Messari Q3 2023 report of Moonbeam

Nicholas Garcia (@NickDGarcia) released the latest brief report of the ecosystem which can be found here:

What’s your take? What did stand out for you? In which metrics should we improve? Do you think Moonbeam is well positioned for the upcoming bull run? (Assuming it happens).



Thanks for sharing, Seppy!

personally, I would like to see higher XCM metrics, which would entail a more dynamic interaction between the parachains within the DotSama ecosystem. It’s essential that we collectively strive to create more use cases for parachain assets.

while opening an HRMP channel between the parachains is simple, we also need to ensure that there’s a consistent flow of activity through these channels. we should aim for the DotSama community to function as a cohesive whole, fostering interaction and collaboration among all community members, rather than appearing fragmented into separate communities where each primarily interacts within their own parachain

I’ve observed how Stellaswap / Beamswap has been diligently working to offer diverse use cases for various parachain assets, and I believe this approach will yield positive results. I’m enthusiastic about witnessing the DotSama ecosystem becoming more proactive in fostering cooperation and innovation through collaborative efforts. It’s important to emphasize that while we have a tremendous opportunity to engage with native parachain’s assets via XCM, it won’t be fully realized if users aren’t motivated to utilize this potential due to issues such as liquidity shortages or a lack of compelling use cases. If this is the case, it suggests that there might be areas where we need to refine our approach

nevertheless, it’s heartening to see that Moonbeam continues to raise the bar and diligently work year after year to maintain its position as a leading parachain, propelling the entire DotSama ecosystem to new heights


Thank you, @seppybaal, for shring this report.
For me, two of the most important metrcis are average daily returning addressess and average daily successfull transactions.

Returning addresses means that these users tried out Moonbeam and see enough value in coming back. These users can, over time, become moonbeam power users. We should develop a strategy that focuses on bringing on new users and convincing them that there is enough value to come back every day ( or at least once per week).

Succesfull transactions is a sign that users are using the chain. I tihnk it would be nice to see more details on how exactly users are using the chain. For example, are they primarly swaping tokens or buying NFTs ?

Overall, the data shows that Moonbeam has been growing durring the bear market, which is hard to do.


As much as I agree with xcm feature it currently doesn’t stand out. Probably because low user activity but most importantly should be as seemless as possible. Additionally imho simple examples could be communicated in order for the average Joe actually see it in action.

Having both evm and substrate at the moment kind of confuses ppl. I was asked by an anon the other day how to get cfg on a dex and I was puzzled how to explain. Dot wallet hydra?metamask stella? After a few min he decided cex… Ppl aren’t putting any effort these days…

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I think it would be beneficial if we had insights on

  • Wallets that sign minimum 3 transactions per month.

  • Wallets that sign minimum 2 transactions per month.

  • Wallets that sign minimum 1 transaction per month.

These are wallets that see value in using the Moonbeam chain. The more of these users we have, the better. Once we have these statistics, we can develop strategies to keep these users coming back and get them to do more transactions.

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