Invitation to Twitter Space Event: Live Proposal Pitching for Tranche 2 Projects - Organized by Downtown Moonbeam

Hello All,

We are delighted to announce an upcoming Twitter Space event organized by Downtown Moonbeam. The primary objective of this event is to provide a platform for Tranche 2 projects to pitch their ideas, engage in interactive discussions, and respond to potential queries from our lively community.

Given the time-sensitive nature of the event, we are taking swift action in ensuring all necessary arrangements are made promptly. We’re inviting all 11 projects of Tranche 2 to participate, ensuring an equitable opportunity for all to present their proposals.

Our intention is to create a vibrant yet respectful environment for all presenters and attendees. This event is not only about showcasing your innovative proposals but also about stimulating healthy debate and ultimately acquiring votes from the community. Be ready, as our community’s questions can get quite ‘spicy’, which will make the session even more dynamic and interactive.

As of now, here are some rough guidelines we have in place:

We will provide all participants with comprehensive details, guidelines, and timelines for the event.
Our focus will be on creating a fair and equitable environment for all presenters. This includes setting clear ground rules, ensuring an equal time allocation for each project, and facilitating a respectful and constructive discussion.

To coordinate effectively, I encourage all project participants to contact me via my Telegram handle @dabricksz. Prompt responses will be highly appreciated as we navigate the planning and execution of this event.

We are looking forward to your active participation and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!


Nicholas Lorenzi (DaBricksz)
Downtown Moonbeam


Hey would be good if all teams can check and participate ? :eyes: Of course the comunnity should be able too​:raised_hands:

Thank you, @DaBricksz, for organizing a Twitter space for the projects that submitted proposals for Tranch 2.

Here are my thoughts/feedback:

  • Perhaps it would be better to host 2 different spaces if all 11 teams choose to participate? Otherwise, a space with 11 teams can last several hours.

  • Perhaps have the community submit some questions that can be answered during the space(s) beforehand. Sometimes, several questions can be combined into 1.

  • The point of space(s) should be to clarify things that were not clarified in the discussions on the forum—that way, the community is presented with new information. I don’t think it would be beneficial if people asked questions already answered on the forum.


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