Grant Committee Candidacy - Natalia

Name: Natalia Kovtun

Timezone: CET

English Language proficiency: Level 3 – Professional working proficiency

Committee Position: Business expert

Qualifications: I’d like to highlight my qualifications and experience that are most relevant to the position mentioned above.

  • Non-Foundation Committee Member over the past year

I started my way in the Committee as an active Moonbeam ambassador (at that time I had already had the role of Head of Ambassadors) and over time I found my niche in the Committee. Although I look at the project coming to the Committee from the perspective of a general user I focus my attention on analyzing the business strategy of a project, its go-to-market plan, revenue model, utility, and use cases. To put it generally, I aimed to determine their potential for self-sustainability and their ability to contribute to the growth of the Moonbeam ecosystem.

  • General business expertise

I have successfully completed multiple online courses across various platforms, with a strong emphasis on business analytics, project management, business development, customer success, investment management, effective leadership, and women in business. Additionally, I have participated in lectures and workshops hosted by reputable institutions such as LvBS, Impact Hub, and SGO Business School.

The thing I am especially proud of is our family business, which we built from the ground up. It has proven to be highly successful in our home country. In the initial stages, we undertook every aspect of its development ourselves, from conducting market research and making a business plan to assessing financial risks, team building, and developing an effective marketing strategy.

  • Community manager

In addition to being a Head of Ambassadors for the global Moonbeam community, I worked as a consultant at Manta Network for one year. During this time, I assumed diverse responsibilities in community management, communication, and support within the Ambassador Program. Additionally, I had a chance to participate in both ParisDot and ETHParis 2022 events, where I had the opportunity to meet members of not only the Manta and Moonbeam teams in person but also forge connections with various other teams within the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • Blockchain experience

Nearly 2.5 years ago, I started exploring blockchain technology, and Moonbeam was the very first project that captured my attention. By actively participating in diverse community programs, workshops, and testnets, I got myself acquainted with web3 and dived into it. This experience enabled me to identify potentially successful projects within diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Background: I have held several positions in the Moonbeam community over the last two and a half years, including Ambassador, member of the On-boarding Team, Community Leader, Senior Ambassador, Head of Ambassadors, and Non-Foundation Committee Member. I shared my previous experience in the Committee in this forum post.

Code of Conduct: I am in good standing in the community and will commit to upholding the code of conduct.

Experience: In the past, I actively served as an ambassador for several crypto projects. However, my current primary occupation lies outside the domains of DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and other web3-related fields. This aspect of my background enables me to approach projects presented to the Committee with a genuinely impartial perspective.

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of reviewing numerous applications and consistently upholding the role of an impartial arbitrator. I am certain that my fellow Committee members can confirm my commitment to fairness and objectivity.

Motivation: I’m applying for this position because I believe that in this way I can contribute to the Moonbeam’s future and I would like to I want to feel that I am partially involved in its success in the web3 world.

What really stands out to me is that Moonbeam doesn’t just focus on web3 projects; it also welcomes web2 projects looking to tap into its infrastructure. This inclusive approach aligns perfectly with my belief in an ecosystem that connects real-world use cases and web3.
As an active member of the Moonbeam community, I like how much it values its members and strives for open governance and decentralization. I want to show my appreciation by continuing to contribute to its growth.

And, being part of the Committee has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve had the chance to dig into projects and interview applicants. It’s given me a whole new perspective on what blockchain and other web3 technologies can bring to the table. This gives me always more excitement to continue my journey with Moonbeam.

Conflicts of interest: I don’t have any potential conflicts of interest.

Availability: I can commit to dedicating a minimum of 10 hours per week to committee work, with the potential for additional hours during high grant seasons.


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