MoonFit | PINK Allocation Request [APPROVED]


MoonFit is a cross-chain social fitness app dedicated to empowering everyone to embrace an active lifestyle, stay fit, and stay healthy. We leverage Web3 and NFTs to incentivize, motivate and encourage users to engage in diverse forms of training and burn calories. Through our rewarding system and Web3 Fitness model, we aim to bring unique fitness experiences and become a sustainable model for mass adoption.

Available on both iOS & Android; compatible with wearable devices like Apple Watch. We are implementing Web3 Fitness, a breakthrough model that utilizes and improves both user experience and in-game economy, solving the problem of motivation and project sustainability at the same time.

MoonFit currently has 1000+ Daily Active Users, 20K+ Total Users from 50+ countries and still growing.


METRICS PLANNING TO IMPROVE: Users and On-chain Transactions on Moonbeam Network


We will use the PINK token allocation to incentivize our bounty spin pool on MoonFit website, onboarding more users and creating more transactions for Moonbeam Network.

Bounty Spin: MoonFit - Web3 & NFT Lifestyle App

This Bounty Spin was released in January 29th, in the theme of Lunar New Year with the master prize pool of 1000 $GLMR and 3000 $ASTR, and in just TWO days we have achieved 12,000+ total transactions:

  • 8,000+ transactions on Moonbeam Network

  • 4,415+ transactions on Astar Network

  • 200+ new users

And the excitement leads to our total master prize pool running out in just ONE day. Nevertheless, you can see the transactions are also quickly growing every second.

You can check out our contracts here:

The current logic of this bounty spin is: Users can choose Moonbeam Network or Astar Network to spin the wheel. If they choose Moonbeam Network, what they will receive from opening the red envelopes is only $GLMR. The same applies to Astar Network, with $ASTR. Free Spin requires no $MFR, only gas fees.

Users are required to spend gas fees and $MFR to spin. For new users, we have improved UX so that they can now complete their account setup on our website in just 2 clicks: connect wallet & link their emails.

Users can earn more spins by completing social tasks and referrals (More creative tasks for Moonbeam Network can be added to the campaign if needed). Or users can earn exclusively more $MFR for spinning by owning a MoonFit Beast and Beauty NFT and using MoonFit app for exercise and training activities.

What we will apply for PINK Bounty Spin:

  • Required to spin only on Moonbeam Network, spend $GLMR for gas fees and $MFR.
  • Opening red envelopes give users PINK token
  • Add more social tasks specifically for Moonbeam Network for users to earn more spins.

TIMELINE: February 19th - March 19th, 2024

TOKEN ALLOCATION/DISTRIBUTION PLAN: 100% PINK token allocation will be used for PINK Bounty Spin.

Thank you!


hey @Peterwlams, first of all, thank you for your proposal!

I have a few questions, simply to ensure more transparency:

how does you plan to ensure that the on-chain txs generated through the bounty spin are genuine and not subject to abuse or sybil attacks?

besides the bounty spin, are there other activities or initiatives planned within MoonFit where users can earn PINK tokens?

could you elaborate on your strategies for attracting new users to participate in the bounty spin and interact with the MoonFit app?

Hey thanks Turrizt for these questions

The bounty spin requires not only gas fees, but also mfr (MF in-game token) for every spin. In order to have mfr, users need to interact with MoonFit app and products to earn, which is either actual training activities or real effort. We have also configured our spin rate so that there is a 99% rate that scripts cannot abuse our system.

One more thing, PINK tokens are withdrawn to their MoonFit account first. They need to withdraw PINK one more time to web3 wallets and finally join exchanges. This currently applies for our lunar bounty spin.

I appreciate the diversity, and therefore we will add PINK tokens to daily task rewards in MoonFit app. Those tasks mainly focus on training activities and will reward those who are hard-working.

Moreover, we actually do have cross-chain partners that can join in this campaign. That has been our main way to grow MoonFit and attract more users to Moonbeam. We have the tasks in Bounty Spin that can offer partners with exposure, tractions and increased brand awareness.

Hope this clears your concern!

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After careful consideration, the review team found that your proposal meets the requirements of a deployed Moonbeam project with active users/transactions and is in good standing and is ready to shake things up in your community. Approved.


Thank you Turrizt and Moonbeam team, we really appreciate that!


congrats @Peterwlams Moonfit!!

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