Grant Committee Candidacy - Lucas (Luuu) Moskau

Name: Lucas (Luuu) Moskau

Timezone: CET

English Language proficiency: IRL Level 4

Committee Position: Technical Expert


I am only 25 years old, which makes me quite a bit younger than most here. I will be going into detail in the “Motivation” Part as to why I think this is a good thing, but this obviously means I haven’t had time to gather as impressive CVs as others have here. In college I already worked in a Software Developing firm on the side and quickly realized how much more I learn from working on real life applications rather than from books that are talking about potential scenarios.

So after my degree I jumped straight into self employment and have built a handful of full stack applications for clients over the years. I did the product and project management, communication with clients, coming up with architecture for all these projects and implementing a big chunk of them. I dont think you can ever quite fathom everything that goes into running your own company with employees until you have done so yourself and it definitely prepared me for being able to judge if other companies have what it takes to stand on their own feet.

2 years ago I stumbled over Ethereum, quickly dumped more money into it than I should have but got so fascinated by the tech and its possibilities. After being introduced to Polkadot about half a year later I met my Co-founders and we started Evrloot, a dark fantasy RPG on Moonbeam. I am overseeing the technical developments there and still do a decent amount of implementation myself. We went from launching on Kusama to now being live on Moonbeam and being one of the top most interacted with dApps there.

I joined this space 2 years ago with zero knowledge of Blockchain but have surprised myself with how fast you can learn something if you are passionate about it.

The reason I am applying for both, the Technical and Ecosystem Expert role, is that I am facing the challenges of both roles on a daily as well. As the builder of a dApp you constantly get reached out to by other projects, chains and roundtables, where you have to decide rather quickly if putting time and effort into the relationships is worth it. You have to have a deep understanding of trends and other projects in the ecosystem to not get left behind.

Building a dApp myself also gives me the unique perspective of a builder on Moonbeam. It comes with a certain set of challenges that you have to face yourself to fully grasp.

Moonbeam Background:

  • First reached out to Moonbeam about a year ago
  • Became an active member of the ecosystem
  • Got accepted and completed the Moonbeam Accelerator program where I got to know almost everyone from the Moonbeam team (I knew most if them before already)
  • Launched own dApp on Moonbeam
  • Took part in countless roundtables and discussions
  • Pushing hard for innovative initiatives like the Lunar Gaming Festival

Code of Conduct:

I commit to upholding the code of conduct.

Experience as an impartial arbitrator:

We originally started Evrloot because we saw a gap of projects like ours. So instead of sitting on Twitter and whining about it, we decided to give it a go ourselves. We never thought once that its going to be too hard or cannot be done. We had a great skepticism about Play 2 Earn, Pay 2 Win etc. so we lobbied from the beginning for creating a game that is fun and players actually want to play. While this may seem like a no brainer today, when we started, P2E games where the most successful in all of blockchain. Retraining the mind of Crypto Gamers that they are not playing for profit but rather enjoyment has been no easy task but a fulfilling one.

As for me having experience in the more traditional term of being an impartial arbitrator:

Anyone I have ever worked with can attest that I dont shy away from talking about uncomfortable topics. I deeply believe that communication is an integral piece of any kind of success, be it personal or professional. This trait of mine often leads to heated discussions, which ultimately lead to breakthrough moments.


I firmly believe that the Grant Committee could benefit from my perspective as a relatively young builder. Having worked together with countless members of the Moonbeam Team I can only speak of everyone in the highest regards and I would love to be a part of pushing this ecosystem further along. I think a core strength of mine is the ability to quickly assess the scope and magnitude of situations/projects, which should come in quite handy for such a position.

Conflicts of interest:

After successfully delivering on our first grant, we (Evrloot) are in the process of approaching th e Committee with a second grant that aims at launching us to independent sustainability on Moonbeam.

I would obviously have to refrain from being on the Committee’s site for this.


10 hours a week

Trust Level:

I am currently Trust Level 1 with the main hurdle of not having reached 15 days on this forum. I have always been a “lurker”, have had a reddit account for over 5 years and under 200 karma on it while being on the platform almost daily. I think I have shown my dedication to Moonbeam and taking part in the conversation by constantly reaching out to the Foundation for Feedback, being reached out for Feedback, having talked with almost every single member while being in the Moonbeam Accelerator and a builder myself and consistently reaching out to other projects in the ecosystem to try elevating each other to new heights.

I will reach Trust Level 2 on the 30th of September, so before the voting will occur.


hi @KingLuuu , thank you for applying.

In your post you indicate that you are applying for both the Ecosystem expert and Technical expert position. Please specify 1 and only 1 position; ideally the one for which you feel you are best suited. This is out of fairness to other candidates who only applied to 1 position.

Hey @sicco-moonbeam , I will go for the technical expert position then. Thats where I see my strongest competencies.

Got it, thanks @KingLuuu

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