Automated Rewards--External Account

Hey community

I noticed on another network allows an external account to be the “rewards” account for running a validator node. Thought it was pretty cool function to help distance and improve the security posture of the validator/collator node and receiving the earned rewards on the network. Wondering if such a function should occur on Moonriver/Moonbeam? I am not asking that the moon devs drop everything to work on this. I am aware most of the node runners use proxies, smart contracts…etc for migrating rewards to another safe account. Im more curious what the community thinks of this and if its even worth humoring?

Feel free to comment however you feel, even if its not in support!


Having this configured could also help do away with sweeper accounts, too, which are just another attack vector (although easily enough remedied if notified of breach).

In fact, Polkadot and Kusama already have a ‘Rewards’ account configuration option with accomplishes the same thing, so even though that’s on the relay chain, some of the dev work may be reusable.


Yeah, that would be really cool. We’re currently auto-sweeping all our rewards as a work-around using PureStake’s Sweep Tool, but having this integrated into the protocol like for Polkadot and Kusama would be superior and more convenient.

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