Hacking Issue from Web3

why happened so many hacking for NFT holders?
all web3 chain ahs to be more safe and protect user from hackers

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Because the NFT niche is still raw, just like web3 as a whole. Everything has its time, need to work and gradually find ways to progress and have a positive impact on improving security!

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The more hacks there are, the faster the debugging will be by identifying critical vulnerabilities .

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my many friends is losing their NFT at least once or more than that including me. so many people leaves the Web3 market due to hacking. it hursts me and big loss of our financial.

Hey, jrlee2445, Thank you for your contribution to the forum. however, I would like to suggest that for such discussions, it may be more appropriate to utilize our discord / telegram channels. the forum is generally intended for more serious discussions. if you wish to delve deeper into this topic, I would recommend conducting research and presenting the main facts for the community to read and stay informed, in order to protect themselves from potential scams.

regarding your current post, I would like to share my knowledge and materials on the matter. while the issue of scams is not unique to web3 and blockchains, it is important to note that the problem lies with the users who interact with web3. scams have become increasingly prevalent both online and offline, affecting many individuals, especially the elderly who are often targeted through phone conversations.

phishing attacks pose a significant issue in web2, resulting in people losing money due to unknowingly interacting with scam emails and websites. as such, it is a widespread problem that requires attention.

in response to your question regarding NFTs scam, there are several types of scams that are known to occur. e.g. malicious NFTs or tokens can be sent to your wallet, and by interacting with them, you inadvertently allow the scammer to steal funds from your wallet. additionally, there are many phishing sites that are designed to appear very legitimate, making it difficult to distinguish them from genuine sites. unfortunately, even experienced users can fall victim to these scams.

one common method is when hackers gain access to the discord / telegram/ twitter accounts of reputable projects and post scam announcements offering airdrops, for example. when users connect to these phishing sites, they unknowingly provide a malicious signature that allows the scammer to steal their NFTs.

you may want to read this very informative thread to familiarize yourself with the various types of scam that are present:

Thank you very much โ€ฆ 3 days ago. one of my friend got hacked and lost his Invisible Friends and so on. lost all NFT. it happens all NFT project day by day. it is very important to be safe keep our valuable Items(Tokens and NFTs) .