My experience like Treasury community member - Jose Crypto

This post is to show what my experience was like within the Moonbeam Treasury Council, as a community member

As you know, I had the pleasure of being nominated for this job on 19th October 2022, and since then there has been an evolution both personally and professionally.

From the first time we were elected, there was a learning process, both in the technical part and in the social part, because at that time we had to coordinate how the process that the proposals must follow was going to be - from the moment when they are published on the Forum until they go for on-chain vote to be accepted or rejected.

We started from the optimization of the process and introduced the 80/20 ratio for Moonbeam and Moonriver respectively. The reason for such a decision was to preserve Moonriver Treasury so that it would not be emptied in a few proposals. We also agreed upon the administrative part of the work such as proposals needing to wait for at least 3 support comments from the Council members on the Forum before proceeding to the on-chain voting thus avoiding misunderstanding from the proposer. Another policy we came upon was recommending using a 30-day average price for the time of proposal submission to avoid big changes in the budget due to volatility.

Also, we decided to assign a committee member who would be in charge of guiding proposers on the Forum by acknowledging their proposal submission and informing other Council members of the updates as well as checking the proposals, guiding the internal discussion and giving feedback. Although in some cases the questions may seem harsh, the intention was to understand all the points of the proposal and ensure that it was really worthwhile.

On a personal level, it helped me to learn more about the funding models that are managed in the ecosystem as well as the various initiatives that are directed at the Treasury and, of course, to improve on a personal level in technical knowledge.

This whole process helped me gain social skills, value of teamwork,and improved my research skills in the technical field.

In terms of teamwork, after the learning curve, I was able to work more effectively, communicating with the other Treasury Council members and delegating tasks, as well as taking initiative in decisions. This allowed me to be more proactive.g During the internal discussions and reflections, I learned how to communicate various concerns effectively in a way that would not be misinterpreted and at the same time be concise.
I also improved my research skills, knowing what to search for on Github, something that the common user is very reluctant to do, understanding data and items regarding various proposals - the skills that are highly valuable in technical space.

In retrospect, I think that a good job was done, handling various proposals, and the most recent one getting our RPC providers to agree to lower their requests and still maintain a high quality of service.

Obviously there are things that can be improved and I am open to opinions.


Thanks a lot Jose for having shared your valuable experience. Sounds really inspiring. I think that Community members reading this post would be quite reassured about the robustness of the process itself, that is the most important aspect apart from the specific people involves time to time.
Again… Thank you!!!

CMO at Iceberg Nodes


Hi Jose, and thanks for you to sharing that experience.
Was very interesting to read :slightly_smiling_face:


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