Grant Committee Candidacy - TheFlyingGuineapig

Hi, I’am known by the name: TheFlyingGuineapig

The timezone I’am located in is: CEST

English language proficiency
My English language proficiency is not native, but good enough to communicate well in any business setting. (Level ILR 4 )

Role application
As an expert in Business I’am applying for the role of: Business expert, how fitting

What qualifications can a Guineapig have in business you might ask yourself?

Well… TheFlyingGuineapig studied Business & Management at University of Applied Sciences. Here he learned about how business are managed and how to explore and exploit new opportunities.

But, working in blockchain is different! I hear you say, not to worry, to make up for this I completed a minor in Blockchain Technology. To complete this minor the final assignment was to make a list of launching projects and selecting your favorite to succeed, low and behold mine was Moonbeam and here we are now.

Yeah that is all theory, but did you even work at a real blockchain startup to be able to judge them? Stop asking questions before I can answer, yes I also worked at an Animoca Brands subsidiary.

Moonbeam background
Regarding Moonbeam, TheFlyingGuineapig is no stranger as I have been an early ambassador, even way before the first block on the Moonbeam network was created. Since then I have managed the Dutch moonbeam Telegram, created educational videos and have been promoted to Senior Ambassador.

Code of Conduct
As a loyal Moonbeam fan and contributor since the early days I will proudly stand by the pledge and I will commit to upholding the Code of Conduct.

Experience as an impartial arbitrator
In my experience in different start-ups one of my main tasks was analyzing our business processes and judging them to make sure everything is still optimal, regardless of how long we worked on it. If you get stuck into thinking your own project is always perfect you can never develop any further. To make sure you stay ahead you have to look at what others do and fairly judge what is the right thing to do and not get caught up in attachment. Anyway, this is a short example of being able to look objectively at situations and not get caught up in company politics or attachment, but staying with the facts and numbers to back up cases.

During the past years I have gathered a lot of knowledge on Blockchain projects and developed a love for Moonbeam in specific. From going to real life events, educating both people around me and around the world about the possibilities I love being a part of it all. In a position on the grant committee I can not only help by educating others, but also putting my learned experience in business to good use to help the ecosystem develop in the best way possible.

Conflicts of interest
There are no conflicts of interest when I would be in this position.

The Guineapig as an animal has an interesting sleep schedule, which makes me available for around 10-20 hours a week.


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