EXR <> Pink Racing League | PINK allocation request [APPROVED]

Company Name: Exiled Racers

Lead Applicant: BLR


Exiled Racers, a premier racing management and prediction game built on Moonbeam, is excited to announce our application for a 5% grant from the $PINK allocation. With the success of our Pink Racing League’s inaugural season (the first Pink Gaming partner on Moonbeam), we are eagerly anticipating the launch of Season 2. Our game uniquely blends the thrill of racing with the strategic aspects of management and prediction, in a fun, low-touch and community oriented way, all within the innovative Moonbeam ecosystem.

In our first season, we proudly feature Moonbeam across all of our main marketing channels (Twitter, Discord, Substack, Medium) and in all of our launch creative and we will of course be featuring moonbeam inside the race tracks weekly—with no financial incentives.

Metrics to Improve

Baseline: Season 1 garnered over hundreds of sign-ups, demonstrating significant community interest and engagement, of which we will be airdropping access passes to a large portion via Moonbeam network and will be running weekly races on chain for multiple weeks.

Target: With the integration of $PINK tokens in Season 2, we aim to reward the Moonbeam community and beyond, showcase gaming on Moonbeam.

Strategy for Launch

Given the success of season 1, and how we structured the launch, we will use the same strategy for season 2.

  1. Run a pre hype announcement to drive registrations to WL lottery
  2. Do an airdrop or mint for access pass tbd
  3. Run weekly races with weekly stack reveals
  4. Create multiple leaderboards
  5. Rewards eligible top leaderboard points racers

Enhanced Marketing and Outreach: Leveraging $PINK tokens to create buzz and attract new players.

Innovative Gameplay Integrations: Introducing $PINK token rewards and a racing and prediction gaming event, linked to the Moonbeam ecosystem.


Start Date: [Date within 2-3 weeks of receiving tokens]

End Date: [End date of Season 2]

Token Allocation/Distribution Plan

100% of the received $PINK funds will be distributed directly to our community participating in Season 2. Distribution will be executed via on-chain airdrops to users who win whitelist spots and fulfill specific engagement requirements. This approach ensures maximum community benefit and aligns with our philosophy of rewarding active and loyal participants.

Community Impact and Long-Term Vision

Exiled Racers is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and engaged community. By integrating $PINK tokens into our gaming environment, we not only reward our current players but also attract new enthusiasts to the Moonbeam ecosystem. Our long-term vision includes expanding our reach within the DeFi and gaming sectors, contributing to Moonbeam’s global expansion, and exploring innovative integrations across multiple partners.


We believe that the Pink Racing League Season 2, enhanced with the integration of $PINK tokens, will significantly contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the Moonbeam community. We are committed to ensuring that the entire grant benefits our users and enhances their gaming experience, thereby promoting continued engagement on the Moonbeam platform.

References and Additional Information

Launch Announcement of Pink Racing League


Community Engagement and Response




Detailed Information on Pink Racing League (Substack email to 9K+ subscribers)



absolutely 100% no doubt :heart: :ribbon:

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hey @blr, first of all, thank you for your proposal!

I have a few questions, simply to ensure more transparency:

could you elaborate on your strategies for attracting new users to register and play?

how will the process of calculating and distributing rewards be transparent and verifiable? what mechanisms are in place to ensure the integrity of this process?

what steps will you take to help new players who are unfamiliar with Exiled Racers, particularly in learning how to mint and start playing? do you have any specific guides prepared for them?

I am repeating this question to all teams. Exiled Racers:

Although not mandated by the initial post for submissions, would you be willing to put up a follow-up after distribution such as unique wallets, brief review of impact including any metrics, recommendations for improvement?

I think this could be useful data for the community in the event something like this happens again.

1/ Could you elaborate on your strategies for attracting new users to register and play?

Pre-Hype Announcement & WL Lottery + Partner Prize Pools: We plan to build excitement and anticipation through a pre-launch campaign, coupled with a whitelist lottery to encourage user registrations like we did for the Pink Racing League season 1.

The EXR Engage product was built specifically for growth with partners whereby we create partner prize pools with specific eligibility requirements per prize pool. We are planning to have partners (redacted) like we did with Bifrost joining us in season 1 to expand our reach and offer more prize pools for the participants.

Airdrops or Mint for Racer Pass: Utilizing the appeal of airdrops or exclusive minting opportunities for access passes (Racer Pass) as a way to gather new users.

Marketing and Outreach: We’ll be leveraging PINK rewards to create buzz around the game, the success of the season 1, the hundreds of people registered, the different prize pools, everything will be promoted extensively across various channels such as X, Discord, Substack, and Medium.

Engaging Content Strategy: Consistently publishing informative and engaging blog posts and detailed content, exemplified by our Substack email campaigns, to explain the game mechanics and attract newcomers. We’ve done dozens of blog posts to explain everything and we will continue to do so to make sure newcomers are smoothly onboarded. Check the example below where we explain our new free-to-play game style, Havoc Racing.

Our substack database has a growing list of nearly 10K subs—we will activate this channel when we go live with the campaign.

2/ How will the process of calculating and distributing rewards be transparent and verifiable? What mechanisms are in place to ensure the integrity of this process?

On-Chain Transactions: All rewards will be distributed via on-chain airdrops, ensuring each transaction is transparent and traceable. Race data from our racing algorithm including results is stored on-chain in a Moonbeam contract to help ensure trust in the points process.

Clear Distribution Plan: We have a transparent plan for reward distribution, where 100% of the $PINK funds received will go directly to the community participants of Season 2. We are even open to the Moonbeam team doing the distribution to the winners/top performers in the league.

Mechanisms for Integrity: The use of a secure and transparent blockchain technology like Moonbean is offering will help us manage the reward distributions, which minimizes risks of fraud or manipulation. We’ve distributed hundreds of prizes from GLMR to USDC to dozens of participants in our different events / leagues.

3/ What steps will you take to help new players who are unfamiliar with Exiled Racers, particularly in learning how to mint and start playing? Do you have any specific guides prepared for them?

Specific Guides and Resources: We’re developing comprehensive guides and tutorials targeted at new players, covering the basics of Exiled Racers, including the management game, the prediction side and how to get started. From our ‘Learn’ section to our blog post or substack emails you’ll be able to find all the information needed to get onboarded in a smooth, low-touch way. We also have a dedicated landing page for the Pink Racing League, we will use the same process for season 2. Check pink.exiledracers.com to experience it yourself. Also see our EXR Gameplay education page, which houses details of the game and how to play with video tutorials and more.

Accessible Learning Materials: We’ll ensure these learning materials are easily accessible, through our website, social media channels, and direct links in our Substack emails.

Community Engagement: Leveraging our community platforms like Discord for real-time assistance and support, creating a welcoming and helpful environment for newcomers.

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After careful consideration, the review team found that your proposal meets the requirements of a deployed Moonbeam project with active users/transactions and is in good standing and is ready to shake things up in your community. Approved.


Congrats Exiled Racers :wink:

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@blr We are ready for the $PINK ride :saluting_face:

congrats @blr , already registered for the $Pink EXR event and ready to win :smiley: