Natively Support Auto-Compounding of Staking Rewards

Moonbeam is happy to announce the activation of an oft-requested native auto-compounding option for staking rewards on Moonriver and Moonbeam with the passing of Runtime 1901 upgrade proposal.

Assuming the democracy proposal is passed, the auto-compounding capability will be located in the staking dapp and allows you to :

  • Add your staking rewards back to your delegation automatically.
  • Decide what percentage of staking rewards you would like re-delegated using the sliding bar under the delegation.
  • Tailor this function to your own needs when making a new delegation, or adjust it for existing delegations with one click.

Percentages are set to a default of 100% ready for your adjustment.

A more detailed technical description for this feature may be found in the Github pull request [

Adds ParachainStaking auto-compound feature by nbaztec · Pull Request #1828 · PureStake/moonbeam ], as well as a thorough changelog of the planned updates [Release Runtime 1900 · PureStake/moonbeam ].

If you would like to provide feedback or thoughts on this feature, please do so directly in the comments section of this article or here.


Yeah this is great, something that comunnity was waiting for

This feature is now enabled in both Moonriver and Moonbeam networks. Happy staking !