Grant Committee Candidacy - Ismael Bautista - 2024 S4

Name: Ismael Bautista

Timezone : CET

English Language proficiency : IRL 4

Committee Position : Technical Expert

Qualifications :

  • Season 2 Non Foundation Grant Committee member
  • Computer Engineer with 7 years of experience
  • Freelance web2/web3 developer for the past 3 years
  • Active community member

Moonbeam Background :
My journey with Moonbeam began around 2021 with Moonriver. I joined the Discord community and discovered an announcement for the Moonriver Grant Hackathon. It was my first hackathon, and I won 1st prize by building an NFT indexer website, similar to NFTScan. After that, I stayed active, creating memes, engaging in chats, and answering technical questions across Telegram and Discord. A few months later, at the Moonbeam Connected Contracts Hackathon, I secured another 1st prize for developing a dApp akin to Polkassembly. This was towards the end of 2022. A few months after that, Season 2 for the Grant Committee commenced. I applied and was elected as a non-foundation member. Throughout 2023, my contributions weren’t limited to committee duties; I also supported the community by attending events like EthBarcelona and SmartCon 2023 to promote Moonbeam.

Code of Conduct: I will commit to uphold the code of conduct.

Experience :
As a committee member on the season 2, I had to remain impartial on my decisions and arguments on the committee, even that I have my own point of view I always remained impartial on my decisions. In addition to my experience, my personality is approachable and allows me to deal with different types of people, allowing me to understand both sides of the coin when taking a decision.

Since joining Moonriver and later Moonbeam I have always felt that I’ve been part of an incredible community. Winning first prize twice was a personal milestone that significantly boosted my motivation to continue enhancing my technical skills. For me, coding is a passion, and to contribute to the community that had motivated me to continue improving. But to be a good developer, not only are technical skills necessary, but it is also necessary to have knowledge about how technologies are applied in the real world and, even more importantly, how to add value to the world with that technology.

Conflicts of interest : I have no potential conflicts of interests.

Availability : I can commit to at least 10 hours per week.

Supporting information :

Demooncracy - 1st prize at Moonbeam’s Connected Contracts hackathon

Mooncase - 1st prize at Moonriver Grant Hackathon

PR to add Moonbeam to one of the most popular wallet libraries

Crosschain DApps & Blockchain Interoperability with Moonbeam, by Ismael Bautista

If you are curious about anything else, just ask.


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