Moonbeam Partners with Gauntlet for Grant and Tokenomics Optimization

Moonbeam is excited to announce our partnership with Gauntlet, a leading DeFi-native quantitative research firm, to enhance our grant programs and tokenomics. These efforts pave the way for the network’s improved long-term growth and sustainability :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The initiative kicked off recently under the Moonbeam Foundation management of @sicco-moonbeam and will consist of multiple stages over the coming months :spiral_calendar:

Gauntlet Company Overview

Gauntlet specializes in risk management, incentive optimization, and mechanism design for crypto protocols. They apply battle-tested techniques from algorithmic trading to help projects manage risk, maximize revenue, and design effective incentive structures. Gauntlet currently supports over 25% of the total DeFi TVL across their client base :brain:

Project Timeline

Stage 1: Grant Program Analysis and Recommendations (February - March 2024)

  • Assess past Moonbeam grant initiatives
  • Propose a quantitative evaluation framework to measure the impact of the grant program, including KPIs and tracking methods
  • Develop a framework for ongoing measurement

Stage 2: Economics Deep Dive (April 2024)

  • Analyze overall market dynamics of the Moonbeam ecosystem
  • Review Moonbeam’s treasury, fees, and overall operations
  • Model future growth trajectories
  • Outline framework to guide strategic decisions

Stage 3: Tokenomics Proposals (May - June 2024)

  • Assess potential adjustments to tokenomics
  • Provide recommendations to improve economics
  • Quantify the potential impact on KPIs
  • Deliver actionable proposals to boost efficiency

Intended Outcomes

Through this partnership, Moonbeam aims to:

  • Optimize grant programs to drive maximum ecosystem benefit
  • Strategically plan spending to support sustainable long-term growth
  • Increase system efficiency and economic sustainability
  • Leverage data-driven insights for informed decision making
  • Validate proposals via quantified impact projections

Next Steps

We look forward to sharing more details as this initiative progresses. Gauntlet’s analytics expertise will provide invaluable guidance as we seek to serve our community and develop a thriving Moonbeam ecosystem.

Please share any thoughts or questions. We welcome feedback from our community on this strategic collaboration :handshake:


hey @RyanW, thanks a ton for putting this all together! :heart_hands:

oh, and honestly, this is truly amazing to hear and really something our community has long awaited. we’re all looking forward to more updates

just to clarify, does this apply not only to Moonbeam but to Moonriver as well?


This is for sure biggest news of 2024 up to now and I am quite sure Community will be happy and excited about it.
Just for a better understanding, which other crypto projects supported Gauntlet in the recent past?


SUUUPER stoked about this proposal. I think this is something we’ve all been waiting for!


hey Michele, you can find some info at: Resources


We’re stoked that you’re stoked. We’re listening to the community and plan to make that more apparent going forward. More interesting stuff in the works …

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The focus will be on Moonbeam.

That said, we do intend to apply the lessons learned to Moonriver. We cannot commit to a timeline here, however.


Is this mean, we can see Unisawp and Aave on Moonbeam Network soon?

hey, not sure where you read that, but it seems to be about a completely different matter. Uniswap v3 is already accessible via oku trade and gamma frontends, though not directly through the frontend. however, protocols like Aave and Uniswap can apply for a grant to deploy on Moonbeam freely, allowing their established communities to gain access to the broader dotsama assets

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How are you planning to collect data on past grants performance?

we would be more than happy to assist in getting and confirming accurate data of our grants to support this endeavor.

Mixo - StellaSwap

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Some of the data we’re collecting is obvious - standard onchain metrics - and other data is sort of the “secret sauce”. At this time, accurate data isn’t a hurdle but we’ll reach out should we need anything!

Since we are evaluating grants and tokenomics, I would like to make a suggestion to look into future projects onboarding through Moonbeam allocate a percentage of token for Moonbeam supporters. I feel tokenomic and grant have a good impact on the eco-system, to get people excited about Moonbeam we need to be the talk of town about new project airdrop. Imagine we have 2 or 3 can’t miss projects on Moonbeam, how will people get a hand on these tokens, you need to stake moonbeam. it will draw more people to the network and they will learn about the new tokenomics and how grants can affect this eco-system. We need to acquire more supporters and we need to have a good way to get them here in Moonbeam and airdrop has been successful at getting people into different eco-system. Celestia, Solana, Eigen Layer, ZKSyn, Cosmos Eco-system. I understand it’s up to the projects but they should think about how to acquire supporters quickly early on and moonbeam network will be a great start.


Very valid suggestion. Incentives to early adopters is a key bootstrapping tactic - so it’s a win-win when done well.

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Az from StellaSwap here,

We welcome the introduction of Gauntlet for grant analytics and framework-setting as it is frankly overdue. The use of data-driven analytics is vital towards ensuring transparency and accountability for the usage of ecosystem grants. So we know exactly how much $1 of grants generates in terms of benefits towards the wider ecosystem.

Aye aye!


Great decision.
I am pretty sure the whole community looks forward to this!