Grant Committee Candidacy - Augustus (AG) - 2024 S4

Name: Augustus (AG)
Timezone: +4 (GMT) Abu Dhabi, operative in CEU timezone
English Language proficiency: ILR3+, CEFR C1
Committee Position: Business Expert.

Code of Conduct: Have guarded the MCC throughout its operational epoch
Conflict of interest: None, have pacified community power vertexes and enabled/facilitated cross-project harmony whenever approached by projects or required.
Availability: dedicated to committing a minimum of 10+ hours a week (porous to assist the council by extending hours in imminent good-markets loads).

Qualifications + Experience: I’m a seasoned, values-driven Project manager and entrepreneur-in-residence to several extreme-paced environments global start-ups, and self-running enterprises. I love aiding companies to amalgamate ideas and discoveries to avoid experiencing red-ocean saturation.

I not only worked in every function of a startup (and defined their best practices) but also in every stage of their lifecycle (from day 1 to IPO & beyond), I enjoy assisting Product owners in strategic planning, customer discovery, and sentiment mapping in crafting powerful business decisions while I deliver internal and external growth through lean and agile operations.

To my bucket, I have coached and imparted consulting to engineers and c-suite in companies such as Tamimi, Aramco, Volvo, Larsen & Toubro, ADNOC by upscaling their internal synergy through streamlining earned value credits and implementing successful change management. There are countless technical and traditional business vendors who I have assisted in accepting dual-track agile changes and supplemented them to achieve business operation excellence.

WEB3 found me resourceful when I assisted founders to set up complex superstructure and legal entities that spanned trust in St.Vincents & Grenadines to Ireland to Germany to Singapore and the Gulf Freezones. I have supported Product owners to achieve web3 business immunity by getting them localised compliant through working with crypto-attenuated solicitors from firms like 3ECPA, Ressos, Advomi in Singapore, or LegalKornet in the United States or legal opinion from independent Patent attorneys.

I have enjoyed assisting c-suite of multimillion funded web3 projects or holdings such as ESF capital alliance, Podium pursuit, Lootmogul in states to develop american sports harnessing web3 advantage through spectatorship and metaverse or Spocs in DACH on similar opportunities.

Background: (Moonbeam background & track record)

Taking this opportunity to address the common denominator of stakeholders in the eco, I started my journey in Moonbeam trying to find meaningful groups during the Take Flight event and explore the hype around it. Joined plenty of OG groups (many now defunct, isolated, in-hibernation, or waiting for sunny days). For those who may not know, the idea behind creating a nutrient pool of people and generating a social current and sense of identity with my fellow Moonbeam brethren fortified the largest retailed back community node to this date on the network. The goal was to retain retail from being leeched due to tanking prices, flooding of institution backed nodes, and diminishing decentralised participation.

Assisted my friends at SubWallet during their nascent stage of growth as they began their journey the competition back then was stiff and hot-wallet raced to capture their niche.

Engineered and catapulted Moonfit growth on request and recommendation of SubWallet CEO and Lord GLMR until their round 2 of NFT sales. Still, assist their communities in good faith and strong inter-nuclear bonds.

Have enabled, channelised, and waterbend communities to flow towards projects building on the network - virtually all functional NFT projects.

I have enjoyed bridging knowledge gaps and have coached the retails on the network, especially millennials, to farm, bridge, trade within and beyond parachains and to run test-nodes instead of chasing dragon tails for airdrops. I have facilitated and tried to uplift the retail on the Moonbeam network by enabling them to secure investment by pooling in TIER1-2-3 seed, private, or strategic participation of projects in the web3 landscape.

The uncanny ideas like the Advent challenge and Polkadot rap battle were seeded by me while I invited Dustin Lee -working for Destore Network (recognised for his karaoke and rap skills) to a space with Moonfit which was ideated later to stakeholders who participated, supported, and executed its realisation, especially DAM finance.

I have doped cross-network clan wars such as one between MoonFit + Oyabun Guild + Patek crew to highlight Moonbeam to different ecosystems amongst similar gigs.
Facilitated collaboration between plenty of communities and projects such as Interswap, Uplight dao, and others which I have lost count.
I have encouraged previous council members to participate and strengthen the ecosystem which I am sure has served well.

There is more to cover, including pacifying frictions on the network, but I am fairly confident that the veterans know it and the current information is enough for relatively new glimmerians.

P.S: Its unfortunate that “I” is the pronoun that has been extensively used in defining my “Qualifications, experience and background ‘’. In reality, a large part of those experiences are the bits and pieces of people who connected with us in our way and a fair part is their contribution.

I hope together we can push trust and confidence back by demonstrating that the council is a microcosm of pro-community interests.


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