Implementing a Snapshot Signaling Vote for Root (Treasury funding) Category Discussions


I propose that, before posting any proposals or discussions related to the root category, we should take a snapshot and conduct a signaling vote. This approach will reduce the workload on the committee and promote inclusivity within the Moonbeam community. Utilizing platforms like, which do not require registration, allows for more accessible and diverse community participation. Furthermore, we should explore the possibility of implementing a similar system using Karma for Moonbeam, emphasizing the values of integrity and transparency that are central to our community.


The Moonbeam community has witnessed significant growth and engagement, with a multitude of proposals and discussions emerging. This increased activity is a testament to our thriving ecosystem; however, it poses a challenge in terms of managing and prioritizing these discussions effectively.

Proposal Details:

  1. Snapshot Signaling Vote: Before any root category-related proposal or discussion is posted on Moonbeam OpenGov, we could conduct a snapshot signaling vote. This will allow the community to express their opinions on the topic without the need for formal proposals or committee oversight. It streamlines the decision-making process and reduces the burden on the committee.
    Keeping up with all these proposals is becoming more challenging, and there might be even more in the future.

  2. Inclusivity: Utilizing platforms like for signaling votes removes barriers to participation. Users can easily share their opinions without the need for registration, promoting inclusivity and diverse input.

  3. Karma Integration: To further enhance community engagement, we could explore the integration of a Karma-based signaling system for Moonbeam. This system could operate similarly to, offering a user-friendly way for the community to voice their thoughts on important matters.

  4. Integrity and Transparency: By implementing these measures, we uphold the principles of integrity and transparency that are fundamental to Moonbeam’s governance. Allowing community members to have their say in an accessible manner ensures that decisions are made collectively and with consideration for the broader community’s interests.


Incorporating a snapshot signaling vote and exploring Karma integration for Moonbeam’s root category discussions is a proactive step toward efficient governance. It empowers the community, eases the committee’s workload, and reinforces our commitment to integrity and transparency. I invite all Moonbeam community members and foundation to consider and discuss this proposal for the betterment of our ecosystem.

Let’s make Moonbeam governance more accessible, inclusive, and transparent!

hey Lord, i believe you’re referring to the “General Admin” track. which is used, for example, for referendums such as changes to XCM fees, the Orbiter program, staking parameters, registrars etc. the “Root” track, on the other hand, is primarily for runtime upgrades and Technical Committee management. It sounds like you might be suggesting signal voting for controversial proposals that some community members might disagree with. have I understood you correctly?

personally, I don’t see the point in using multiple voting platforms. the more platforms there are, the more confusion and complexity they create. If you look at the Moonbeam Foundation’s snapshot space, you’ll notice low user activity. many important proposals for significant network changes didn’t even garner 50k in GLMR votes, such as #1 and #2. on Snapshot, there are sybil accounts that vote, since it’s a well-known platform, so, some users vote indiscriminately, hoping to receive an airdrop, without even reading the proposals

regarding Karma, from what I understand, they provide a governance contributors dashboard and a platform for delegating voting rights. they don’t conduct off-chain signal voting. If we need such a feature, they could potentially develop it from scratch, but I anticipate it would require a significant grant

IMO, the Foundation introduced an optimal solution with “delegated voting”. community members can delegate their voting power to a delegate and not worry about keeping up with every vote or proposal. that responsibility is shouldered by the delegate
the Moonbeam Foundation also boasts a comprehensive governance section in the Moonbeam dApp. where, users can view each proposal, its description, and all pertinent details. I believe that Moonbeam dApp is clear and user-friendly

one of the things that I think is important and incredibly necessary is the introduction of notifications in Moonbeam dApp. when submitting a new proposal, each community member should receive a notification about a new proposal, ensuring that everyone will be aware.
on our end, we, as moderators, notify the community daily about active proposals to ensure no one misses out

I agree with @turrizt

I don’t understand what the purpose of adding another vote before the on-chain implementation would be.

The best we can do is find better ways of notification

For example, we could add something like Turrizt comments like this: The bell with a star indicates that there is a new referendum and looks like this, at DApp level

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