Pink Request to list in MBF Dapp

a. Team/Project Overview

  1. Contact: Telegram: Contact @PINKonomic - -
  2. Overview: PINK is a meme community for the Polkadot ecosystem with the goal of gaining net new eyeballs on Polkadot, and introducing the PINK gaming universe.

b. Token Info

  1. Token Name: Pink
  2. Token Symbol : xcPINK
  3. Decimals: 10
  4. Total Supply (at time of Request, note if variable): 2,300,001,221
  5. Number of Holders (at time of Request): 0
  6. Active Daily Users: ~2000 (TG)
  7. Tokenomics (URL): PINK | Got Pink? | Polkadot Community Meme Coin
  8. Art Assets (URL): WILL UPDATE SOON
  9. Have you completed full testing of this token on the Moonbase Alpha TestNet? Yes

c. Token Pricing Information (if available)

  1. Listing URL (CMC, Coingecko etc.): None yet
  2. Total Market Cap (at time of Request): $0

d. Etherscan Token Profile

  1. Token Profile URL Profile should be completed ✓
  2. Verified Contract Token Contract Source Code must be verified ✓ N/A
  3. Reference: Add Token Information on Moonscan | Moonbeam Docs

e. Signed Message

Using View, Sign, & Verify Message Signatures | Moonbeam or similar, the Requestor should include the following message as signed bytes:

[Moonbeam ChainID 1284/Moonriver ChainID 1285] I hereby declare that I am the creator of contract address[contractAddress]

Not sure how to do this with xc20

f. Key Disclosure

Requestor for a ERC-20 Dapp listing must provide the following as part of the Request:

  1. Is the Contract Code Open-Source (and include GitHub link)?
    No smart contracts applicable currently - any smart contracts will be open source

  2. (For Moonbeam Proposals Only) Does your token have a Moonriver deployment?

  3. Is your Contract Code audited?
    No contracts applicable currently

g. Network Support

  1. For each Parachain Supporting ERC-20 XCM Transfer: This section determines which parachains are listed as transfer destinations in the Dapp.
    • Destination chain: Asset Hub
    • Sufficient Asset Qty (minimum balance allowable: .0000000001
    • Asset remote id: 23
    • Status (is parachain currently accepting token): Yes

These are the confirmed parachains receiving Pink that could be future supported chains if they have open channels with moonbeam:

  • Bifrost
  • Astar
  • Crust
  • Phala
  • Acala
  • InvArch
  • Zeitgeist
  • Darwinia
  • Polkadex

Please tell me if anything is improperly filled out as I wasn’t sure how to approach some categories with the xc20 aspects of the token.