Delegation Report - Sik |

Delegate Name: Sik |
Delegate ID: Moonriver and Moonbeam
Delegation Addresses:
Moonbeam: 0x10023fa70ed528e4f28915bf210f6e87b057c08e
Moonriver: 0x693aB260de2a31c1B5D7DC9cb253B87eD9b1f385

Sik :metal: Launch Collator, Treasury Councillor, Discord Mod, German Community Admin, Governance Warrior! 🫶🏻

Thanks for checking the details :fire:
I’m a DotSama native and was supporting Moonriver and Moonbeam from the get-go, collating on Moonbase Alpha testnet before Moonriver crowdloans were even a thing.
I was selected as one of the Launch-Collators on Moonriver (and later on Moonbeam) and been securing the network ever since :closed_lock_with_key:
But I’m not just “innit for the tech” - I want to connect the people :busts_in_silhouette: with the tech :computer:. So I became a moderator in the official Moonbeam discord and tried to help people solving their problems wherever I could.
As german :de: is my native language, I also became admin of the german Telegram group.
I always wanted to help driving this project to success and kept up steady conversations with the core team. In late 2022 I became a Treasury Council Member, which I’m still super honoured to be part of - bringing in my technical knowledge to properly evaluate the proposals.

Last but not least I wanted to point out that I’m not only into Moonbeam and Moonriver Governance, but also got a track record being a gov Delegate on Kusama and Polkadot, serving as Councillor for HydraDX and Basilisk, or acting as Identity Registrar on several chains.

No matter what you want to talk about - you can always reach out to me :pray: