Grant Committee Candidacy - Rafael Yahlomi

Hello Moonbeam fam!

I’m thrilled to propose my candidacy for the grant program, so let’s go!

Name: Rafael Yahlomi -

Timezone: GMT+4

English Language Proficiency: ILR level 3

Committee position: Business expert


My main background is Finance. With a first degree in Economics and Accounting and PhD. in economics with distinction in finance (Asset Pricing), my major expertise is finance which I utilized over the years to many businesses and entrepreneurial projects.

I’m a self driven individual, and as such, I learned by myself coding (Python & R) in order to become a quant developer, and ran a quantitative hedge fund for High Net Worth Chinese Family Office between 2015-2019 located in Singapore. During that time I was fascinated about the crypto market and since 2019 I was fully invested in crypto - both with my time and funds and decided to run my own book. Due to my tech curiosity, I also learned how to run full nodes and started to become Moonbeam collator back in 01/2022 (called LEGEND) after investing in Moonbeam crowdloans and bought enough tokens from the market.

I researched plenty of crypto projects, had partnership with many of them during the years. I’m a seed investor and top holder of poolz launchpad, where I have been exposing and analyzing hundreds of projects and have a deep understanding of how to review and due diligence the one that can outperform. I’m also a GC (governance Committee) in Ferrum network which is also an incubator project where I also have done similar analysis. Hence, I can humbly say that I have a lot to contribute to the Moonbeam ecosystem in many areas such as: finance, economics, business development, technical solutions, connections, projects analysis, etc.


Without messing around I’ll be very direct and say that my main motivation is the fact that I have a significant “skin in the game” in the Moonbeam ecosystem. I have believed in this ecosystem since the early days and therefore both participated in its crowdloans and bought hundreds of thousands tokens in order to remain continuously fully active (only self bond + server key required 110k GLMR back then). Therefore I have high interest to see this ecosystem grow and will do my utmost efforts to put it in the place it deserves next to other leading L1 networks.

I’ve been supporting the Moonbeam ecosystem behind (and in front) the scenes as much as I could, and I truly believe I can contribute and utilize my skills better from the inside with a business expert role.

Conflict of interest:

I don’t have any conflict of interest, on the contrary, as mentioned above, I’m a Moonbeam collator (and Moonriver as well) and a significant token holder with deep “skin in the game”. Therefore, my only interest is to see the Moonbeam ecosystem thrive and succeed.


I’m available for 10+ hours per week and also fully responsive due to the fact that I’m obligated to be available 24/7 in order to operate my nodes in top performance.

Supporting information:

Few examples showing my ecosystem support:


  1. Running Moonbeam LEGEND collator for more than 2 years with zero faults and 100% activity.

  2. Running MOVR collator and Polkadot & Kusama validators (called LEGEND as well).

  3. Member of UnitedBloc DAO which provides services to the Moonbeam community.

Liquidity provider:

  1. Bifrost - I was accepted to the Bifrost VBL program (both in Polkadot & Kusama) since I contributed a significant amount of vDOT, and committed to do the same with vGLMR.

  2. StellaSwap - All minted vDOT and stDOT were added to StellaSwap pools and are high % of the total pools.

  3. Moonwell - Supplied significant amount of liquidity to the protocol.


  1. Highly active in Moonbeam/Moonriver communication channels and do my best to encourage people to support the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Investment / trading / DeFi / Research:

  1. I have more than 15 years of experience with quantitative trading and long term investing in the financial sector, where the last 8 are in the crypto market.

  2. Have extensive experience in the DeFi space in several areas such as Trading, Farming, Liquidity provider, etc.

  3. Have high knowledge in tokenomic research and development.

  4. Had hundreds of & project due diligence. I helped to design and develop Poolz launchpad ( and I’m still advising them for any new projects they consider to launch on their platform. In addition, I’m advising both founders there in the business development territory.

Thank you all and I wish for your support!


That’s my boy!
Strong support - always great to work with :heart_hands:


Many thanks @dev0_sik ! This is much appreciated. Your support really makes me happy :heart:

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Rafael has my FULL Support.
I started knowing him better during these last months and to make a long story short: I would give him the keys of my home with no doubts.
I am absolutely sure that Rafael will always do the best for MB Eco and Community: an impressive professional background jointly with a huge commitment is the perfect mix that Rafael can bring inside this Committee to work relentlessly for the growth of Moonbeam.
I will vote him, 100%.
Good luck my friend!!!


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