Delegation Report - Lord Glimmer

Delegate Name: Lord Glimmer
Delegate ID : Moonriver & Moonbeam
Delegation Address: 0x35df63a1fb1ab3d8ae9691c31da62a09f25eee58

My intention is to actively contribute to the growth and protection of the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks. Since their inception, I have been actively involved in the community and have closely followed governance proposals to ensure that the network remains secure and resilient against abuse.

I am deeply committed to safeguarding the interests of the network and its token holders.
My main priority is to serve the community and guide them through the decision-making process, making sure their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.
By delegating your vote to me, you can trust that I will work diligently to protect the network, promote transparency, and foster a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

In terms of my skillset, I possess a strong understanding of blockchain technology and decentralized systems. I have actively participated in similar governance processes in the past, enabling me to bring valuable experience to the table. Furthermore, I have developed effective communication and collaboration skills, allowing me to engage with the community, build consensus, and work towards common goals.

By delegating your tokens to me, you can rest assured that I will dedicate my efforts to the long-term success and stability of Moonbeam and Moonriver. Together, we can contribute to the growth of these networks and create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

Title: Delegation Report
Delegate Name: Lord Glimmer
Delegate ID: Moonbeam Moonriver
Delegation Address: 0x35df63a1fb1ab3d8ae9691c31da62a09f25eee58

Voting activity:

1 impermanent Lose

2 I believe the Moonbeam treasury has already been depleted; therefore, we shouldn’t use it to provide liquidity to another parachain.

3 There is no benefit in doing this, and the treasury is meant to boost activity on the Moonbeam network.

Date 11/09/23