Grant Committee Candidacy – Domenico Calandriello


Doménico Calandriello/@domenicocp84/Bitcoin Army/Polkatube

Time Zone: UTC+1, Spain!

English proficiency:

English (IRL 3)

Others Languages: Native Spanish, Fluent Italian

Committee Position:

DeFi Expert

Qualifications and Experience:

Computer Engineer transitioning from “Web2” to “Web3”, founder behind

YouTube Channel Bitcoin Army ( and

YouTube Channel co-founder of Polkatube (

videos about Moonbeam: (Alberto primer smart contract EVM+ | paso a paso) (Alberto DevRel Moonbeam) (Alberto DevRel Moonbeam)

Proudly serving as a Polkadot Ambassador and Senior Acala Ambassador, I’ve been at the forefront of fostering community and innovation within the ecosystem.

Skilled in JAVA, Python, Database Management, and self-taught in RUST and Substrate framework, as evidenced by my educational content on Polkatube.

Complete RUST and Substrate Course Season 1

With over five years of hands-on experience in Blockchain technologies, I’ve actively contributed as a moderator for Acala’s Spanish Telegram group and active member on Discord, engaging in both English and Spanish discussions.


My YouTube channels, especially Polkatube, have become go-to resources for learning about DeFi and Web3 programming, filling a critical niche in the Spanish-speaking community.

I’ve extensively covered nearly all DeFi projects within Polkadot and explored their interactions with other ecosystems like COSMOS, emphasizing the importance of interoperability in DeFi, regardless of the protocols used.


My passion lies in educating about financial freedom and DeFi’s potential to transform society, particularly for Spanish-speaking communities.

Having lived equally across America and Europe, I’ve experienced firsthand the significance of personal financial control and freedom.


I resonate deeply with Moonbeam’s ethos of freedom, exemplified by its embrace of EVM compatibility alongside the powerful Substrate framework, embodying flexibility and liberty.

My life’s journey across continents has underscored the critical role of financial autonomy in personal freedom, fueling my commitment to DeFi.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest:

Currently, my role as a Senior Ambassador for Acala might seem a conflict, but I believe in the synergy between parachains as Polkadot’s pathway to success.


I am committed to dedicating 10+ hours a week to this role. However, my passion for crypto means I’m virtually always connected, especially during critical times, such as the aUSD de-pegging event, when I was actively involved 24/7 to manage community concerns and uphold the reputation of Acala and Polkadot.

In Closing:

My channels have delved into complex DeFi concepts like Liquid Staking, Concentrated Liquidity, and have featured interviews with Moonbeam notables such as Alberto, exploring advanced DeFi strategies between Parallel and Acala.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the possibility of contributing to the Moonbeam community and DeFi ecosystem, bringing my technical expertise, educational outreach, and a fervent belief in decentralized finance’s transformative potential.



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