NOIR: Ecosystem Grant Draft Proposal

[Author] - NOIR


Primary Goal - (i) Maintain and Grow Activity

Project Description - Brand partnership and comprehensive integration / onboarding of new Moonbeam end users across three events in California and New York.

Requested GLMR Grant Amount - $75K USD, or the equivalent in $GLMR (currently 280,000 GLMR)

Use of Grant - The treasury funds would be utilized to compensate contractors and NOIR team members for their contributions. The funds would be allocated towards covering costs associated with renting spaces, travel, and lodging. Design, marketing and manufacturing expenses would also be covered by the treasury funds (as outlined below).

Motivation for Grant Amount - Our motivation is to raise awareness and expand the end user base for Moonbeam and NOIR through cultural integration, education, marketing, and cross-branding.
Our collaboration will place Moonbeam in front of new culture and tech communities, bringing new end users to Moonbeam from the worlds of tech, investing, music, fashion, wine, and other cultural spaces.

Updates - TBD

Project Overview

This October, NOIR has the opportunity to create three high profile events and activations in California and New York City between August-October 2023.

This collaboration between Moonbeam and NOIR will achieve the following integrations:

  • 3 co-branded events consisting of:
    • 1 activation event at the 2023 Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, CA
    • 1 education onboarding activation at the Dream Hotel in Los Angeles (NOIR partner)
    • 1 panel and mixer on “Bridging Tech and Culture through Moonbeam” during NY Tech Week bringing the NOIR and Moonbeam communities together with VCs and Founders participating in NY Tech Week
  • Special edition NOIR can: Integration of Moonbeam logo and QR code onto the NOIR can that takes end users to a media-rich education and onboarding page
  • Extensive co-branding and engagement across major social media networks (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Telegram, YouTube)
  • A new end user NOIR / Moonbeam NFT raffle where new users are eligible to win 1,000 USD in $GLMR and special gifts from NOIR.

Milestone #1 - 500 new end users for Moonbeam

Milestone #2 - 3 Co-branded NOIR / Moonbeam events in NY and CA

Milestone #3 - 2,000 QR scans that take NOIR drinkers to a media-rich education and onboarding page dedicated to joining Moonbeam

In addition to this written proposal, please review our NOIR x Moonbeam deck, which gives a greater visual representation of our project and proposal.

Detailed Overview

Part 1:

NOIR will host 1 event during 2023 Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California. This event is where many investors, brands, and founders come together over exotic and luxury cars, food, and wine, and is an ideal setting to expose new communities to Web3 and the potential it holds for brands.

In September, NOIR will host an education and onboarding activation at a rooftop pool lounge of the Dream Hotel in Los Angeles. The Dream Hotel is one of NOIR’s key partners, and is the first hotel brand to successfully launch and host an NFT gallery. Dream also offers social club memberships as NFTs, and would be a perfect setting to onboard and educate new users about Moonbeam.

Finally, our last event in October will be a panel and mixer focused on bridging tech, culture, and Web3 technology during NY Tech Week. This event will bring the NOIR and Moonbeam community together with VCs, founders, and NY tech community members.

During all of these events, we will showcase the Moonbeam x NOIR integration and prominently feature Moonbeam and NOIR brand swag and materials to spark curiosity, conversation, and conversion of new users.

Part 2:

NOIR will create a special Moonbeam edition of our flagship harvested-under-the-full-moon sparkling Pinot Noir can. This limited edition will feature the Moonbeam logo and a QR code on the back of the can, which will direct NOIR drinkers to a media-rich page with information, videos, and tutorials to help onboard NOIR drinkers to Moonbeam. We will also ship 4-packs of this special edition to influencers in culture, fashion, wine, Web3, and Moonbeam ambassadors with prominent social media profiles.

Part 3:

Throughout our integration, we are creating onboarding incentives such as a limited NOIR x Moonbeam NFT, and a Moonbeam lottery where newly onboarded users can win $1000 USD in $GLMR, a membership to Dream Hotel Social Club (worth $2000) and select prizes from NOIR and other partners.

In addition to this written proposal, please review our NOIR x Moonbeam deck, which gives a greater visual representation of our project and proposal.

Through our events, activations, and incentives, we aim to onboard a minimum of 500 new Moonbeam users.

  • To entice new on-borders, we are minting a NOIR x Moonbeam utility NFT as a gift to new end users. This NFT will serve as a “lottery ticket” to a Moonbeam x NOIR lottery where holders can win:

  • $1,000 USD in $GLMR

  • A case of wine from NOIR (worth $250)

  • A One-Year Dream Hotel Social Club Membership (worth $2000)

  • Limited edition NOIR and Moonbeam swag

Team Experience

NOIR is a luxury wine brand for a new wave of collectors and consumers that fits into their phygital worlds. We are proposing a Summer/Fall campaign to spark curiosity, conversation, and the onboarding of NOIR consumers at Concours d’Elegance and NY Tech Week community members to the Moonbeam ecosystem.

About NOIR

  • First wine brand to accept crypto as payment
  • NFT ownership certificates, rare phygital wines, and are producing utility-NFT NOIR Club memberships
  • Collaborations and partnerships with brands and hotels, creating perks and rewards for our customers through Web3 technology
  • Strong customer base and social media presence on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Single-vineyard wines produced by a master winemaker in Santa Barbara county
  • NOIR is harvested under the Full Moon for maximum juiciest yields

Recent Achievements

  • The first and only wine to mint a dynamically priced token ($NOIR) on the blockchain which debuted at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
  • Launched our own decentralized app ( for buying, selling and redeeming $NOIR tokens in 2022
  • Winner of the Silver medal at the 2022 Monterey Wine Festival

Partners and Collaborators

  • Dream Hotel Social Club Los Angeles
  • House of Web3 San Francisco
  • Lamborghini Club of America
  • Pizza DAO

NOIR was founded in 2020 by Ann-Marie Paz and Severiano Martinez.

NOIR offers a unique proposition in the canned wine market by combining exceptional craftsmanship, innovative packaging, and Web3 compatibility. Our flagship product, NOIR Sparkling Rosé, is the first premium sparkling canned wine, catering to the growing demand for convenience without compromising on quality.

  1. Market Opportunity: The canned wine market is currently valued at $236 million and projected to reach $572 million by 2028. Sparkling canned wine is the fastest-growing segment within this market.
  2. Exceptional Product: As the first luxury sparkling canned wine brand, NOIR sets itself apart with its award-winning taste and elegant packaging. Our commitment to uncompromising quality positions us to capture a significant share of the market.
  3. Early Traction: Despite being a new brand, NOIR generated $100K in revenue last year through $NOIR and direct-to-consumer sales, without any investors or distributors, demonstrating early product-market fit.

Strong Team: Ann-Marie Paz, our Co-Founder & CEO, is an accomplished designer from Nike, renowned for creating innovative product lines and driving the success of NikeLab collections worldwide. Severiano Martinez, our Co-Founder & COO, brings expertise in winemaking and media production for renowned brands. Simon El Nahas Christensen, our CTO, is an award-winning Fintech Web3 engineer building on Bitcoin. Together, our talented team will drive NOIR’s success in the phygital luxury wine market, bringing a great opportunity for Moonbeam integration.

Timeline and Milestones for Use of Grant

August 2023

  • Confirm reservations and contractor hires
  • Manufacturing: cans, swag, merchandise
  • Send special edition NOIR / Moonbeam cans to influencers and ambassadors
  • Press release and social media content rollout
  • NOIR / Moonbeam activation at Concours d’Elegance with Lamborghini Club of America
  • Add Moonbeam page to site

September 2023

  • NOIR tasting / Moonbeam onboarding activation at the Dream Hotel Los Angeles
  • Social media content rollout

October 2023 - NY Tech Week

  • NY Tech Week Panel and mixer: Bridging tech, culture, and Web3

  • Social media content rollout

  • Moonbeam onboarding raffle

  • Send prizes

Vision of Success

Successful implementation of our program will result in 500 new Moonbeam users that represent a broad spectrum of creative, brand, and entrepreneurial communities. A successful collaboration with NOIR will demonstrate to other brands, VC’s, and founders that Moonbeam is the premiere network to bridge tech and Web3 culture. This collaboration can serve as a foundation to bring more commerce and brands into Moonbeam, which ultimately will help Moonbeam achieve its goals for growth and outreach.


Our collaboration demonstrates the following attributes:

  • NOIR has established itself as a trusted and respected brand within the Web3 and blockchain community, as well as among wine enthusiasts and cultural tastemakers. Our previous activations and collaborations have not only showcased the unique qualities of our product, but have also demonstrated the potential of Web3 technology to revolutionize traditional industries. Through our continued efforts to integrate Moonbeam into our events and promotions, we hope to further expand our reach and introduce even more end users to the benefits of this innovative platform.

  • NOIR has already integrated blockchain technology into our brand, as we were the first wine company to ever issue their own dynamically priced wine token, $NOIR, that is redeemable for our rarest and most valuable bottle, the 2019 NEW MOON Sparkling Grenache Rose.

  • Our background in blockchain combined with our background in real products and services uniquely position NOIR to deliver products that seamlessly integrate the best components of Web3 and Wine. We hope that the example our integration sets can better educate companies across both spectrums on how to better align interests for more successful partnerships.

  • Our proposal and milestones are clearly defined, as is our budget and use of funds. The events we have highlighted are all coordinated. It is our hope that Moonbeam wishes to partner with us as we embark on an exciting journey.

  • We seek to position the Moonbeam brand as a creative and technical partner in fostering a world where blockchain and cryptocurrency seamlessly integrate with real world goods and services. This partnership places the utmost emphasis on Moonbeam as a partner and cultural catalyst alongside NOIR.

We believe that Moonbeam will become a key cultural player in bringing new and exciting brands into the Web3 space, driving adoption and vitality for the network. This partnership will serve as a catalyst for other brands, demonstrating that Moonbeam is the best solution for their Web3 initiatives. Ultimately, we want this partnership to serve as a strong use case for how Web3 brands and blockchains can partner to bring innovation, fun, and greater user adoption.

Steps to Implement

Estimated Cost for Three Events: $75K (280,000 GLMR)

  • Includes: space rental, contractor salaries, travel, lodging

  • Special Edition NOIR x Moonbeam Cans

  • Brand Merchandise

  • Event Supplies & Materials

  • Covers salaried time, pre-production, post-production, design, and marketing costs

  • Prizes for Moonbeam onboarding lottery

Proposed Timetable: August / September / October of 2023

  • 2 events
  • 1 education onboarding activation
  • 3-month social media engagement through all major social media platforms


  • Ann-Marie Paz - CEO (responsible for overall strategy and vision, partnership development, and team management)
  • Severiano Martinez - COO (responsible for project management, logistics, and execution)
  • Simon El Nahas Christensen - CTO (responsible for web development, coding, and NFT implementations)
  • Brand Ambassador (responsible for representing Moonbeam and NOIR at events, educating and onboarding guests, and promoting the Moonbeam integration)
  • Event Photographer/Videographer
  • Event Staff and Coordinator
  • Social Media & Marketing Manager
  • Web / Art / Design Director

Specifications and other resources

The NOIR x Moonbeam integration will be deployed across a wide array of online platforms as well as in physical location.

Technologies Utilized:

  • The NOIR x Moonbeam Special Edition Can will integrate Moonbeam’s logo and a QR code on the back, which will direct users to a media-rich education and onboarding page on
  • We will also mint NFTs on Moonbeam for $NOIR token redeemers, bringing a new wave of end users onto the Moonbeam platform to claim their 2019 New Moon ownership NFT.
  • To entice new users, we will mint a NOIR x Moonbeam utility NFT, serving as their “lottery ticket” to the NOIR x Moonbeam lottery. Entrants will have the chance to win $1,000 in $GLMR, and exclusive prizes from NOIR.

These technologies will ensure a seamless integration and onboarding experience for new Moonbeam users, and help drive adoption and vitality for the network.

Online Platforms Utilized - We will build a dedicated media-rich page on that educates end users about Moonbeam, the uniqueness and value of onboarding, the NOIR x Moonbeam onboarding lottery, and a detailed beginner’s guide video tutorial on how to join Moonbeam. This is the page users will go to when they scan the can.

  • Twitter - engaging NOIR and Moonbeam ambassadors and influencers
  • Instagram - NOIR can assist in creative content for both NOIR and Moonbeam’s instagram pages
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Telegram
  • Discord

IRL Brand Presence

  • Brand presence at Concours d’Elegance
  • Brand presence at NY Tech Week
  • Brand presence at the Dream Hotel Los Angeles
  • Brand presence at other secondary NOIR events

In Summary

NOIR will create fun, engaging, and elegant IRL experiences that provide inspiration, connections, and education about the worlds of Moonbeam.

Moonbeam will receive extensive content and organic social engagement from people and spaces that push the boundaries of Web3 marketing.

Through our scan-the-can activations, we anticipate 2000+ QR scans to the NOIR x Moonbeam media page. Our goal is 500+ new users onboarded to Moonbeam, who will be empowered and inspired to join in the growth of the ecosystem.

NOIR will help shape the future of commerce on Moonbeam by integrating it seamlessly into the phygital world through the building of our luxury boutique. Join us as we redefine luxury in the digital age.

Thank you for your attention and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Best regards,

Ann-Marie and Severiano,


hey sir, this post is really only necessary for ecosystem Grants (those over $250k)

so the correct way to continue with this is by applying a grant via form since you are requesting 75k $

You can read more about the process here:

so I recommend closing this post since it is not valid for the ecosystem grant

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hey seve, Thank You for your proposal!

It is important to note that Ecosystem Grants and Treasury funds are different things, and they serve different purposes… If your intention is to request Treasury funds, then you must proceed by submitting a Treasury proposal. to familiarize yourself with the process, you can visit - Treasury Program Approved by Community | Moonbeam Foundation

Now, focusing on the received proposal with the goal of onboarding 500+ new users to Moonbeam, let’s perform a quick calculation. the request is for 280k GLMR, and if we divide that by the target of acquiring 500 users, it would cost 560 GLMR to attract just one user. IMO, this cost per user is simply unthinkable.

It might be more feasible to explore collaboration with a company like Distractive ( they specialize in marketing, growth and development of the Moonbeam ecosystem, and discussing potential cooperation with them might be a reasonable course of action :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. We’ve closed the post and will refine and redirect for the grants program.


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