DOTins | PINK allocation request [APPROVED]


Lead Applicant:
Luis Fernando Dal Porto - Head of Community

Metrics planning to improve:
User retention/growth and transaction volume.

| Description | UAW | tx count |
| Baseline | 0 | 0 |
| Target | 1,500 | 10,000 |

Although we have a built and engaged community, most of our members interacted with Moonbeam for the first time. Now we want them to further explore Moonbeam ecosystem while continuing to engage with DOTins’ products.

Strategy to improve:

DOTins Description:
DOTins’ goal is to create all required infrastructure, framework and standards to build a
sustainable and engaging ecosystem around omni-inscriptions. The first deliverable was
DOTins’ inscription platform on Moonbeam, an EVM-compatible parachain on Polkadot.

Deploying on Moonbeam was a strategic first move to ease the implementation of
omni-inscriptions throughout parachains and Relay chain and later expanding to Ethereum and L2’s ecosystems using Layer Zero.


DOTins soft launched the Inscriptions Platform on Dec 29th and lasted for 1 day only. During these 24 hours, we have achieved impressive milestones:

:globe_with_meridians:Over 880 domains have been claimed.
:writing_hand:More than 90 different inscriptions deployed (and if you created one, wait for our tutorial on how to withdraw your sales)
:chart:An impressive total of over 17,700 transactions.
:bank:2,250 unique active wallets accessed DOTins dapp (80%+ first-timers on Moonbeam :exploding_head:)

Users that participated in the soft launch received an airdrop of NFT’s that will give them lifetime perks in the DOTins ecosystem.

Since then, we have partnered with Airlyft, created our V2 contracts, been audited by Defimoon, enabled OTC inscriptions trading in our platform, partnered with Bifrost to launch their $LIQD inscriptions and domains – all in less than 1 month.

DOTins Plan for PINK allocation:
Since the large majority of our user base is new to Moonbeam, our first goal is to make sure they interact and learn about Moonbeam. We will be allocating 60% of the allocation received to this user base.

We will create a Airlyft campaign that will require users to:

  • Hold (existing users) or buy (new users) one of our passes
  • Delegate at least 10 GLMR on Moonbeam Delegation Dashboard
  • Deploy OR mint an inscription on DOTins
  • Stake their passes on DOTins to win ‘trust points’
  • Stake at least 50 GLMR on Mooonbeam OR hold 10 vGLMR
  • Buy at least 1 stDOT at Stellaswap OR 1 vDOT at Bifrost.
  • Join DOTins’ telegram and follow us on X

Additionally, users would be require to:

  • Receive at least 250 trust points (it will require 30-day staking)

The remaining 40% will be allocated to MURPH holders. MURPH is DOTins’ first PFP
collection. The collection is not available yet, our team plans to reveal the PFP in about 30 days. $MURPH is a placeholder token (inscription available in our platform) that will be 1:1 traded for the PFP when launched.

DOTins will add a $500 prize/giveaway to the Airlyft campaign on top of PINK allocation.

Suggested timeline (± 7 days) - assuming DOTins will receive PINK allocation on
February 12 (day 0)
February 19 (day 7) - Start Airlyft Campaign
February 20 to 22 (day 8-10) - distribute PINK for MURPH holders
February 26 (day 14) - Finish of Airlyft Campaign
March 1st (day 18) - distribute PINK for Airlyft campaign
March 4th (day 21) - distribute PINK for trustees (people that staked pass on DOTins for ~30 days)
Our goal is to start the Airlyft campaign on March 5th and run it for a 7-day period.

Token allocation/distribution plan :

DOTins will distribute PINK as follow:

  • 50% of our allocation will be distributed after the Airlyft campaign, equally to all users
    that completed ALL tasks
  • 10% will be distributed at the end of a 30-day period for users that accumulated 250 trust
  • 40% will be airdropped within the first 5 days to all MURPH hodlers

Relevant Information:
DOTins Early Passes: link
DOTins Website:


hey LUI5, thank you for your proposal!

I just want to clarify something to avoid any confusion later on. the protocol level minimum bond is set at 50 GLMR. however, this amount may increase for collators who have a 300 delegators. if a collator has 300 delegators, the minimum bond will be determined by the bond of the 300th delegator. this means that the minimum amount required to be among the top 300 delegators, and hence eligible for rewards, could be substantially higher than 50 GLMR depending on the collator’s popularity and the amount staked by other delegators

you can see more details at



2 quick questions.

  1. Am I getting it right that to qualify for an airdrop you either need to at least buy one of the passes (looking at Singular, the lowest price is 400 GLMR currently) or one of your PFP NFTs? Is there anyway to earn those NFTs or are they being airdropped?

  2. Can you provide a Link to your PFP collection please


Hey! Thanks Tur!

We’ll update the requirements and also add vGLMR for those with less GLMR


Hey Luuu!

  1. That’s correct. Keep in mind that the goal is to keep and create engagement with users that engaged with Moonbeam for the first time 2 weeks ago. We noticed they haven’t generated any other transactions outside our dapp, besides swapping GLMR on Stellaswap once. The goal is to activate these users by teaching them how to use Moonbeam. We are talking about 1000+ real users that are here - we just need to give them a push.

These NFTs were airdropped for all users that engaged with DOTins for the first time at the Soft Launch.

And of course, other users can join by buying a 400 GLMR floor.

Another scenario is to buy $MURPH through our website at 100 GLMR or cheaper (marketplace)

  1. Our team plans to reveal the PFP in about 30 days. $MURPH is a placeholder token/inscription that will be 1:1 traded for the PFP when launched.

Hello. I don’t like idea to use this drop for future users. The main idea, as I believe, give it to early users. But, don’t buy them, or try to sell $PINK token.
I don’t say that is your plan, just sharing how it looks like

Hello Everyone… This is Chandra Bhushan one of the Co-Founder at AirLyft, a decentralized growth, loyalty, and onboarding platform on Moonbeam Ecosystem. We have been working with DOTIn project since its inception and it has really been keeping its word of user engagement within the Moonbeam ecosystem.

With such a great and engaging team, DotIn campaign launched at AirLyft has really shown some great engagements on Moonbeam in which over 11K actions has already been achieved in the platform and more than 2300 users across from multiple ecosystems and Moonbeam have already participated in making DOTIn a success. In our discussion with DOTIn team, their aim, along with internal engagement is also to bring new entrants and the strategy they implemented did bring in users who we believe will further add value to the ecosystem.

Having said that, now DOTIns, will be leveraging the AirLyft on-chain task creation posibility to let these new and existing users get more involved on the blockchain level and contribute to the ecosystem. The upcoming actions will contain actions with regards to staking, swapping on DEXs, minting inscriptions, and much more. The plans that DOTin team have in mind is mature one which I really believe would add immense value to the ecosystem.

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Thanks for clarifying! I was figuring this was an airdrop for participants.

Also thanks for clarifying about your strategy to revive your users, makes alot of sense.

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Have really enjoyed the DOTins experience so far and I look forward to getting more involved in the moonbeam ecosystem through it. So far I have inscribed, bought a MURPH for 40 GLMR on the marketplace and some other inscription tokens. Looking forward to supporting PINK via DOTins :raised_hands:t4:

Dotins i believe in you… And I’m very bullish on murph and this entire dotins ecosysteme

hey @LUI5, could you please clarify where we can find information on the current number of MURPH holders? also, could you direct me to where we can verify this info

how will the process of calculating and distributing rewards be transparent and verifiable? what mechanisms are in place to ensure the integrity of this process?

what steps will you take to help new users who are unfamiliar with DOTins, particularly in learning how to deploy / mint inscription, stake? do you have any specific guides prepared for them?

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I am repeating this question to all teams. DOTins:

Although not mandated by the initial post for submissions, would you be willing to put up a follow-up after distribution such as unique wallets, brief review of impact including any metrics, recommendations for improvement?

I think this could be useful data for the community in the event something like this happens again.

About the current number of MURPH holders, we are working on implementing an “explorer” tab on our platform that will allow any user to check the total balance.

Both of our smart contracts (V1 and V2) are verified. So if an user wants to verify if the displayed his balance is correct, he can check his transactions and confirm it. You can give it a try!

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about the second and this questions…

As I mentioned before, we will have an explorer tab that users will be able to see everyone’s balance. Users can confirm all data through our smart contract (checking minted transactions) or even creating their own indexer. Again, our smart contracts are open-sourced.

Our process is very straight forward: we will give a report to our community with the results prior to the actual distribution. They will be able to verify all information prior to the distribution day.

about the third question:

believe we have the best user experience among all inscriptions platform (please, try other inscriptions yourself and if you note areas of improvement, we are happy to receive feedback).

We have implemented web2 login using (which, by the way, we have a close relationship with them and they enabled Moonbeam without any need for financial support). We are also using for onramp solutions.

I strongly suggest that everyone here tries to deploy or mint at least one inscription and see the UX for yourself.

Also, we have a team of mods that are constanly answering questions from our community (again, I invite you to join our telegram channel and check for yourself). We are very proud of our mods and the work they’ve been doing.

thanks for asking this, mate

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Hello mate! Of course, even without a previous requirement, we would love to share any data and info that helps the community take better actions in the future!

Not only related to this specific matter, but we are eager to share any lesson learned on our road and also get as much feedback and data possible from our peers


thank you for the answer. could you please share the links to the contracts? I would like to find out among how many holders the 40% of rewards will be distributed. also, is there a way to determine how many of them might be sybils, and how much did the minting of MURPH cost?

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Hi Turrizt, Ivan here! I’ll cover for Luis and Jack tonight.


Smart Contract V1:
Smart Contract V2:

We have 798 valid $MURPH minted and 337 unique holders, an average of 2.2 $MURPH per wallet. Below is a chart with $MURPH distribution per wallet. I believe we will agree that this is pretty decentralized.


ps: the white space represents users with 1 $MURPH. If you want, you can dm one of us and we can send a .json exported directly from our indexer, so you can crosscheck the information on-chain. We don’t believe there’s significant amount of sybils because there was no incentive for creating multiple accounts.

“The minting price during soft launch was 10 GLMR and the current price is 100 GLMR. The price increase occurred 15 days ago, during the relaunch. We increased the price because we completed the lore for MURPH and we have big plans for the collection, which involves LZ’s tech. We do have a rollout plan for $MURPH. That’s why we increased the price and reserved 1,500 $MURPHs for future growth plan, which needless to say it will not be considered for this airdrop.”

This is Alpha. DOTins’ team decided to disclose the above because they want to give you and the review committee a full perspective of the strategy and why it’s priced this way - which we believe it’s still very attractive. The price has no correlation with this $PINK airdrop.

Also, if you have suggestions on how we can improve our proposal, please let us know. We are open to suggestions!


This is great, I was part of DOTins soft launch and fully support this proposal :slight_smile:

After careful consideration, the review team found that your proposal meets the requirements of a deployed Moonbeam project with active users/transactions and is in good standing and is ready to shake things up in your community. Approved.