Grant Community Candidacy - Deborah

  • Name: Deborah Otton

  • Timezone: GMT +1

  • English Language proficiency: IRL5

  • Committee Position: Business Expert

  • Qualifications: Community Moderator / African Regional Representative for Venus Protocol, Content Developer for Robonomics, Gro DAO and NymTech, Former Community Growth Strategist for Alchemy Pay and Team lead for OpenOcean

  • Background: I have been working as an ambassador / content creator for Moonbeam since 2021.

  • Code of Conduct: I am good standing in the community and will commit to upholding the code of conduct.

  • Experience: Having worked as a growth strategist, community moderator and content creator for several web3 projects, I have learnt and unlearned so many things haha. I believe we grow everyday so it’s paramount we always educate ourselves. I believe with my previous and current experience, I know how to handle technical and non-technical issues however way it is presented. And I believe that these experiences have made me better at being an impartial arbitrator.

  • Motivation: My motivation for applying is driven by a combination of my skills and a strong conviction to contribute to Moonbeam’s ecosystem.
    As a community member and ambassador, I must say, I respect the level of transparency within the Moonbeam’s ecosystem and I would love to contribute to the growth and adoption of Moonbeam, if given a chance.
    I am super excited about the opportunity to play a role in Moonbeam’s growth and success.

  • Conflicts of interest: I have none.

  • Availability: I’m available 24/7.

  • Supporting information: Thank you for the opportunity! Whether I get picked or not, it’s still a great thing to be part of the community and I will continue supporting Moonbeam 100%

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hey Deborah, Thank you for your candidacy. my only concern is that the deadline has already passed. @sicco-moonbeam, could you please clarify if we can proceed with applications that slightly missed the deadline?

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hey @turrizt - in the spirit of fairness to the other applications, I do think we have to stick to the deadline. There will be another opportunity to apply in six months.


hi @deborah6050 , thank for applying.

The deadline for applications was Sept 22nd, 03:00PM UTC as stipulated in the announcement of the election and your post was created on Sept 23rd, 01:24 PM UTC and reviewed by admins at Sept 23rd, 02:19 PM UTC.

Unfortunately, we cannot let you through to the on-chain snapshot vote as a result. We do encourage you to reapply for the next opportunity, which will be before March 31st, 2024.

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