New track for opening HRMP/XCM channels

Since Moonbeam and Moonriver networks switched to OpenGov, General Admin track has been used for various operations within the ecosystems, including opening HRMP/XCM channels. While more than dozens channels have been opened in the past year without serious obstacles, many found it took too long for the proposals to pass. This proposal aims to tackle this issue by introducing the “Fast General Admin” track.

The Problem

The General Admin track is often too slow when it comes to opening HRMP/XCM channels. With a typical timeframe of 14 days, users find themselves waiting longer than desired. This delay can hinder project timelines and impede the seamless flow of operations.

The Proposal

Recognizing the need for a swifter alternative, this proposal offers the implementation of a new track – the “Fast General Admin.” This track aims to expedite the process of opening HRMP channels without compromising on security or reliability. The proposal suggests leveraging a separate governance track with a different support curve specifically tailored to meet the demands of swift channel opening.

Key Features of the “Fast General Admin” Track

The “Fast General Admin” track comes equipped with a range of permissions designed to streamline the channel opening process. These include the following:

  1. InitOpenChannel: Allows users to initiate the opening of HRMP channels.
  2. AcceptOpenChannel: Enables the acceptance of channel opening requests.
  3. CloseChannel: Provides the capability to close channels if necessary.
  4. CancelOpenRequest: Allows users to cancel pending channel opening requests.

However, in its initial phase, the track will focus primarily on the first and the second items in the list which are Facilitating the Initiation and Acceptance of channel openings and WILL NOT contain any asset registration (eg.for MRL scenarios). In urgent situations requiring channel closure, support can be sought from the Moonbeam and Moonriver OpenGov Technical Committees.

Distinguishing Features

What sets the “Fast General Admin” track apart from its predecessor are its unique parameters tailored for swift action. These include:

  1. The Confirmation period is shortened from 1 day to 3 hrs
  2. The Minimum Enactment period is shortened from 1 day to 10 minutes
  3. The “support curve” would resemble something more like the “Referendum Canceller” track. Specifically, only 0.56% support would be needed after 7 days.


“Fast General Admin” track marks the first step in enhancing the OpenGov initially tailored to Moonbeam/Moonriver ecosystems a year ago. Next items that need to be reconsidered is lowering the threshold for proposals to pass and reconfiguring the parameters set for submission and decision deposits.

Based on our research, the feedback to introduce “Fast General Admin” has been positive, and it has been added to the Moonbase Alpha for testing. Thus, this proposal suggests adding this track to the upcoming RT 2900 on Moonbeam and Moonriver and voting on it to ratify it.

If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to comment below.


I believe this is a much-needed new track. The XCM channel process is quite “tedious,” and lowering governance barriers is a way to speed up the process.

Having a “faster” track to close channels means that if a chain shuts down, we can close the channel much more quickly without needing the OpenGov Tech Committee to whitelist the call.

This is also strategic for Tanssi. Tanssi plans to onboard the next 100+ Appchains to Polkadot, and MRL could potentially play a pivotal role in bridging liquidity into these Appchains, so lowering the barrier for channels to be established is key!


Yes, I would agree with this and it’s a good opportunity for us to try out an “express” track of sorts. Given there doesn’t seem to be any strong objection, i would propose we go ahead with this in RT2900.

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@aaron.mbf, do you have any thoughts on adding asset registration to this track?

Perhaps down the road but I think we want to proceed carefully so we don’t get spammed with low quality assets. One thing at a time. :smiley:

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yeah, this is indeed a much-needed approach, because opening HRMP channels with parachains should be more dynamic and faster. our space is dynamic, and waiting for 14+ days just to open a HRMP channel with parachains doesn’t make a lot of sense. so, I fully support this proposal and will vote in favor!

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francisco from tanssi here - I also strongly support this initiative. We need to make it a lot easier for new teams to be able to leverage moonbeam for routed liquidity and messaging considering how important it is for the broader ecosystem.