Moonwell | PINK allocation request [APPROVED]

Company Name: Moonwell = (Moonwell on Moonbeam)

Lead Applicant: Curly (Moonwell Delegate) -

Metrics Planning to Improve (users/TX/TVL): baseline and target

Baseline of 2.7k members in our

Target +500

Baseline of 1960 Followers on Galxe

Target +500

Baseline for Moonwell onchain engagement - rolling stat collection

Target a 100% increase in Unique Address Count and Total TX Count

Strategy to Improve:

Our strategy is to use Galxe to create an NFT that will be granted to users for completing certain tasks that will help us reach our targets.

Supply $40 worth of xcDOT liquidity
Supply $40 worth of GLMR liquidity
Stake $40 worth of WELL liquidity
Provide $40 worth of liquidity to GLMR/WELL pool on StellaSwap
Like/retweet the campaign announcement

Users will receive an NFT on Galxe for completing 4 out of the 5 Tasks. We will then use to grant users a special role in our Discord server if they hold the special PINKWELL NFT created on Galxe. This role will grant them access to a token-gated channel in the Moonwell Discord where we will verify the final addresses that will receive the PINK token drop.

The below steps will act as multiple layers of Sybil resistance to ensure, to the best of our ability, that the system isn’t gamed and that the tokens are distributed to people who brought value to the ecosystem.

a. A minimum liquidity threshold was met

b. The majority of tasks were completed

c. The token gated chat was used to confirm humanity

Start/end date of deployment, with the start within 2 weeks of receiving the tokens.

If our pitch is approved we will immediately begin working on setting up the Galxe campaign, which will require verifying that the necessary Subgraph/GraphQL calls that are required to verify the onchain actions are in place. As a contingency plan if for whatever reason the above is not possible, we will take the onchain snapshots ourselves. Either way, all the metrics we are looking to boost will be visible and verifiable onchain.

Once we have received the PINK tokens we will have the campaign on Galxe launched and communicated to the community at large within 2 weeks.

From there the community will have 2 weeks to deposit the required liquidity at which point the the holding period will begin. During this time we will be advertising the campaign through our social media and encouraging our current community to spread the word on Twitter to reach new users and build interest in both Moonwell and the PINK token, by highlighting the utility.

Users will be required to maintain their positions for at least 4 weeks to be eligible for the Galxe NFTs and subsequent PINK airdrop.

Token Allocation/Distribution Plan:

We will allocate 100% of the PINK tokens to participants of this campaign provided that they have completed all required tasks and have passed through our Sybil resistance checks.


hey @curlybracketeffect, first of all, thank you for your proposal!

I have a few questions:

have you considered the possibility of collaborating with other projects that are receiving a PINK allocation to create joint campaigns or initiatives that could enhance engagement within the ecosystem?
(while I understand that you may have your own unique plans, I’m curious if such collaborations are on your radar)

In case AirLyft’s proposal is approved by the review team, are there any plans to integrate or utilize AirLyft’s platform?

what steps will you take to help new users who are unfamiliar with Moonwell, particularly in learning how to lend and borrow? do you have any specific guides prepared for them?


Thanks for your questions @turrizt

With the tight timeline to submit a proposal for these tokens, I didn’t want to hesitate too much by reaching out to other projects to discuss a collaboration. Now that we have the ball rolling I am 100% open to combining some of the ideas brought forth by the other projects with ours. I am a fan of AirLyft and Moonwell has an account with them, so I think it would be cool if we worked together on this campaign. @airlyft what do you think?

We also have our main liquidity pair WELL/GLMR on StellaSwap, so that would naturally be another great team to collaborate on this with. @Az_StellaSwapCD what do you think?

In terms of support for new users, we have a pretty extensive GitBook for them to reference, and we have a very active Discord server where they can ask questions and get support if they need.


After careful consideration, the review team found that your proposal meets the requirements of a deployed Moonbeam project with active users/transactions and is in good standing and is ready to shake things up in your community. Approved

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Thank you, Ser! Looking forward to making this happen!

Hello, @curlybracketeffect! Greetings, and thank you for your kind words. YOU JUST MADE OUR DAY. I’ve been in touch with the Moonwell team, particularly Majin, providing updates and working on campaigns, including collaborations with Moonbeam Ignite. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with one of the most successful lending and borrowing protocols with the highest TVL. We’re keen on adding value in any way possible.

That said, we’d love to brainstorm ideas and map out the entire campaign journey for the $PINK allocation. Can we have a quick chat on TG @cbs_cryptonaut?

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Slidning into your DMs now!

Hey folks I’m excited to announce that the Moonwell PINK campaign is now live. You can find the full details on our Forum here: Moonwell is PINK Campaign Details - Announcements - Moonwell Governance Forum