Does MetaDock support Moonriver?

:yum: Hey there!

Looks like we’ve got some MetaDock users in the group. I wanted to share that we’ve recently released MetaDock 4.0 version and support Moonriver now!

It’s a free and open-source browser extension for all web3 builders.

After installing MetaDock, when you open the official Moonriver explorer, you’ll get a lot of extra info that makes exploring the blockchain much easier.

Things like address labels, risk scores, fund flows, and quick links to tools like DeBank, Dedaub, and Approval Diagnosis. You can check it out yourself at

Here are some screenshots on the Explorer site if you want to get a better idea of what it looks like.

:raised_hands:Feel free to contact us at


hey @roxanne0904, oh, that’s really cool news! Thanks a ton for sharing. I will definitely check this out today :heart:

as far as I understand, MetaDock also supports Moonbeam?

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:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: I am glad that you like our products! Yes, you are right! MetaDock supports Moonbeam of course! :sunglasses: check this :point_down:

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