Muse Filez: Ecosystem Grant Draft Proposal

Title: Muse Filez

Author: Muse Filez Team

Primary Goal: 1) Give content creators control of their own data without fear of censorship and demonetization. 2) Allow for content creators to sell, trade, and share their data directly to their fans. 3) Create strong commmunities based on the sharing of data/content.

Landing Page:

Project Description: Muse Filez is an NFT marketplace that allows content creators to share their data within decentralized storage files (FIlecoin) by selling NFTs (Lit Protocol encryption) for access. The marketplace allows for the selling, trading, and sharing of the NFTs for access to the storage files which will be seen by the fan in the form of a gallery. The Muse Filez team will curate the content creators that will be on the marketplace.

Any content creator can apply to have their Muse Filez set up. Digital artists, models, musicians, and social media influencers are all welcome to apply.

Requested GLMR Amount: We are requesting $100k USD for the next 3-4 months.

Use of Grant: We will be using the grant for an audit of our smart contracts - estimated $5-20k, Legal services - $5-15k, Marketing of project $35k, the continued development of project and adding members to team- $30k.

Project Overview and KPIs: Launch of token-gated NFTs and Web3.Storage files on mainnet of Moonbeam (March 2023), Launch of NFT marketplace on Moonbeam (April 2023), 20-40 content creators on NFT marketplace (May 2023)

Team Experience:
Lamont Veal - CEO and Blockchain Developer, Lamont has been a developer for 6 years and a Blockchain developer for 3. He has built many different decentralized applications and has one hackathon prizes for his projects.

Pete Myers - Chief Marketing Officer, Pete has more than 15 years of experience in the music industry as an artist and producer. His songs haave had more than 50k downloads on Spotify. He also has degree in Marketing from West Virginia University.

Brian Leitner - Frontend Developer, Brian has work as a frontend developer for over a year. He has a strong passion for crypto and Blockchain technology.

Rahsaan Moore - Community/Social Media Manager, Rahsaan has more than 10 years experience in sales and has a degree in Visual Arts.

Milestones: 1)Launch of token-gated NFTs and Web3.Storage files on mainnet of Moonbeam (March 2023),
2)Launch of NFT marketplace on Moonbeam (April 2023),
3) Use Axelar to allow content creators to Bridge over assets (late April 2023)
4) 20-40 content creators on NFT marketplace (May 2023)
5) Add 1 Frontend developer/UI designer and 1 Backend Developer (June 2023)

Vision of Success:
Muse Filez marketplace will have more than 100 -200 content creators on selling their NFT for access to their data. Creators can choose to move their NFTs cross-chain to sell on other marketplaces as well.

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Hey, X-Factor. Thank you for your proposal.

as I mentioned on discord, your proposal concerns Community Committee grants. Community Committee grants cover grants up to $250,000 and are approved by the Community Grants Committee.

therefore, you should apply through the Moonbeam Foundation page, where you can get acquainted with all the details: