Hello Moonbeam! It's great to be here

Dear Community Members,

I’m Adam :wave:. It’s nice to meet you. I am thrilled to join the Moonbeam Foundation as a leader focused on the growth and decentralization of our ecosystem.

As I evaluated the prospect of joining the Foundation, I was struck by the limitless opportunity available to Moonbeam and the broader Polkadot ecosystem. A strong ecosystem exists, and we have the opportunity to build on the shoulders of giants and realize the full potential of Moonbeam.

My role at the Foundation will be part growth, organization, and team building. Initially, my focus will be on growing the Moonbeam ecosystem by supporting current teams and bringing in new and exciting projects to the ecosystem. Supporting the ecosystem will consist of hands-on growth tactics and general ecosystem building. To that end, I’ll be in the weeds with our BD and partnership efforts.

This hands-on style will enable me to gain the context necessary to fulfill the other part of my remit: building out the Moonbeam Foundation with the other leaders of the Foundation. We need to build the capabilities of the Foundation to effectively play our role in stewarding the ecosystem without being a point of centralization. Rather than necessarily “doing” all the time, we will focus on enablement for the builders, DAO voters, and community members. The goal of the Foundation is to act as a coordination layer between parties in the ecosystem until we reach the ultimate goal of decentralization where the DAO can take full ownership of the ecosystem in terms of execution and coordination.

This vision will take time and will look messy along the way. Please pardon our dust while we build. We hope to make things as seamless and valuable as possible. I look forward to meeting you all and working alongside you to make Moonbeam and its developer projects successful!



Welcome to the fam, Adam! I am very glad to see you in the Moonbeam Foundation team. We look forward to working with you on interesting projects and exploring creative ideas under your guidance :purple_heart:


yes you are here right place welcomes you ~~