MoonRiver Needs Help

Due to the past experience with Multichain. MoonRiver has suffered.

These ecosystems are designed as a package. MoonRiver and MoonBeam are sister chains.

One is beginning to thrive and the other is needing some help.

My Proposal is

Allocate MoonBeam + Well Grant Liquidty To Moonwell to Launch Apollo Governance on Moonbeam

This Allows Us to Fix the Bridge Using The Naitive Dex on Moonriver,
The dex developers can work to build the bridge

But this supports both Ecosystems until USDC anywhere is available to both.

Moonbeam and Moonriver are Sister Chains

We Need Our On Highway In-between

Through Moonwell These Chains Can Flourish

Together by utilizing Layer Zero on these dexes to cross without centralized exchanges. It opens the doors to future layer zero routes.

We need help.

Sincerely CryptoAbe

hey there @cryptoabe, the Axelar bridge is coming soon to Moonriver, the proposal was passed. you can see the forum discussion at: [Referendum MR50] Moonriver <> Axelar Integration.

also, LayerZero already supports Moonriver, so devs on Moonriver can use LayerZero under the hood: Mainnet Addresses | LayerZero V1 Docs

could you please explain more about your proposal? specifically, what exactly are you proposing?

Moonwell can apply for ecosystem and community grants, and I believe they are fully aware of the process