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I work with PYOR, a blockchain analytics firm we create custom analytics for protocols like Compound, Tezos, Quickswap, and ICP. We are also funded by venture firms like Castle Island Ventures, Coinbase,

After working with several firms we have realized that these data points also assist the community/foundation by giving an exhaustive understanding of the protocol through customized dashboards and reports, creating a strong community.

We are trying to understand whether Moonbeam, like other protocols, intends to track data or analytics to strengthen its community or foundation. We would appreciate it if you could let us know what kind of data Moonbeam might be interested in tracking to make the community strong.

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hey there, the Moonbeam community used to gather all their data from:

could you provide some examples of dashboards or reports that your team has created for other projects? It would be beneficial to consolidate all the data into a single resource, including info such as the amount of tokens burned, among other metrics. however, I’m uncertain about the associated costs and would appreciate a clearer understanding of what the final product looks like. If you could share some examples, that would be greatly appreciated

In the past, we’ve worked with protocols like:
Compound - Built data dashboards for them as per their requirement (PYOR | Compound).
Tezos - Wrote a report on the state of Tezos
(PYOR - Tezos Report - Jan 2023 - v1.pdf - Google Drive).
Quickswap - Built dashboards for them as per their requirement
Hivemapper -
Render -
Silo Stake - SILOSTAKE | maybeyonas | Flipside
ICP - Currently building a governance dashboard for them.

You can refer to the above list for our past work. If you could give me some more clarity on what metrics the final dashboard should have - is it just an aggregation of existing data points? We can derive new metrics that are relevant as well, like retention (check this dashboard to see the metrics we usually for chains - X-Ray). If some of these metrics interest you, I can create a one-pager scope of work and we can take it from there as the costs would depend on the scope of work.


i believe Moonbeam data will soon be available on Dune. check out the announcement here:

I’ve shared a link with you to all the data tools we have at the moment. It would be great to compile all the data from various sources into one place, including address overviews, dApp activity, txs overviews, burning amount, etc

if you’re looking to apply for treasury funding, you need to create a treasury proposal and await feedback from the community and council within 5 days. then, you can submit an on-chain proposal. It’s important to prepare a detailed proposal that outlines the data you plan to include on the dashboard, the necessary funds, and so on

If you’re interested in applying for a community or ecosystem grant, I recommend contacting Moid and Thiago for further discussion

Yes, as @turrizt said, I would suggest applying for a grant.

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Got it, for this project would it be more appropriate to pitch this to the treasure or the ecosystem grant? I went through previous on-chain proposals to the treasury and would like to understand what sort of project apply for the ecosystem grant.

It’s up to you. in your case, I would contact Thiago and Moid for a discussion, so they can recommend how to proceed further. you can apply for a Community Committee Grant, which covers grants up to $250k

you can read more at: Grants Program Funding for the Moonbeam Ecosystem