Launch tokens and NFT collections with a few clicks! New user friendly launchpad project StellarPad

I have great news for project leaders, NFT artists and the Moonbeam ecosystem. We are building an user-friendly web wizard for creating ERC20 tokens and NFT collections, and automatically creating a liquidity pool for them thanks to StellaSwap. No programming skills needed, just load up your wallet with GLMR, fill the details and go!

We’re making launching a crypto project as easy as filling a survey and paying the costs in a metamask popup. We’re including some awesome features like token reflections and support for NFT royalties so that creators can start earning and giving back to the community as soon as possible. No other chain will offer such convenience at such prices so we’ll make adoption of Moonbeam irresistible.

I have posted a few proof-of-concept wireframes below. Keep in mind that this is not the final design, the final design will more likely resemble StellaSwap’s.Feedback welcome and thank you for your attention.

Discord: StellarPad


Hey, Atilla. at first glance, everything looks pretty clear. the only thing I’m worried about is that a huge number of spam/scam tokens may appear. do you have an idea how to deal with this?

I have a few basic questions:

  1. could you tell us more about your team?
  2. what is your experience?
  3. how do you plan to attract users to your project?
  4. why did you choose Moonbeam as the chain to deploy your project?
  5. what are your future goals, do you expect to receive a grant, treasury funds?

Hi turrizt, thank you for your feedback.

I have thought about a few security mechanisms to prevent scams and spam. Those including KYC, limiting token sales and buys to a percentage of the total supply, locking the liquidity tokens after pool initialization for a period of time to prevent the creator from dumping, and offering for the community to vote on problems that they experienced on other chains (i.e the notorious BSC scams) so that we can upgrade our contracts and website to prevent the investors from being victimized.

I am a remote front-end (React) and Blockchain Developer from Bucharest, Romania. My partner developer is a German back-end developer from the same Discord that we work in (Cryptodevs), and I have a female UX designer friend from the same Discord from Venezuela that works with Figma (she made these wireframes). I have been active in the crypto community since 2017, starting out by developing an invoice system for Bitcoin that was integrated with BitPay around 2018 (Node.JS and Bitcoind RPC), moving on to ICO, DeFi and NFT related projects over the years. Me and my other friends have been active on the Cryptodevs discord for 2 years and recently on Freeflow.

The idea of this dApp was born out of the realization that we were building the same things over and over for our clients. Meme tokens with reflections, token presale contracts, NFT collections with data hosted on IPFS and royalties support, and community airdrops. I amassed quite a few contracts and deployment scripts through my work and thought I would put them to use by providing a safe, quick and user-friendly way to create these projects that no other chain has yet.The solidity and deployment part of the development is mostly over and we’re focusing on the business logic and front-end parts now.

The choice for Moonbeam and Polkadot came after I shopped around for EVM-compatible chains and I took a particular liking in XCM and the energy in the community over building a truly decentralized and democratic ecosystem. I have seen people from StellaSwap build cross chain farms overnight at the demand of people in the Discord and decided I want to be a part of that. I think chains that cannot adapt to the multi-chain DeFi trend and scale with “child blockchains” are not going to remain in the top TVL for very long. Once Moonbeam reaches mass adoption I would like to be one of the people who’s part of it’s success story.

I have some marketing experience from previous projects on mediums such as Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Medium. I have been thinking of airdrops and demoing the app while the deployment price on Moonbeam is still very low. I am thinking of incentivizing promotion of the project by offering airdrops and free deployments (transactions after deployment still incur a fee) for a limited amount. I also have access to Blockchain conferences around Europe and the Middle East. I have been to Coingeek Hong Kong 2018 and pitched my project there with success before. I am also planning to do video conferences and AMAs whenever the opportunity presents.

I have applied to Moonbeam grants and I am also in discussion with a few other people who are interested in being a part of this. Right now we’re testing the deployment of simpler contracts through the interface a la Ethereum Remix. Anyone who’s interested in offering grants, being an investor and participating in development is welcome to message me at my Discord Atilla#4030 or telegram blockchain_sensei.

Feel free to ask more questions and thanks again for your interest :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for such an amazing and detailed answer, Atilla. I really enjoyed reading. In fact, I am inspired by your mood and what you want to achieve. I am very grateful for your contribution and wish you great success in the future and your advancement together with the Moonbeam community! I will be very happy to wait for the moment when your project is launched, maybe I will even try to create my first NFT collection :slight_smile:


Hey Atilla. I also really liked the way you described your project. I wish you success and successful launch of your project. Our amazing community is very supportive of the projects that are being deployed out on Moonbeam.


Hey community, I have exciting news!

We’re on the verge of launching the alpha version of our user-friendly token launchpad. We just have some stuff to do with StellaSwap team to integrate their liquidity pool infrastructure with our dApp.

Soon every person with no computer skills will be able to launch a token with reflection and taxes that make profit for them and their investors, and have people who are interested in supporting your project swap their GLMR or DOT for your token and trade it.

We also have an IDO offering. Our StellarPad Exchange utility token presale is live at StellarPadToken | Address 0xf2e1fda636b5417eaaafb0a250abb98483969970 | Moonbeam

Sending GLMR to this contract will mint 100 StellarPad per GLMR and send to your wallet. Soon we will also have a public sale with a higher price ratio, giving you our early supporters a headstart, because you are special :slight_smile:

I will post some screenshots to show off our progress.

Our dApp running on development server:

Since a lot of people showed concerns over importing rugs & scams from other chains, below are the security measures implemented. Obligatory LP lock (so they cant rug) and sell limit:

Boom, after this you are ready to get your investors to buy your token on StellaSwap and trade it :slight_smile: A full degen defi experience on Moonbeam.

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cool! looking forward to it

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