Grant Committee Candidacy - Anna

  • Name: Anna (aka Moonprincessann, Princess Anna)
  • Timezone: UTC+3
  • English Language proficiency: ILR 3
  • Committee Position: Ecosystem expert
  • Qualifications: My first acquaintance with the world of blockchain technologies took place about 7 years ago when I was studying at the university.
    I have a technical-oriented education (Master’s degree in Telecommunications). The topic of my diploma was related to implementation of electronic digital signature. I dived into learning more about cryptography and that’s when I first heard about blockchain. I was impressed by how many opportunities this area opens up for people!
    In 2020 I started studying cryptocurrencies in more details, and also applied my knowledge to practice. I actively invested in crypto and studied the features of web3.
    In 2021 I discovered the Polkadot ecosystem and the Moonbeam project. Getting to know Moonbeam was the most important event for me that year!
    At that time I was working as a freelance photographer. I had had 5 years of experience in this field. Working as a creative photographer gave me knowledge about marketing, content creation, social media management (especially Instagram), personal branding, and presenting information in the best possible way. It also helped me to develop skills such as independence, creative vision, teamwork, organizational skills and rapid application of new ideas. All of the above became very useful to me on my path as Moonbeam Instagram Community Team Leader. Let me talk more about my experience as a Senior Ambassador.
  • Background: After having studied Moonbeam project features, I decided to contribute to its development. By that time I was a pretty experienced Instagram user so I came up with an idea that maybe I could spread the word about Moonbeam on Instagram.
    In the summer of 2021 I became a Moonbeam ambassador responsible for developing Moonbeam Instagram page.
    In November 2021 I became a Moonbeam Senior ambassador and Instagram Community Team Leader. And since then I’ve been really enjoying it !

There are many amazing projects being deployed on the Moonbeam network and I have experience with them.

Since December 2022 I’m a Moonfit Global ambassador. I create content and make translations to Ukrainian and Russian. Also I manage Twitter page and Telegram channel for Moonfit CIS community.

Exiled Racers.
I tested the game on early stages and continue to do so by participating in their events.

Also I’m involved in Prime Protocol, Cora Protocol, Moonwell, Koingaroo end other projects.

I recently became a Tanssi ambassador and Polimec Protocol ambassador.

I finished the educational course “Getting Started with Multichain Interoperability” by Decrypt U.

I’m excited to continue contributing to Moonbeam ecosystem. My delegate profile:

  • Code of Conduct: I have read the Code of Conduct. Let me assure you that I’m going to keep up with it.

  • Experience: Thanks to my experience as an ambassador and a testnet participant in various projects, I’ve learned to conduct competent research:

  • to clearly separate the important things from the irrelevant once
  • to consider the technical side
  • to acknowledge general trends in the crypto market
  • to determine what is worth paying attention to at the moment
  • to see what areas have more potential to be successfully developed
  • to estimate how different technologies can improve the world of web3 in general.
    Having applied an integrated approach to the issue, namely, taking into account various factors, analyzing a large amount of information, approaching the topics from different angles, and also grasping the connection between the present state and the future prospects, I will be glad to contribute to the ecosystem development as an impartial arbitrator.
  • Motivation: Hopefully, my work for Moonbeam since summer 2021 sheds some light on how motivated I am.
    I am submitting this application because I know that Moonbeam is a legendary project ! Being part of Moonbeam ambassador team has been one of my most significant milestones. Moonbeam has been the project that opened wider the wonderful world of crypto to me. For me Moonbeam is not just a crypto project, it is a community of wonderful people from all over the world who are sincerely passionate about their work.
    I’m happy to apply for the expert position, since using my experience and knowledge I can make an even greater contribution to the development of the ecosystem.
    Web3 is an area where a variety of talents and visions can be applied, a lot of which might be very useful. Hopefully, together we will take a big step towards a bright future of web3.

  • Conflicts of interest: I’m focused on Polkadot ecosystem and I’m sure that there is no any conflict of interests from my side.

  • Availability: I can devote exactly at least 10 hours a week to this work, or rather as much as it is required to perform my duties the best possible way.


hi @PrincessAnna , thank you for applying.

In your post you indicate that you are applying for both the Ecosystem expert and Business expert position. Please specify 1 and only 1 position; ideally the one for which you feel you are best suited. This is out of fairness to other candidates who only applied to 1 position.


Hi @sicco-moonbeam ! Thanks for reporting this. In this case, I choose the position of ecosystem expert

Got it, thanks @PrincessAnna

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