTC, wBTC, native USDT, ASTR + a lot more in the pipeline)
  • Single-sided LPing
  • OTC trading
  • Cross-chain transfers
  • Liquidity-mining

In a very short-term horizon (expected June 2023):

  • DCA (dollar-cost averaging) - allowing your supporters to gradually accumulate GLMR during the bear market
  • Dynamic fees - improving potential profitability of your position in the Omnipool

In mid-term horizon:

  • Stableswap pools
  • Order batching
  • Staking

Project Overview and Team Experience
HydraDX is a next-gen DeFi protocol founded in 2020 which is designed to bring an ocean of liquidity to Polkadot. Our tool for the job the HydraDX Omnipool - an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) which unlocks unparalleled efficiencies by combining all assets in a single trading pool.

Video content:
Kusamarian - HydraDX overall
Kusamarian - HydraDX usage & efficiency

Cross-chain communication and cooperation is one of the core principles of Polkadot. Both sides, the Moonbeam DAO and HydraDX DAO, will benefit from moving this proposal forward. With growing liquidity and number of listed assets in the HydraDX Omnipool, everyone will be able to gain access to a decentralized, permissionless and frictionless way to trade (or accrue value of) GLMR with high capital efficiency and low slippage.

Key Terms
GLMR will be provided as an LP position into the Omnipool - trustlessly and without losing control of the funds. The GLMR position can be withdrawn at any time by the Moonbeam governance and GLMR sent back to its treasury. All made possible by XCM.
Important fact to realize is that this model is superior to alternatives, where teams have to spend capital to be listed on CEXes or aquire the other half of the pair for seeding common fragmented XYK pools on other DEXes.

Overall Cost
There is no direct cost for the treasury. The LP position if withdrawn can end up in a profit or loss which depends mostly on accrued trading fees and Impermanent Loss in Omnipool suffered during LPing.

Use of Treasury Funds

  1. Moonbeam governance approves & executes a proposal to send 500,000 GLMR via XCM to the [HydraDX Omnipool account] (7L53bUTBbfuj14UpdCNPwmgzzHSsrsTWBHX5pys32mVWM3C1, a system account with no private key)
  2. HydraDX governance launches a council motion which is fast-tracked and enacted in 3-4 hours
  3. After step 2 is complete, GLMR becomes tradeable within the Omnipool. Sender (i.e. Moonbeam sibling account 7LCt6dFmtiRrwZv2YyEgQWW3GxsGX3Krmgzv9Xj7GQ9tG2j8), is set as the LP position holder so the position can be controlled via XCM Transact calls.

Always in favor of the treasury earning revenue.

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hey, @jgreen. Thank you for submitting your proposal.

based on my observations, the current Moonbeam treasury holds approximately 5.06M GLMR, as can be seen here: Moonbeam Treasury. It appears that your request amounts to around ~10% of the total treasury funds. In my opinion, considering the current circumstances, this may not be the most suitable allocation of funds.

furthermore, I noticed that two members of the Moonbeam treasury Council also serve on the HydraDX Council, as shown here: HydraDX Council. this situation might create a perception of bias from an external perspective.

considering these factors, I believe it would be more appropriate to submit a Community Committee Grants application instead of relying solely on the treasury funds. you can find more detailed information about the Community Committee Grants program at the following link: Moonbeam Community Committee Grants

Hi @turrizt,

Thank you for the feedback. This dosn’t really sound suitable for the grants programme, as this is not a grant request. It is a trustless allocation of otherwise idle treasury funds that can actually serve a purpose and provide a lot of utility and use cases for GLMR holders. These funds can be withdrawn at any point in time, e.g. if the treasury is running low.
Also to your point about treasury council, i don’t think it is applicable here. This proposal will be proposed and decided as a public referendum, councilmen have the same rights as anyone else there.

IMO, this proposal appears to be better suited for Moonbeam Community Committee Grants, although this assessment reflects only my perspective. you can explore the structure of the Moonbeam Treasury Process by visiting the following link - (Treasury Program Approved by Community | Moonbeam Foundation)

as per the guidelines, after the proposal author completes the administrative review to ensure fund feasibility, any Treasury Council member has the authority to motion for a vote on accepting the Moonbeam Treasury Proposal (MBTP). It’s essential to emphasize that the ultimate decision lies with the Treasury Council members themselves.

the voting period extends over three days, during which the Treasury Council carefully evaluates and casts their votes on the reviewed submission. at the end of this process, the Moonbeam Treasury Proposal will be finalized and determined as either accepted or rejected :slight_smile:

Will look into it, cheers! Curious generally also to see if the community would value this proposition and thinks about the best path forward.

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If this proposal ends up moving forward (either via Treasury or Grants) it would be ideal to test operating in the Omnipool via XCM in Moonbase Alpha.

I can confirm Moobeam’s Sovereign Account address is 7LCt6dFmtiRrwZv2YyEgQWW3GxsGX3Krmgzv9Xj7GQ9tG2j8 in HydraDX.

What I don’t understand is that if we send the funds to HydraDX Omnipool account directly via XCM, how does the Omnipool knows that the funds belong to Moonbeam? Through the Council Motion? There should be a way to send the GLMRs to Moonbeam’s Sovereign Account and then through Remote Transact add the LP position right?

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Yes, initially to start trading GLMR, there needs to be the fast-tracked referendum which also assigns the LP position to the sovereign account. Subsequently any add or remove liquidity can be done via transact calls from Moonbeam.

But, let’s say, I send GLMR to HydraDX and we set trading GLMR with 1 GLMR and then we can just use XCM and Democracy via remote Transact to add the LP position?

That way, the GLMRs are always controlled by the Sovereign

Start trading with 1 GLMR would be a very sub par experience for everyone. Besides there needs to be initial price set within the addToken referendum so you would lose the difference to arbitrageur if you LPed some time after that and price diverged. Imo it is not a concern as the Omnipool account funds can be controlled only by the HydraDX governance.

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Thanks for putting together this treasury proposal. There are several aspects to this proposal which make it a rather unique treasury proposal so please pardon the delay in response.

Your proposal is being reviewed by the Treasury Council and I expect there will be additional questions posted here soon.


@AlbertoV19 you know how we can test the steps to perfom the LP action via xcm?

@jose.crypto - Yes it should be possible.

If @jgreen provides the encoded call data of the actions to be done in the HydraDX side I can find some time to test this.

The following call will be executed on HydraDX:
This will start GLMR trading with all GLMR in the Omnipool account at time of the call execution. The LP position is attributed to the Parachain 2004 sibling account.

Note that initialPrice parameter might slightly differ to reflect the actual market prices.

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@AlbertoV19 can check pls

Really excited to follow along :eyes:


you can see the decoded call here

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Hey I will get it to it hopefully before the end of this week :slight_smile:


Please use this updated proposal for testing:

For reference, you can verify that the Omnipool address is correct here: Subscan - Omnipool account


Hey so it took me a while to figure everything out. Thanks @jgreen for the help. Posting here the entire testing summary.


The following represents the steps taken to test a proposal to move funds from the Treasury to HydraDX’s Omnipool. At a high level these were the different steps taken:

  • First, we moved funds from the Treasury address to the Omnipool address in HydraDX. This is done via the Root Track in Moonbeam (soon to be launched)
  • Next, I emulated a proposal in HydraDX to start a position and assigned it to Moonbeam’s Sovereign Account in HydraDX
  • Next, I submitted an on-chain proposal on Root Track Moonbeam to remove 10 GLMR of liquidity from the Omnipool position that the Moonbeam Sovereign account owns
  • Next, I created an XCM message that gets executed in HydraDX that sends the remaining of the 10 GLMR tokens back to the Treasury account on Moonbeam. This needs to be done as a Root Track proposal in Moonbeam

Note the following:

  • Root track must be used on Moonbeam to transact through Moonbeam Sovereign Account in HydraDX. This requires a hefty 2M GLMR decision deposit and requires at least 0.5% support by day 14 of voting
  • The funds are sent to the Omnipool address, therefore they are no longer in control of Moonbeam. Here, we trust HydraDX to open the position in behalf of Moonbeam Sovereign Account
  • As a security feature, there are some rate limit parameters to remove liquidity from the Omnipool, so you can’t really exit your position all at once

Moonbeam Treasury Address: 0x6d6f646C70792f74727372790000000000000000

HydraDX Omnipool Address: 7L53bUTBbfuj14UpdCNPwmgzzHSsrsTWBHX5pys32mVWM3C1

Moonbeam Sovereign Account in Hydra: 7LCt6dFmtiRrwZv2YyEgQWW3GxsGX3Krmgzv9Xj7GQ9tG2j8

Tranfser 100 GLMR to Moonbeam Sovereign Account in Hydra:

Send Tokens from Moonbeam Treasury to HydraDX Omnipool Address

Utility.dispatchAs Extrinsic


Preimage Hash:

OpenGov Root Proposal

Result In HydraDX (OK)

List GLMR in the Omnipool via HydraDX Governance

List GLMR Call (Provided by HydraDX Team)


**Preimage Hash: **

Result (OK)

Checking Moonbeam Sovereign Account Position in Omnipool

Checking Moonbeam Sovereign Account Position in Omnipool from Moonbeam via XCM

Removing an Omnipool Position Using Moonbeam Sovereign Account via XCM

Remove 10 GLMR from Omnipool Call on HydraDX (3500000000 RefTime)

Remove 10 GLMR from Omnipool Call on Moonbeam


Preimage Hash

OpenGov Root Proposal

Result Moonbeam (OK)

Result HydraDX(OK)

Moving Liquidy back from HydraDX to Moonbeam Treasury

XCM message from Moonbeam to HydraDX to send 10 GLMR back to Moonbeam Treasury Account on Moonbeam


Preimage Hash

OpenGov Root Proposal

Result Moonbeam 1st XCM (OK)

Result HydraDX (OK)

Result Moonbeam 2nd XCM (OK)