Calling all Moonbeam xcDOT Holders: decide what to do with DED tokens


Distribution of DED tokens happened last month and the snapshot was taken at block 19952000 (block 5,750,346 on Moonbeam). Because the tokens were sent to the Child account in AssetHub and not the Sibling account, the DED team has asked the Moonbeam community to submit a DED governance proposal with a detailed plan on how the tokens will be used and request them to move the tokens to the Sibling account so that they can be moved via XCM to Moonbeam.


One of the possible ways to get hold of the airdropped tokens is for the DED Foundation to initiate a force-transfer process. However, for this to happen, the Moonbeam community needs to submit a proposal to the DED Foundation for review by the broader DED community. The proposal must outline a comprehensive plan detailing how the Moonbeam community intends to utilize the DED tokens once they are successfully transferred. And the goal of this post is to have an open discussion and collaborative input from the owners of the addresses in this list.

We urge all xcDOT address owners to come forward and participate in the discussion. Your insights, ideas, and suggestions will be invaluable in formulating a proposal and ultimately receiving the airdropped tokens.

Action items:

Decide whether the Moonbeam community needs to submit a proposal to the DED Foundation and community.


  1. Come up with a detailed plan on how the community plans to use the tokens
  2. Submit a proposal for review
  3. (if approved) Plan a distribution process

Feel free to comment below.


The DED Foundation screwed up parachain distribution, and now they want the Moonbeam Community to ask them to “plz fix” and list a bunch of ways we will utilize the tokens? How about the DED Foundation just corrects their mistake, as they should, without any begging or formal request from xcDOT holders.


What are we going to do? Well, deliver them to those who were supposed to receive it in the first place, with the conditions that they had mentioned. :grin: these arent tokens from Moonbeam to decide, are from the users.

I don’t understand the need for a proposal if it has already been voted on and accepted by ded?


Something inherently feels off in asking the $DED team to force transfer tokens when there was never any possession of the token in the first place.

Reading between the lines, it seems that the DED team want these to be used by the community in a joint effort to promote DED and the Moonbeam ecosystem, and if that’s the case, I think it should be handled in a different, more transparent way (something other than “come to the DED governance platform and give us a detailed plan on how you want to use it”).

Otherwise, I agree with @jose.crypto , let them go where it was assumed they were supposed to go, and end it with that.

Ofc, by the statement that it was ‘planned’, then maybe a better understanding of what the planning meant. If the airdrop was discretionary for some recipients based on a detailed proposal, then I guess in the end it wasn’t even meant to be a 5% airdrop. But, that’s a whole different can of worms I prefer not to wade into.

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this is a bit insane, asking the moonbeam community to justify a resolution when the DED team screwed up. Im all for meme coins in the community, but with all the hype, controversy…etc with the DED allocations. Is it truly worth the effort for 5% ?


Hi Lina!
First of all thank you for this post with an effective summary of the status quo as of today.
Question to be put onto DED Team table is: “are you interested in a fix or looking for gaining additional time?”

xcDOT hodlers are eligible for DED airdrop and they have to receive it, full stop.
If DED Team is not capable to put in place a fix to their mistake Today, just let us know by when they estimate to do it.

I am usually quite diplomatic but to be honest this story is really nasty, this is not the way to take care of Community, DED Team need seriously to take some minutes to think about this topic in a serious way.

So Lina to me makes really poor logic sense to go on with the idea of a specific proposal from MB side.

This was their error, they have to fix it, asap.
If they need time, just tell us.