Grant Committee Candidacy - Julio Perez Cabrera

Hi Moonbeam community!!

Telegram user: Smart Trading Pro Ing. JP

Name: Julio Perez Cabrera

Time zone: UTC-4:00

English Language proficiency: ILR level 3

Committee Position: Business Expert

Qualifications: With over a decade of experience in business development and finance. I possess a strong understanding of market dynamics, financial analysis, and strategic planning. My academic background includes a Civil Engineer with a focus on financial markets, providing me with the theoretical knowledge to complement my practical experience.

Background: Within the Moonbeam ecosystem, I have actively participated in discussions on the forums, contributing insights on business strategy, market analysis, and the integration of blockchain technology into traditional business models. My track record demonstrates a commitment to promoting sustainable growth and collaboration within the community.

Code of Conduct: I commit to upholding the code of conduct.

Experience: As a business leader, I have frequently served as an impartial arbitrator in negotiations, mediating disputes and ensuring fair outcomes for all parties involved. For instance, I facilitated discussions between project teams and investors to resolve conflicts regarding funding allocation, prioritizing transparency throughout the process.

Motivation: My motivation for applying becomes from a desire to leverage my expertise to support the growth and success of projects within the Moonbeam ecosystem. I am passionate about fostering innovation and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive in a competitive market environment.

Conflicts of interest: I do not have any conflicts of interest that would impact my ability to evaluate proposals objectively.

Availability: I am available to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to committee activities.

Supporting information:

Trading skills
Financial markets knowledge
Strategic recommendations to committee
Marketing development strategies
Active member of the Moonbeam telegram community
Active researcher in the trading and crypto ecosystem


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I had opportunity to know Julio along these months inside the MB unofficial TG group.
He is clearly committed about growth of MB Eco (with also significant skin in the game) and I really appreciated his will to support MB team with ideas and initiatives.
Thanks to this candidacy post I got to know better his professional background, really notable.

I support his candidacy, Julio has the potential to do really a good job inside the grant committee.

Wish you good luck Julio!!!


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