Ecosystem Grants Program: Snapshot Update

Hey everyone,

We have received several reports of a potential bug with the snapshot vote for Tranche 2 of the Ecosystem Grants. The Moonbeam Foundation investigated this together with the Snapshot team and together were able to confirm there was a bug that was impacting voting power

Rather than consider voting power at the block where the snapshot was created, the bug led to it being based on the account balance at the block where a user voted.

This could result in a user having either less or more voting power than intended, depending on what transfers they made in the interval between when the snapshot was created and when they voted.

The Snapshot team has since deployed a hotfix for this bug and retallied the results to reflect the correct voting power at the snapshot block. However, in the interest of absolute transparency and fairness, even though the snapshot vote was retallied, the existing snapshot vote is being canceled and a new one will be started.

The New Snapshot Vote

It is in everyone’s interest to start the new snapshot as soon as possible, so a new vote will be launched within the next few days. It is important to state that the issue is now solved and the voting power will be calculated based on the block where the snapshot is created.

Stay tuned for further details.


Thank you for updating us, Thiago. IMO, canceling the current voting was the right decision to avoid potential embarrassment in the future. I extend my gratitude to the Moonbeam Community for detecting the bug and providing timely notification. personally, I would like to Thank everyone for their transparency and quick resolution to this issue. together, we’re an unstoppable force, ready to craft an even more spectacular future for Moonbeam :slight_smile:


Thank you, @thiago.go, for the update
IMO, canceling the current vote was the right decision.
Congratulations to the Moonbeam community for spotting this bug early in the process.


Thanks for this update @thiago.go !
Was wondering how to find the vote today. I really like snapshot platform but as everywhere else, bugs happen. I guess this was related to a custom voting mechanism used on Moonbeam-foundation space?

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Thanks a lot for being honest with the community and having cancelled the vote to make things right :slight_smile:

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Our member, Mr. P. Madara, discovered a bug on’s voting platform, resulting in the cancellation of the precedent ecosystem grant voting. :sweat_smile: To lighten the mood, we’ve whipped up this meme to commemorate the event! :tada: Enjoy and have a good laugh! :smile:
IMG_8637 - VEED

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Thanks a lot for re-rolling that quickly :pray:

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