MoonFit: Ecosystem Grant Proposal

Title - MoonFit: Ecosystem Grant Draft Proposal

Author - MoonFit Team


  • Primary Goal: MoonFit’s Grant Ecosystem proposal would achieve one goal but not limited to: building connected contracts use cases. This will guarantee expanding growth across multiple blockchains and ecosystems in terms of users, transactions, cash flow, onboarding more users and more capital to Moonbeam Network.

  • Project Description: MoonFit is a Cross-chain Social Fitness app. We’re on a mission to promote an active lifestyle through Web3 & NFT. We encourage every form of training as long as calories are burnt. Through our reward system, MoonFit encourages users to exercise, stay fit, and stay healthy.

  • Requested GLMR Grant Amount: 2,000,000 $GLMR

  • Use of Grant: This grant will be used to spearhead the growth of MoonFit across Astar, BNB Chain, Aleph Zero and ZK-EVM ecosystems, which will contribute to Moonbeam in onboarding new users, increased transactions and attracting outside cash flows to Moonbeam. This grant will also help accelerate our vision of becoming the flagship Multi-chain Social Fitness Dapp of Moonbeam, showcasing connected contracts technology - USP of Moonbeam.

  • Motivation for Grant Amount: Cross-chain Connected Contracts are the main focus for the Moonbeam Ecosystem, and MoonFit, a prominent cross-chain social fitness Dapp, is a prime example of this and has significant potential for mass adoption. This grant aims to develop cross-chain interoperability for MoonFit and create incentives attracting non-native Moonbeam users to Moonbeam through MoonFit. This initiative will not only promote connected contracts use cases to the world but also enable users who are not native to Moonbeam to directly connect and engage with Moonbeam, resulting in increased Moonbeam transactions and the acquisition of new users and capital.


MoonFit is a cross-chain social fitness app dedicated to empowering everyone to embrace an active lifestyle, stay fit, and stay healthy. We leverage Web3 and NFTs to incentivize, motivate and encourage users to engage in diverse forms of training and burn calories. Through our rewarding system and Web3 Fitness model, we aim to bring unique fitness experiences and become a sustainable model for mass adoption.
Available on both iOS & Android; compatible with wearable devices like Apple Watch. We are implementing Web3 Fitness, a breakthrough model that utilizes and improves both user experience and in-game economy, solving the problem of motivation and project sustainability at the same time.

User Experience:

To solve the problem of motivation, MoonFit allows users to:

  • Join any sport, at their flexible speed, schedule & frequency.
    Instead of forcing users to run at the same speed every day, which can lead to unexpected injuries, MoonFit lets users choose the sport they want to earn, the pace they want to move and an option to reserve energy for the next day. With those options, MoonFit’s users customize their training schedule and stay healthy at the same time as earning tokens.

  • Enjoy social-related features and diverse incentives/rewards forms.

In MoonFit, we applied a diverse rewards system, where users can earn not only monetary rewards but also other Web3 rewards like NFTs, Whitelist or rewards from our partners, to Real-life items (Merchandise) & Social Rewards.

We believe that Social Connections are the best motivation for training. Therefore we are creating a place where users can have new experiences, friendships, connections and social engagements such as: joining a club, challenging a friend, etc. Gamification in games will reduce pain, make training more fun, and motivate users.

In-game Economy:

MoonFit is not another “Ponzi” Move-to-earn, we focus on features that can attract cash flows from outside and a different tokenomics reducing inflation risks: Running Clan, MoonShop, Land Rental, Marathon, etc.

MoonFit generates revenue through:

  • Tax from in-app transactions and activities
  • NFT Sales/Mint
  • MoonShop - In-app marketplace revenue, including the sale of in-game items, NFTs, real-life merchandise, fitness related items, etc. Users can order merchandise the same as the MoonItem they got in the mobile app (shirt, hoodie, cap, sneaker). They even can order merchandises that are worn by their Beast & Beauty.
  • Running Clan: Clan owners pay to build their fitness communities, in return they can earn more rewards in the clan and decide how the rewards will be distributed among clan members. This model also works for companies and businesses, they can create their own clans in MoonFit to promote employees’ training spirit and wellness programs and increase their brand awareness.
  • Land rental/Advertising, providing discounts, rewards and privileges to users who visit local businesses on the MoonFit Universe
  • Virtual Marathon/Competition event: Users can hold NFTs, have special badge or buy tickets to participate

MoonFit’s 1 token model focuses on 1 governance token - $MFG and 1 in-app utility token - $MFR (non-exchangeable). For more info about MoonFit’s tokenomics, please visit here.

This is to make sure MoonFit has diverse features and utilities that mitigate inflation risks and attract various cash flows, long-term sustainability.


MoonFit utilizes a hub and spoke architecture in our approach to connected contracts. In this approach, Moonbeam acts as the central hub for MoonFit, enabling the Dapp to establish connections with other major ecosystems through decentralized message passers. Whenever a non-native Moonbeam user performs an operation, like mint NFTs, deposit/withdraw/spend tokens & NFTs as well as perform certain tasks, a transaction is executed on Moonbeam to validate the change.

With cross-connected smart contracts, MoonFit can connect to other blockchains behind-the-scenes so that the user experience would be simplified, safe, and convenient.

Most of the MoonFit Dapp’s logic and activities reside on Moonbeam, and a significant portion of the gas required to power MoonFit is spent on Moonbeam. As the adoption of MoonFit increases, so does the usage of the Moonbeam Network. Leveraging Moonbeam as a hub provides MoonFit with the capability to accept token deposits from many other ecosystems and convert them into $GLMR for spending in MoonFit Dapp with ease. This model of interoperability aims to onboard more users from other blockchains to use Moonbeam and bring their investment as well as capital to the Moonbeam ecosystem. More users mean more capital flow into Moonbeam, spearheading the growth of the ecosystem and more opportunities for revenue generation and partnerships. MoonFit is one of the first Dapp to connect the Polkadot ecosystem to the outside world through a single connection to Moonbeam, allowing outside assets such as $ETH, $ASTR, $BNB to flow into Moonbeam, and then other Polkadot parachains.


Updates #1: For @prison_mike and @nataliak.8 , we would like to clarify that for each destination chain, MoonFit will seek the most suitable solution to develop cross-chain interoperability, including building our own custom GMP solution if necessary. We do not work with Multi-chain, it is one of the options for us among Axelar Network, Celer Network to “fork” and create our own custom GMP solution as their codes are open-source.

All user activities that require a message to be passed - deposit, withdraw, spend, mint, perform tasks are encapsulated into a payload and transmitted to and from Moonbeam using a general message passing protocol.

For Moonbeam <> BNB Chain, we will work with Axelar Network as our general messaging provider. For Moonbeam <> Astar Network, the current XCM technology has not supported ERC-721 NFT standard, plus Axelar Network and Multi-chain has not supported Astar Network for their GMP protocols. Therefore, we will build our own general massage passing protocol (Moonbeam <> Astar) based on the open-source code from these providers, and run our nodes independently.

The same strategy applies to other milestones, ZK-EVM ecosystems and Substrate-based ones. If there are any established GMP available for the cross-chain interaction between these chains and Moonbeam, we will work with them. If not, we will develop our own custom solution to speed up the process and be more flexible, less reliant on other GMP providers in terms of the chains they support.

For all these following milestones:

  • MoonFit NFTs can be minted on Moonbeam Network and withdrawn to other chains (Astar Network, BNB Chain, etc) with all functionalities & stats, and vice versa.
  • Opening the deposit and usage of other tokens ($ASTR, $BNB, etc) in MoonFit app to attract more capital to Moonbeam Network
  • MoonFit Beauty & Beast NFT Collection remains the total supply of 10,000 NFTs as any cross-chain NFT withdrawals will burn MoonFit NFTs from Moonbeam Network and deploy new ones on other chains.

Updates #2: Thanks to community’s feedback, we have decided to prioritize BNB Chain over Astar Network for the Milestone #1. We have been working on both these milestones at the same time so this change will not affect our progress.

Updates #3: Thanks to community’s feedback, we have changed the use of grant in each milestone to prioritize more Incentives in these expansion. Incentives work as the fuel and motivation in these expansion, the more incentives - the more efficiently MoonFit can onboard more users and capital flow to Moonbeam.


MILESTONE 1: BNB Chain (750K GLMR); Use of Grant: 250K GLMR - Cross-chain Development; 500K GLMR - Incentives.

Our first destination will be BNB Chain, an EVM-compatible blockchain being the most popular ecosystem with 233M+ unique addresses and 3.4B+ Total Value Locked. Considering BNB Chain has huge communities and user base, this cross-chain initiative will be guaranteed to accelerate the mass-adoption of MoonFit and onboard a large number of users from BNB Chain to Moonbeam Network.

This cross-chain development will also be strategically involved with the collaboration between MoonFit and CyberConnect. MoonFit will be joining CyberConnect ecosystem Dapps as a premium partner and leverage their innovative social protocol and CyberProfile to bring more unique social experience for MoonFit users. Since launching in 2021 as web3’s earliest decentralized social network, CyberConnect has grown to become the biggest platform for developers and users to experience the power of owning their identities, content, connections, and monetization channels. As of April 2023, CyberConnect protocol has 875k CyberProfiles and 300k monthly active users who have conducted more than 7.3M transactions. Over 1,900 verified organizations use their CyberProfiles to build a Web3-native audience, including Messari, Lido, 1inch, CoinMarketCap, Mocaverse, and more. CyberConnect’s flagship social network platform - Link3, has 940k monthly active users.

New Features & Experience:

  • Mint & Synchronize CyberProfile in MoonFit app
  • New social fitness experience, fully compatible with CyberConnect Social Protocol and its leading social network service like ReadON, Phaver.
  • New activities fully compatible with Link3 and Fan Pass feature.
  • And many others…

Explaining Use of Grant:

First, the development fees will be spent on developing cross-chain connected contracts and NFT bridge between Moonbeam Network and BNB Chain. Besides, this initiative also involves with collaboration and integration with CyberConnect, the earliest decentralized social network - now running cross-chain but BNB Chain favored for SBTs & OATs. In order to make it user-friendly and more accessible with this new experience, this requires a lot of changes and feature deployment in the MoonFit mobile app, which also accounts for a part of the development fees - 250K GLMR.

Second, 500K GLMR will be put into our total Reward Pool, distributing to users in terms of incentives (marketing campaigns, events, on-chain transactions, etc) and in-app activities.

We have a unique reward distribution system based on our tokenomics and product model. The general purpose is to distribute the rewards to MoonFit users via in-app activities such as Advent Challenge, Clan Competition, Daily Quests, Weekly Raffle, etc. We have seen consistent growth of our user retention and engagement through these features and activities. This will not only increase traffic and influence to this cross-chain milestone but also attract and retain a huge number of users to MoonFit, and Moonbeam in general.

This use of grant will attract a huge number of users and capital flow from BNB Chain to Moonbeam Network. Once again, Moonbeam’s cross-chain connected contract use cases will rise to the top of these innovative movements.

The launch of MoonFit x CyberConnect is expected to mark a significant milestone for NFT Dapps on Moonbeam Network and Polkadot in general, stating the interoperability of cross-chain technology between Polkadot and the rest of the world. Marketing Incentives are one of the ways to spread the words out, in terms of growth hacking solutions like Link3, Galxe, TaskOn. Fortunately, these are also compatible with Moonbeam and BNB Chain and we have been helping to push more adoption of Moonbeam with these platforms.

MILESTONE 2: Astar Network (600K GLMR); Use of Grant: 200K GLMR - Cross-chain Development; 400K GLMR - Incentives.

We plan to deploy our next cross-chain initiative for MoonFit on Astar Network - a leading Polkadot Parachain and Japan’s most popular smart contract platform. Astar Network has been making a lot of progress with traditional giants like Sony, Toyota, NTT Digital and we anticipate that they will have immense ecosystem growth in terms of users and capital in the next bull run.

This initiative aims to bridge NFTs seamlessly between Moonbeam Network and Astar Network, bringing together their strong and growing communities. By enabling Moonbeam Network to serve as the hub for MoonFit transactions on Astar Network, this cross-chain integration will expand the use cases for connected contracts and attract more Astar users to Moonbeam.

This not only marks the first cross-chain NFT connected contracts use case between Moonbeam and Astar, but also paves the way for NFT Dapps on Polkadot to develop cross-chain interoperability across parachains.

200K GLMR will be spent on developing our own custom GMP solution, as XCM has not supported ERC-721 NFT standard and current renowned providers have not supported Astar Network as well.

400K GLMR will be put into our total Reward Pool, distributing to users in terms of incentives (marketing campaigns, events, on-chain transactions, etc) and in-app activities. This has already been elaborated in the milestone #1.

MILESTONE 3: ZK-EVM ecosystems (Manta Network & StarkNet) (400K GLMR); Use of Grant: 100K GLMR - Research & Development; 300K GLMR - Incentives.

ZK-Rollup technologies are rising with a lot of big names like Manta Network, ZkSync, Scroll, StarkNet, Aleo, Polygon ZK-EVM, Mina, etc. This trending movement is expected to create an incredibly powerful communities and mass-adoption. MoonFit, aligning with the vision of Moonbeam and Polkadot - which is multi-chain interoperability, proposes one of the first NFT Dapps movement towards multi-chain connection, especially with new rising ecosystems.

New ecosystems mean new communities and opportunities. These ecosystems have a lot of potential to become incredibly successful in the next bull run cycle, attracting a huge amount of users and capital including new users coming into Web3. Therefore, we believe that this approach will be beneficial for Moonbeam in a lot of ways.

ZK-EVM ecosystems that we’re working closely with are Manta Network and Starknet. MoonFit will join these ecosystems and bring our value in terms of use cases and experience to their community, promoting connected contracts use cases and attracting a huge number of users & capital flow to Moonbeam ecosystem.

100K GLMR will be spent on R&D process, these ecosystems are at the early stages of development and there are more research works needed to be done and more technical difficulties to solve. Although R&D process is unpredictable, MoonFit is ready to take on the lead.

300K GLMR will be spent on Incentives to attract and onboard users to MoonFit, contributing to Moonbeam in terms of new users, capital flow and increased transactions.

MILESTONE 4: Substrate-based chains in/related to Polkadot (Aleph Zero) (250K GLMR); Use of Grant: 100K GLMR - Research & Developement; 150K GLMR - Incentives.

Pushing more interoperability between Moonbeam Network and other Polkadot parachains or related chains is also our target in product development. After building our user base and communities through above cross-chain initiatives, the traffic and flow of users from outside ecosystems and chains should be pushed into other crucial parts of Polkadot. This can help create more engagement between different ecosystems of Polkadot, therefore growing all together.

Aleph Zero is a layer 1 privacy-enhancing blockchain that ensures scalability, low transaction fees, instant finality, and optimal security. It is indeed a strongly growing community with a lot of quality and innovative projects. Aleph Zero ecosystem can be expected to spearhead the growth of users and developers, becoming one of the leading ones towards mass-adoption.

Like the above cross-chain approaches, 100K GLMR will be spent on developing cross-chain connected contracts use cases and NFT Bridge solution to make sure the user experience remains seamless and secure. This cross-chain initiative will also mark a unique milestone for NFT Dapps on Moonbeam Network to connect and rise in new substrate-based ecosystems like Aleph Zero. 150K GLMR for Incentives are necessary to attract new users as well as educate them about the technology behind & the motivation of this development.

As part of our strategic objectives, we aim to achieve a specific calorie milestone and make a meaningful contribution to the growth of Moonbeam through onboarding new users & increased transaction activity. Please note that these will be additional records to our existing achievements.

After 3 months of launching, MoonFit will not stop but keep on acquiring more and more users in these ecosystems. As these ecosystems grow, MoonFit’s new users grow accordingly, onboarding users and capital flow to Moonbeam in the long term.

OKRs (in 3 months of launching)

Milestone 1:

  • 10,000+ Transactions on Moonbeam
  • 15M+ Calories burned
  • 10,000+ Users

Milestone 2:

  • 5,000+ Transactions on Moonbeam
  • 5M+ Calories burned
  • 4,000+ Users

Milestone 3:

  • 8,000+ Transactions on Moonbeam
  • 7M+ Calories burned
  • 6,000+ Users

Milestone 4:

  • 5,000+ Transactions on Moonbeam
  • 5M+ Calories burned
  • 4,000+ Users


MoonFit is available on both iOS & Android and compatible with wearable devices like Apple Watch. MoonFit also received Grant from Moonbeam Foundation in September 2022.

Past Grant Performance:

Thanks to the constant support of Moonbeam Foundation team, we successfully launched the first two MoonFit NFT collections on Moonbeam Network and delivered crucial milestones and achievements. MoonFit emerged to become one of the leading NFT collections and NFT Dapps in Moonbeam ecosystem and consistently delivers new progress and updates, onboarding a huge user base to Moonbeam.

MoonFit mobile app and Beauty & Beast NFT Collection also received good feedback from Moonbeam Foundation team and our ecosystem partners, saying that the experience is seamless and incredibly amazing. Thank you once again for your support and feedback!

Improving User Experience via Key Launches:

  • Jul 2022: 2 months after initiating MoonFit project - Our first-ever public version for testing!
  • Oct 2022: Leaderboard; Running Clan
  • Nov 2022: Integrate WalletConnect on mobile app to support MetaMask
  • Dec 2022: Incentivized Testnet #1 Released; Deposit & Withdraw $GLMR and Moonbeast NFT
  • Jan 2023: Daily Quests; Lucky Wheel; Weekly Raffle; Clan Management
  • Mar 2023: Monthly Training Recap
  • Apr 2023: User Referral; In-app NFT Minting;
  • May 2023: Badges System
  • June 2023: Apple Watch Integration

For more details about our product updates and changelog, please go to: Changelog / Updates - MoonFit White Paper

Performance since MoonFit app launch:

  • 14K+ Total Users**
  • 1000+ Daily Active Users**
  • 160K+ running sessions**
  • 450K+ km in total running distance**
  • 40M+ calories burned**
  • Total Marketplace volume: 136K+ $GLMR (Ranked #2 in Moonbeam ecosystem)**
  • Total MarketCap (Beauty & Beast + Mint Pass): ~565K $GLMRs**

MoonFit Beast and Beauty NFT Collection ranking #1 in Moonbeam NFT Collection on TofuNFT:

MoonFit Beast and Beauty NFT 30D Trading Volume ranking #1 in Moonbeam NFTScan:

Total NFTs minted: 2400+

Round 1: 500 NFTs - Sold out in under 30 minutes!

Round 2: 1500 NFTs - First 1000 NFTs sold out in under 20 minutes!

We built an awesome community!


CyberConnect: Web3’s earliest decentralized social network and the biggest platform with 327K Monthly Active wallets, 887K CyberProfiles, conducting 7.3M+ transactions.

Trend3 (powered by ReadON): Trend3, powered by ReadON, is a Content-as-a-service that provides business clients with content solutions for long-term user engagement & retention.

HashKey DID: a decentralized identity project with more than 1.1 million DID users.

Subspace Network: a layer zero protocol and an infrastructure layer for the Web3 ecosystems. Backed by Pantera, Coinbase Ventures,, D1 Ventures, Web3 Foundation…

Bit.Country: a Metaverse as a Service Platform. Backed by Animoca Brands, DFG, Web3 Foundation, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator…

Astar Degens: The biggest community-based VC DAO in Astar Network

Mones: a leading P2E MMORPG Mobile game on Astar Network with 1M+ downloads of their traditional version - CeresM

ArtZero: Number 1 Ink!-based NFT Marketplace on Aleph Zero and Astar Network

and many others.

Furthermore, we are connecting with the traditional training communities leaders who have an open mind and are not afraid of change. We already had our partners as Professional athletes:

Abdell: a marathon runner and hold records in different country run, Membership in the Global Council of Sports Science

Maxim 2: Professional gym-er and Nutrition expert

Alex: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the USA

RATIONALE - MoonFit adds value to the Moonbeam ecosystem in several ways:

Cross-chain Connected Contracts: MoonFit, aligning with cross-chain and multi-chain vision of Moonbeam Network and Polkadot, is a practical example of potential mass-adopted NFT Dapps connecting several major blockchains and ecosystems. All new ecosystems will come with a variety of practical cross-chain connected contract use cases as Moonbeam Network will become the main hub for processing MoonFit on-chain transactions and liquidity.

Branding, User Base & Capital Flow: As we aim to become the flagship cross-chain social fitness Dapp coming from Moonbeam Network, the success of MoonFit in these initiatives leverages the outstanding points of Moonbeam Network as a dreamland for cross-chain Dapps to thrive.

Cross-chain interoperability allows MoonFit to onboard more users and capital to Moonbeam Network. When new users join MoonFit, they bring with them potential investments, transactions, and participation to Moonbeam. This influx of users increases the overall activity and engagement on Moonbeam, resulting in a greater flow of capital into the network. As more users interact with Moonbeam, it creates opportunities for revenue generation, partnerships, and the growth of the ecosystem. Ultimately, the more users that are onboarded, the higher the potential for capturing additional capital and fueling the development and success of the Moonbeam Network.

We are big bag holders of Moonbeam, we share with Moonbeam the same vision of Multi-chain and we have been here supporting Moonbeam since Day 1, joining crowdloan and relentlessly helping to push the adoption of Moonbeam. Our goal is to see Moonbeam thrive with more users, increased capital, and development in areas like branding and influence, in addition to technology. And in order to do that, we need to acquire more users from outside Moonbeam & Polkadot family, we need retail users and we need to have utility-rich Dapps that people actually have the need to use. The 2M grant would help us go faster and have greater incentives to acquire more users to Moonbeam, as with a greater budget, the influence will hit different and become more effective.


Metrics of success focus on but not limited to: users, transactions and calories burned. We have stated specific OKRs for each milestone in the above section. Other metrics can range from branding, marketplace volume to total market cap, etc. These metrics also apply for MoonFit after the grant expires.

Our grand vision is to become the flagship cross-chain Social Fitness App coming from Moonbeam Network, where users do not have to care about which blockchain they are using or which tokens they need to pay for the transactions and gas fees. Our aim is to promote an active lifestyle through Web3 & NFT, giving people a motivation to start then maintain exercising habits and healthy lifestyle. We also want to create an environment that not only rewards users for their training activities but users also encourage each other to exercise, stay fit and stay healthy.


It’s not that we must wait for the grant to start our plans, we have been implementing cross-chain development for 2 months now. After we receive the grants, we will start distributing it to Development and Incentives as stated above to speed up the cross-chain expansion, maximizing the impact for Moonbeam ecosystem. In the event that we receive less than 2M GLMR, our target metrics will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis.


Our team comprises 13 members with years of experience in many fields from software development, blockchain engineering, and design, who work tirelessly to make MoonFit come true and promote an active lifestyle. All the team are full-time and working in-house.

MoonFit is incubated by SubWallet, we have great advisors with more than a decade of experience in Software Development and Entrepreneurship. They are founders of SubWallet - the pioneer Web3 extension wallet in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.

Founder - Jack Nguyen

Jack is a Top 1% Graduate of Bachelor of Science, Computer Science at Vietnam National University. With notable achievements including being the first runner-up in S.M.A.C Challenge and UET Hackathon, as well as being an IBM Certified Solution Designer, Jack’s passion for technology is evident. For over 8 years, Jack has been a valuable contributor at Merchize - Top1 POD platform in Vietnam, significantly contributing to various software products and businesses. Previously serving as the Chief Product Officer of Merchize, a successful Web2 enterprise, Jack spearheaded the fulfillment of over 10 million merchandise orders across 190+ countries in three years.

Moreover, we have other members and experienced advisors that you can have a closer look at in our whitepaper.


I’m a fan of MoonFit - Your app is really slick and easy to use tbh.

Nevertheless, I’m not sure if using Ecosystem Grants to fund development on other chains is the right approach here. Also, IMO, the requested amounts are extremely high.

Moreover, if you guys are deploying to both Astar EVM and BNB EVM, a lot of the work could be reuse.

My recommendation is to scope down the grant and maybe go through the Community Council Committee with narrower milestones that are more succinct to a specific goal.


Hey guys, I think that’s a great idea.

Two of my favorite stories are woven into one - sports and web3.

Let’s support these positive changes for the better future.


Totally agree with Alberto here. I don’t think Ecosystem Grants should be used to fund development of the project on other chains.


Let’s do it!

Moonfit application has very cool functionality, is easy to use and works great. The Moonfit team does an amazing job! It’s the perfect combination of sports and web3 technology.

I, as a regular user of the Moonfit app, definitely support the initiative to develop the technology of connected contracts. The introduction of different chains will allow the application to become more accessible to the masses.

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hey, Peterwlams, Thank You for your proposal!

I have some questions that the community is likely to have. Thank You in advance for your answers and your time!

  1. If I understand correctly, it is expected that there will be a total of 28,000+ transactions for the four milestones. however, I would like to confirm whether these transactions refer to unique users?

based on my calculations using the requested amount of 2M, it seems that each transaction would cost approximately 71 GLMR. tbh, this appears to be quite expensive.

could you please confirm if my understanding is correct?

  1. If the grant amount you receive turns out to be less than 2M, how would this impact your plans and strategy moving forward?

  2. How does MoonFit track daily user activity and transactions within the platform, and what is the current number of daily active users?

  3. Can you provide more details about MoonFit’s competitive landscape? who are your main competitors, and what sets MoonFit apart from them? how does MoonFit plan to differentiate itself from other fitness apps and attract a wide user base?

  4. Can you provide more details about MoonFit’s anti-sybil mechanism? how does the platform ensure fair play and prevent users from exploiting the system?

  5. Has MoonFit conducted any audits or security assessments to ensure the safety of user data and funds? are there any security measures in place to protect against potential hacks or breaches?

Hi Alberto, thank you very much for your support, compliment and feedback. I understand your concerns about funding development on other chains, but I think this is because I have not been able to explain our goals and the use of grant clearly.

The ultimate purpose of this grant is to onboard and acquire users from other blockchains and ecosystems to Moonbeam.

More users → More capital & transactions → Fostering the growth of Moonbeam ecosystem.

Moonbeam acts as a master hub for MoonFit, processing all transactions and on-chain activities, even in other ecosystems. Non-native Moonbeam users come to MoonFit app, then stay and use our features meaning that they will keep on creating transactions and activities on Moonbeam, not only in MoonFit app but also other Dapps and services in the ecosystem.

There is a growing concern within the Moonbeam ecosystem that demands our immediate attention. While DeFi protocols can increase transaction volume for a short time with liquidity incentives, boosted APRs, etc, long-term and sustainable growth depends on creating useful applications that people actually want to use. And you can see in Moonbeam, we have an incredibly small number of NFTs, Games, SocialFi projects that are actually having progress, creating traction/volume and attracting end-users to the ecosystem. And MoonFit, consistently gaining new users everyday and staying at the top of NFT Projects/Dapps in Moonbeam, focuses on Fitness & SocialFi. This has immense potential for mass-adoption as everyone has the need for it.

I agree with you that deploying to both Astar EVM and BNB EVM can reuse a lot of the work already done. However, in these expansions to other blockchains and ecosystems, we will need a lot of incentives to attract those users to MoonFit. With the current retention rate being 15% after 30 days, which is 4 times higher than an average mobile app, we are confident to onboard and acquire a lot of new users from these ecosystems to Moonbeam.

Besides, based on Multichain’s technology, we are working on our custom solution for cross-chain NFT and assets bridge. This custom solution will help us expand into outside ecosystems faster without being too independent on current bridge solutions that can only support a limited number of blockchains. Being faster and more flexible enables us to scale up our user base and community across many blockchains & ecosystems, which is definitely more efficient in bringing a lot of new users and capital to Moonbeam Network

Due to your suggestion and discussion with our team, we decided to change the portion of grant amount (between development and incentives) used in each milestone. More grant amount will be spent on Incentives than before, ensuring better efficiency in these initiatives. Please check below and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you very much for your advice!

Milestone 1 (Astar) - Use of Grant: 400K GLMR - Incentives; 200K GLMR - Cross-chain Development
Milestone 2 (BNB Chain) - Use of Grant: 500K GLMR - Incentives; 250K GLMR - Cross-chain Development
Milestone 3 (ZK-EVM ecosystems) - Use of Grant: 300K GLMR - Incentives; 100K GLMR - Research & Development
Milestone 4 (Substrate-based chains in/related to Polkadot (Aleph Zero)) - Use of Grant: 100K GLMR - Cross-chain Development; 150K GLMR - Incentives

Hi TheTeriyakiDon, thank you for your interest in our proposal. You may find our reply to Alberto comment above helpful. Hope it clears your concerns, cheers!

Thank you Turrizt, I’m really grateful for your questions and detailed concerns. I understand your concerns about each transaction costing 71 GLMR if we were to receive 2M, but I think it would not reflect all the effects and outcomes that this grant can bring to Moonbeam.

Firstly, these transactions do not completely refer to unique users. However, they are not from inside Moonbeam ecosystem, they came from other ecosystems, bringing capital flow with them. Let’s say for an example, when non-native Moonbeam users use MoonFit app, they deposit their native tokens like $ASTR, $BNB to spend in the app, those tokens will be automatically swapped into $GLMR to interact with our master contract in Moonbeam Network. These transactions, in my opinion, are more valuable compared to ordinary transactions that the cash flow only happens in Moonbeam ecosystem and does not increase. That’s what we mean by onboarding more users from other ecosystems → more capital flow and transactions → growing Moonbeam ecosystem.

Secondly, these milestones do not only contribute to Moonbeam in terms of additional users, transactions and capital as above, but they also have a great branding influence for Moonbeam, as MoonFit becomes a successful study case. This showcases how Moonbeam’s connected contracts really make a difference for Dapps in terms of cross-chain seamless experience and interoperability. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase Moonbeam to the world, as expanding to outside ecosystems requires collaboration with new partners, new communities, and they will know that our journey is made successful with Moonbeam’s unique connected contracts.

Thirdly, like I mentioned in my previous reply, MoonFit’s retention rate is pretty good, which will retain non-native users to stay and discover more about Moonbeam ecosystem. This is really meaningful in long-term and will gradually increase additional transactions, not just only a short spike.

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If the grant amount we receive turns out to be less than 2M, we will not let it deter us. It’s not that we must wait for the grant to start our plans, we have been implementing cross-chain development for 2 months now.

The 2M grant would help us go faster and have greater incentives to acquire more users to Moonbeam, as with a greater budget, the influence will hit different and become more effective. If we receive less than 2M, we will keep on building and contribute to Moonbeam ecosystem, because there’s one thing for sure - we’re big bag holders of Moonbeam, we share with Moonbeam the same vision of Multichain and we want Moonbeam to thrive and regain their leading position across other ecosystems. And in order to do that, we need to acquire more users from outside Moonbeam & Polkadot family, we need retail users and we need to have utility-rich Dapps that people actually have the need to use.

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For on-chain transactions, we’re tracking activities on these 3 smart contracts:

MoonFit Beast & Beauty NFT contract (6.6K+ txs and counting): MoonFit Beast and Beauty (MFBB) Token Tracker | Moonbeam

MoonFit Mint Pass Contract (6K+ txs and counting):

MoonFit NFT/Tokens/Mint Pass Deposit/Withdrawal Contract (3.3K+ txs and counting):

Total transactions combined: ~16K transactions

For in-app user activities, we’re tracking data using Metabase and Firebase. The current number of daily active users is 500+, monthly active users for June 2023 is 16.5K+. We will be pushing more in-app activities to be recorded and executed on-chain, in order to increase project transparency.

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Please give very clear information on how those incentives would be distributed.

Another point is that I don’t think deploying to Astar is a ideal.

With XCM you could have the Astar Community use MoonFit with Remote Origins (see my latest Decoded talk, although it is not yet on YouTube). This would minimize cross-chain deployment cost.

Moreover, with the deployment to BNB chain (just development cost), this could be reused to many other chains. For example, Prime Protocol is deployed to a bunch of EVM based networks.

Also, to me is actually quite interesting why you ask 400K GLMR to fund deployment on Astar and 500K GLMR for BNB. Moonbeam <> Astar integration should be much more complex as you need deep understanding of XCM and a lot of the tooling is quite new. As for BNB, bridges have been around for some time and it should be more straightforward to have a connected contracts approach using traditional GMP protocols.

As stated, I would love to see a more granular description of how incentives will be used. Asking for a total of 800K GLMR for “incentives” is quite a big ask without providing details on distribution!

This is reasonable from you, but I would like to add some points.

A fact but also irony is that Moonbeam <> Astar requires more development effort than BNB Chain, in terms of NFT Bridge. There are only a few solutions that are available and ready is Celer and Axelar, but we decided to base on Multichain’s technology to design our own custom solution, which can help us build the initiative in other following chains more faster as it’s less dependent on chain support from bridge solution. This is a way we found due to our research, I will forward this to our dev team to learn more about your decoded talk.

Besides, the main reason for expanding to BNB Chain being more expensive than Astar is that we will also develop integration with CyberConnect Protocol. In order to maximize the efficience of incentives use on BNB Chain as well as onboarding users to Moonbeam, we need to make sure the integration works seamlessly. This requires not only complex integration with a decentralized social protocol but also a lot of big changes in our mobile app. In our incentives campaign with CyberConnect, there will be more in-app tasks of MoonFit going on-chain for verification. So it’s not just about the development fees of only cross-chain NFT/assets bridge, it’s also about deeper changes in MoonFit features and model to enable MoonFit to acquire more users to Moonbeam.

Hi Turrizt, we believe that MoonFit is the ultimate solution for Web3 Fitness, encouraging and motivating people to get started training and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

StepN, StepApp, Amazy, TheSNKRZ, Walken… are among many other projects that are solving fitness motivation problem. However, the existing Move-to-earn concept has drawbacks: running/training condition being too harsh; limited outside cash flows (likely to fall into Ponzi scheme); only one type of rewards - monetary; inflated utility token…

MoonFit solves all the above problems, creating a Web3 Fitness experience where users can not only join with any type of sports, but also have flexible speed, pace and schedule.

MoonFit is not another “Ponzi” Move-to-earn, we focus on features that can attract cash flows from outside (Running clan, MoonShop, Land rental, Marathon…) and a different 1-token model reducing inflation risks.

MoonFit offers more than just a Move-to-Earn mechanism; it is a cutting-edge Social Fitness Dapp that seamlessly integrates SocialFi features. At its core, MoonFit prioritizes fostering meaningful social connections and facilitating engaging interactions among its users, using Running Clans. Because in MoonFit, we believe that Social Connections are the best motivation for training. Our users can not only follow, share their training activities with other members, but also challenge them in PvP mode, as individual or as a clan.

Furthermore, as the legendary Gavin Wood stated at Polkadot Decoded 2023: Social/Human Decentralization - “As long as we rely on decentralization, we need to involve many disparate actors to gain resilience”.

This perfectly aligns with our ideas and purposes when building Running Clans. Each Running clan in MoonFit will work as a Fitness DAO, in which users can vote on: reward distribution between clan owners and clan members, exercise events, schedule, fitness competition; fitness facilities…. As MoonFit is for everyone, not only individuals and retail users, but also communities and companies in forms of Running Clan. This idea will be further down the road, but we’re confident that MoonFit will become the master Web3 Social fitness Dapp that everyone will have the need to use.

Our go-to-market strategy is designed to cater to four key user segments, ensuring a smooth transition into the market and sustained growth:

  1. Pro crypto/web3 users: We recognize the importance of collaborating with influential individuals, such as influencers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and community administrators. Through social media platforms and SocialFi, we will establish partnerships with ventures, projects, and communities within the Web3 ecosystem, solidifying our presence among this core user group.
  2. Active crypto users & Passive crypto users: We will leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing to target both active and passive crypto users. By showcasing reward proofs and training results, we will generate excitement and interest around MoonFit. Press releases, referrals, and strategic partnership collaborations will also play a crucial role in expanding our user base. Additionally, hosting events like giveaways, airdrops, and retroactive campaigns will further engage these users.
  3. Non-crypto/Web2 users: To attract non-crypto and Web2 users, we will implement a multi-pronged approach. Traditional social media platforms will be utilized to increase brand awareness. Furthermore, training proofs/results will be shared via word of mouth, and offline events will be organized. We will create informative content such as reviews, tutorials, and walkthrough videos to showcase the value of MoonFit. Referral programs and partnerships with professional and semi-professional athletes will help to establish credibility and attract users from this segment.
  4. International community expansion: With an existing user base in over 50 countries, including France, Japan, Russia, and Korea, we will prioritize the development of stronger communities and user bases in these regions. Leveraging our connections, ambassadors, and local brands, we will host offline and online events to increase awareness and user acquisition. Moreover, our global ambassadors will play a vital role in expanding to new regions, attracting users and fostering engagement.

To sustain user engagement, we will continuously enhance the MoonFit app with new features. Integration with popular wearable fitness devices will provide users with a seamless experience. PvP challenges will ignite friendly competition among users, and personalized fitness quests and plans will keep users motivated towards achieving their goals.

By following this comprehensive strategy, we aim to establish MoonFit as a leading Social Fitness Dapp in both the Web3 and Web2 domains, catering to a diverse range of users and fostering sustained growth.

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For the cheating part, during training activities, for example: runs, we collect data of the runs (the accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and other sensors), and match it with the data set we already have to find similarities and anomalies. If your data for a training session matches a known pattern of cheating (like letting one person use 2 phones, pet moving, only shaking phone up and down, etc.), such steps will not be validated and considered cheating.

And we are always improving the accuracy of the algorithm in every update.

Moreover, monetary rewards is just one of our way to motivate users to have a healthier lifestyle. There will be diverse rewards from MoonFit that can work as motivation source in MoonFit, which means that exploiting the system would be much harder.

We have a unique reward distribution system based on our tokenomics and product model. For all upcoming milestones, Incentives from Moonbeam Grant will be put into Reward Pool, the general purpose is to distribute the rewards to users via in-app activities and marketing campaigns/events, as follows.

For example in Milestone 2 - BNB: We will host marketing campaigns/events on growth hacking solutions like Link3, Galxe, TaskOn. Fortunately, Galxe and TaskOn are also compatible with Moonbeam and we have been helping to push more adoption of Moonbeam with Link3.

We have seen consistent growth of our user retention and engagement through these features and activities. This will not only increase traffic and influence to this cross-chain milestone but also attract and retain a huge number of users to MoonFit, and Moonbeam in general.

Thank you for submitting your proposal!

I think it would benefit the ecosystem if we see more dApps that aren’t just focused on DeFi , bridging/swapping tokens. Having dApps like Moonfit on Moonbeam would help differentiate the ecosystem. The go-to-market strategy will be crucial.

I think MoonFit has potential based on a similar competitor, SWET Economy’s success on NEAR. However, I am unsure about funding a project to develop on other chains ( please correct me if I got that point wrong).

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