Ecosystem Grants: How to Submit Your Draft Proposal and Participate in Community Voting

Referendum #87, the proposal for a Revised Grant Program, has been passed by the Moonbeam Community vote. As a result, project teams are now eligible to submit their draft proposals for Ecosystem Grants.

The draft proposals should be submitted in Governance → Grant Proposals sub-category. The template of the proposal is automated in the draft.

The deadline for submitting the draft proposal is March 13th. After that, the process for Ecosystem Grants will proceed as follows:

March 17th: Deadline for feedback from the Community Grants Committee
March 19th: Deadline for incorporating feedback and finalizing draft proposals
March 20th: Start of Community Snapshot Vote
March 25th: End of Community Snapshot Vote
March 27th: Start of on-chain vote
April 3rd: End of on-chain vote

To learn more about the Revised Grant Program proposal and the community discussion, please visit: Revised Grant Program.


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