Grant Committee Candidacy - Lucas (Luuu) Moskau - 2024 S4

Hey everyone! I am more excited than ever with where Moonbeam as an ecosystem is moving towards. I would love to contribute to this trajectory by being part of the Grant Committee. I was part of last iterations Committee and I absolutely loved it. I probably had the highest attendance rate at our meetings, trying hard to always be present and prepare sufficiently.

  • Name: Lucas (Luuu) Moskau

  • Timezone: CET

  • English Language proficiency: IRL Level 4

  • Committee Position: Technical Expert


I have been actively building in the Web3 Space for almost 3 years now. Before that (and parallel to now, because its not paying my bills yet) I am running a Web2 software firm. In total I have about 6 years of experience developing Full Stack applications, building a website with 2m yearly visitors and a 6 figure monthly ad spend, customer relation portals for companies with over 100 employees etc.

After my degree in Computer Science I jumped straight into self employment. I did the product and project management, communication with clients, coming up with architecture for all these projects and implementing a big chunk of them. I dont think you can ever quite fathom everything that goes into running your own company with employees until you have done so yourself and it definitely prepared me for being able to judge if other companies have what it takes to stand on their own feet.

3 years ago I stumbled over Ethereum, quickly dumped more money into it than I should have but got so fascinated by the tech and its possibilities. After being introduced to Polkadot about half a year later I met my Co-founders and we started Evrloot, a dark fantasy RPG on Moonbeam. I am overseeing the technical developments there and still do a decent amount of implementation myself. We went from launching on Kusama to now being live on Moonbeam and being one of the top most interacted with dApps there. Just recently we broke record in our collaboration with PINK bringing in 65k transactions within one week and onboarding 900 new wallets to our game.

Building a dApp myself also gives me the unique perspective of a builder on Moonbeam. It comes with a certain set of challenges that you have to face yourself to fully grasp.

Moonbeam Background:

  • First reached out to Moonbeam about 1 1/2 years ago
  • Became an active member of the ecosystem
  • Got accepted and completed the Moonbeam Accelerator program where I got to know almost everyone from the Moonbeam team (I knew most if them before already)
  • Launched own dApp on Moonbeam
  • Took part in countless roundtables and discussions
  • Pushing hard for innovative initiatives like the Lunar Gaming Festival
  • Big collaborations with The Great Escape and PINK
  • Part of last iterations Grant Committee

Code of Conduct:

I commit to upholding the code of conduct.

Experience as an impartial arbitrator:

Anyone I have ever worked with can attest that I dont shy away from talking about uncomfortable topics. I deeply believe that communication is an integral piece of any kind of success, be it personal or professional. This trait of mine often leads to heated discussions, which ultimately lead to breakthrough moments.

I also seeked out feedback from people like Thiago to see if my communication within the Committee has been productive and received great feedback.


I firmly believe that the Grant Committee could benefit from my perspective as a relatively young builder. Having worked together with countless members of the Moonbeam Team I can only speak of everyone in the highest regards and I would love to be a part of pushing this ecosystem further along. I think a core strength of mine is the ability to quickly assess the scope and magnitude of situations/projects, which should come in quite handy for such a position.

Conflicts of interest:

I am going to refrain from voting on anything related to my project, Evrloot.


10 hours a week


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